Sexy Russian Twerking Video Sparks Tons of Parodies

Several days ago we reported that a group of Russian cadets uploaded a video of them twerking and dancing to Benny Benassi’s Satisfaction. But the internet did not approve, especially many Russians who thought that this group of young guys having a little fun was more of a grotesque display of homoerotic misbehaving.

Take a look for yourself:

Many chimed in bashing the guys Civil Aviation Institute in Ulyanovsk (UIGA)  saying they should be punished or investigated for their immoral behavior. In a highly conservative country like Russia this was probably expected. The video was originally never supposed to go public, but it was posted in error, and went viral.

While authorities have given their opinions on the video, there are also a great number of Russians who are supporting the group of aviation students--and they’re doing so by responding with their own sexy parody videos. They're calling it the Russian Satisfaction Challenge.

Here is a group of construction students:

A group of emergency service employees:

This creepy theatre troupe also joined the fun:

Here’s another group of students giving their interpretation:

And this group of hockey players:

Way to support the Russian creative expression! Will all those booties poppin', we are definitely getting all the satisfaction we can out of these vids.

Keep ‘em coming!

Max Emerson, Michael Henry, and Brandon Rogers Talk About Sex in New Funny Video!

Michael Henry is back with another hilarious video delineating the gay agenda. In this video where Henry stars next to cuties Max Emerson and Brandon Rogers, the trio talk about the numbers and how they each measure up in the sack.

When Max asks Michael and Brandon what their numbers are, the two automatically misconstrue this for a question related to their phone numbers. In reality, he’s questioning how many people they have been sexually active with—which as the gay community knows, is completely subjective.

The three talk about what it means to have high or low numbers when it comes to how many people you’ve slept with. Max mentions how his body is a temple while the other two make an argument for sexual positivity and being in control of who to sleep with and when to do so.

This seems to be a huge topic of conversation, not just in the gay world, but within all dating circles. Do high numbers make you a slut or does not having as much experience make you a prude? Some would argue that with the more we learn about STIs and the risks that are out there, the more prepared people can be to practice sex as frequently as they’d like. And with PreP becoming a big player in the choices gay men make when engaging in sex, the stigmas surrounding gay sex seem to be fading. That doesn’t mean that the dangers aren’t still out there. Just be cautious. Have fun--so long as no one is getting hurt—well, unless they like that sort of thing.

Here’s the video starring Michael Henry, Max Emerson, and Brandon Rogers.

Join the conversation -- What do you think about sex and numbers?

Watch This Bisexual Teen Youtuber's Heartwarming Coming Out Story

Now we’ll be honest, this isn’t a story about a gay teen boy. Instead, it’s about a teen girl.

Yes, that shouldn’t matter, but often female driven stories don’t trend well on sites like Instinct.

That said, when you have such a charming and sincere story as Elle Mills’s, you have to share it no matter what.

But who’s Elle Mills? Mills is a 19-year-old Canadian youtube who creates stories in her videos. The videos are not quite vlogs but they do follow events in her everyday life (just with a little more creativity put into them).

But as popular as Mills has gotten over the years, it seems that there’s one question she can’t seem to escape. “Elle, are you gay?”

This question has pooped up so much and her personal life has transitioned to the point that she feels it’s finally time to answer. And so, she did in the best way she could, she made a video about it.

If you’re wondering how her coming out went, what the reactions of her friends and family were, and why this Instinct Writer immediately went to subscribe to her, then check out the video down below.

Hey Qween! Serves Up Another Season of 'Hot T'

The hilariously shady personalities at Hey Qween! Are coming back for Season 4 of their boiling segment Hot T, where Jonny McGovern, The Gay Pimp, and his fierce team of gossip connoisseurs serve up the hottest celebrity gossip with a piping hot side of shade, jokes, and colorful fanfare.

Hot T has featured icons Alaska Thunderfuck, Trixie Mattel, Raven, Manila Luzon, Jasmine Masters, Chi Chi La Rue, Laganja Estranja among many other great personalities—and this season promises to turn the temperature up!

Hot T returns on Thursday, November 16th—but that’s not all! If you can’t get enough, the Hot T podcast launches on Friday, November 17th to give you an extra dose of T Time in your week.

Check out the Season 4 preview, hunties!

You’ll Never Guess The Twist of This Funny “Gay Friend” Video

Image via Youtube

When content creator Chris Reinacher left Buzzfeed he promised to keep creating interesting content and not just the typical vlog. And it seems that Reinacher is keeping to his word.

For Reinacher, it’s about quality not quantity and his latest video has quality, comedy, and a fun twist.

Jordan Dunn played Jared who thinks his girlfriend Tina (played by Julie Alexander) is spending too much time with her gay best friend. Then things get weird.  

All the while, Chris Reincacher gives supportive and comedic advice to Jared as his good friend and gym buddy named Frank. Plus, he of course produced the entire video.

But just wait till you get to the end and see the twist. It’ll make you laugh, gasp, or at least nod your head. Don’t believe me? Check out the video down below.

Watch: Adults React to Logic's "1-800-273-8255"

Screenshot / via Youtube @FBE

Youtube Channel the Fine Bros has been making viral video after vrial video for years now.

But, it's always great when the react channel focuses on videos with great causes.

We've kept you up to date on all the videos they've put out for the gay animation In a Heartbeat. We've shared when Elders reacted to the short film, when the creators reacted to the elders, and when kids reacted to the animation.

But today adults of college aged and up got to react to a new video with an LGBTQ focus.

The video they reacted to was the "1-800-273-8255" by Logic.

The rapper Logic chose to shine a spotlight on teen suicide and particularly on preventing it. While the lyrics speak of upturning from suicidal thoughts, the song's title is in fact the number for the US National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

In addition to that, the video below features the story of a gay athlete struggling because the people in his life don't accept his sexuality.

The video has not only gone viral with 1.8 million views and counting, but it has even served its purpose of connecting those in need with the hotline as reports are showing an increase in callers seeking help.

So, if you’re wondering what FBE’s adults think of the music video. Check out the Youtube video down below.

Watch Tyler Oakley's List of 8 Inspirational LGBTQ Hispanic/Latin Trailblazers

via Youtube @Tyler Oakley

Tyler Oakley is a the face of Youtube’s LGBTQ community.

He is the most known and recognized LGBTQ Youtuber out there today and he is celebrated for being one of the longest running Youtubers around.

So, when a person with such a long reach shines a spotlight on sometimes forgotten sections of the LGBTQ community such as queer Hispanic/Latinx people, it’s a wonderful thing.

That’s right, Tyler Oaskley took the time to write up a list of 8 inspiring Latin and Hispanic people who were also LGBTQ. From Frida Khalo to Ricky Martin and former Obama Administration employee Raffi Freedman-Gurspan, this list is all about historic and inspiring LGBTQ people.

So, if you want a little pick me up in terms of LGBTQ diversity, watch the video down below.

Todrick Hall Sings His Way Through The 90s & 2000s

The spunky songbird known as the creator and star of Straight Outta Oz and guest judge/coach on RuPaul’s Drag Race, Todrick Hall, is taking us on a time travel back to the 1990s and 2000s through his music compilation videos on YouTube. The singer, who rose to stardom after Season 9 of American Idol has since gained over 2.6 million YouTube subscribers and has written and starred in his own productions that highlight his life as a member of the LGBT community. His spark and talent has also taken him to Broadway as the star of Kinky Boots, Lola.

There’s no doubt we love Todrick! And his new videos are the perfect throwbacks that feed our musical nostalgia. Millenials, rejoice!

Check them out!


Perez Hilton Breaks Down On Video After Being Fired From Dream Job

Screenshot: Youtube

Perez Hilton is going viral and it's not for a happy event.

Perez has been feeling down lately and fans noticed. The internet Blogger then recorded himself to explain what’s wrong.

It turns out that Perez Hilton had a job that he really loved, but sadly was fired from it. In the seven-minute video, Hilton failed to explain what type of job it was and stated he was too “professional” to share the details.

He explains that he lost the job because a higherup decided that “Perez Hilton did not deserve the opportunity.” He then went on to lament that he feels bad that people are continuing to punish him for his past when in fact he has grown and changed from the “Perez Hilton” we’ve all come to know.

He also noted that he felt sorry for the effect his past will have on his children, “And I’m sorry to my kids, because I know that when they get older they are going to have to suffer because of who their dad is.”

Now, some might be saying that Hilton is just seeking attention or a pity party, but Hilton says at the end of the video that he, “Just wanted to make this [video] to release these feelings… this is like seeing a therapist. I believe there’s power in verbalizing your inner most thoughts or writing them down and I think this was a healing exercise for me.”

(Though, we do wonder why Perez felt the need to market the video through Instagram if it was just for personal healing).

You can check out the full video down below.


Todrick Hall Made A Get Out Gay Parody

Todrick Hall is at it again with another parody video.

If you don’t know, Todrick Hall is a youtuber who’s known for making song covers and parodies. He has published videos like a Gay Mean Girls, Cinderfella, and the Wizard of Ahhs featuring Superfruit and the other members of Pentatonix.

And what’s the new video that Todrick Hall released? Get Out 2. Only this time, it’s a whole lot gayer.

Warning though, if you haven’t watched the original Get Out movie, you shouldn’t watch the video below.

While Hall twisted the plot to have a whole bunch of gay gags, the overall story follows just like the original film. So, if you somehow haven’t had the story spoiled for you in the months since the film debuted, don’t let this video ruin that.

Otherwise, you can enjoy the clip below.