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Troye Sivan Talks About His Most Awkward Grindr Date

Troye Sivan is sharing the story of his first Grindr experience.

As we shared yesterday, the Australian singer is gearing up for the release of his latest album.

While talking to PopCrush, 22-year-old Sivan talked about past dating struggles, his current relationship, and how his perspective on love influences his music.

First, Troye Sivan shared the story of an awkward Grindr date he had. The singer says that the two were just hanging out when the other guy randomly pulled out his phone and started looking around on Grindr… right in front of him.

“It was a while ago, back in a time when it was a little bit less accepted and a little bit more scary,” Sivan told PopCrush. “I was like, ‘Okay. I think I'm just gonna go home.’”


@jasperrischen this hair story!!

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Now in present day, Sivan’s learned from experiences like that one date, and has discovered what he wants out of his romantic relationships.

“I am definitely a serial monogamist,” Troye says. “I don’t really know. I’ve only ever had a couple of relationships, but they’ve been one after the other.”

With that, things are going well for Troye Sivan since that dud of a Grindr date. Not only is he dating model Jacob Bixenman, but he’s also got a rising singing and acting career.

But, experiences like that one date will continue to influence his music.

“I’m gonna definitely continue to be honest in my music and keep writing from my perspective, which happens to be a queer one. And, of course, I wanna keep up any sort of activism work that I do, but I don’t know if I’m necessarily responsible for the conversation around my music being centered around my sexuality. I’ve never had a problem with it. I know some people do, because some people don’t wanna be ever boxed in as anything. I don’t really see the big deal because I am a gay artist, and I’m totally fine to be called a gay artist.”

Good for you Troye Sivan for knowing what you want, for working for it, and sticking to it. We look forward to your upcoming album.

Troye Sivan Strips Down "My My My" Into An Acoustic Version

South African-born/Australian-lived singer Troye Sivan has dropped an acoustic version to his electropop single “My My My.”

While we were originally distracted by the sexual tones of the first version’s music video, this latest version gives us the chance to really appreciate the lyrics and meaning behind the song.

The video that goes along with this new version of “My My My,” which you can watch below, has Sivan’s performance stripped down to the bare essentials in a nearly empty room.

On top of that, Sivan has also announced more information about his upcoming album. For instance, he’s shared that Ariana Grande will be featuring in one song.

Also, don’t forget that Troye Sivan isn’t just a singer, but he also has an acting gig coming up in the near future.

Sivan is set to appear in the movie adaption of the conversion therapy memoir Boy Erased along aside Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe.

Troye Sivan Serves Up Hot Musical Performances on SNL

ICYMI Troye Sivan was the musical guest on the January 20th episode of Saturday Night Live. The gay South African-born Australian artist performed his single My My My! a song that dropped a couple of weeks ago. It was the first time as musical guest for the triple threat singer, actor, YouTuber. Troye served up some sexy moves and sultry hair tosses during his first performance.



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Toward the end of the program, SNL host Jessica Chastain welcomed Troye back for his second performance where he slowed things down for a performance of his song The Good Side.

Troye's performances will give you everything your twink-loving-hearts have ever wanted. An incarnation of Call Me By Your Name's Elio.

Troye later tweeted out his excitement:

Both My My My! and The Good Side will be on Troye's new album out later this year.

Check out Troye Sivan on SNL:

Troye Sivan Explores Cruising Culture With Porn Star Justin Brody in "My My My!"

Australian singer Troye Sivan is back with a new single and music video.

“My My My!” shows Sivan opening up to a more sexual side of himself than ever before. The video not only includes heaps of shirtless men, like porn star VBrody Blomqvist, but it shows Sivan exploring the world of gay cruising.

“My My My!’ is a song of liberation, freedom, and love,” says Sivan. “Throw all inhibition to the wind, be present in your body, love wholeheartedly, move the way you’ve always wanted to, and dance the way you feel—hopefully even to this song!”

Sivan also shared on twitter he thoughts after the video dropped on Youtube.

“Guys legit im just scrolling through all of your comments and tweets and articles and i can’t stop smiling. so much more to come, too. 2018 is gonna be so fun!!!”

You can watch the video down below, and look forward to Sivan’s upcoming album (currently untitled) coming out in the spring.