Anti-Trans Groups Resort To Fear-Mongering (Again) With Attack Ad In Massachusetts

While most of the country’s political attention currently revolves around who will control Congress after the November mid-term elections, LGBTs should be aware that an item on the Massachusetts ballot could have widespread effects on the community.

A law passed in 2016 protects transgender citizens in the state from discrimination in regard to public accommodations, including the use of bathrooms that align with transgender folks’ gender identity.

But conservative, anti-trans groups have managed to put the law up for a vote by the general public after only two years.

Question 3 will ask voters in the Bay state if the law should remain (a ‘yes’ vote) or be repealed (a ‘no’ vote).

The “No on 3” campaign has released a new ad spot that stokes fears about “men in women’s bathrooms” predicting male predators will hide out and lie in wait to attack women and children.

In the spot, a woman enters a locker room as a sinister-looking male predator hides inside a bathroom stall.

“What does Question 3 mean to you?” asks a female voice in the spot. “It means any man who says he is a woman can enter a woman’s locker room, dressing room or bathroom at any time, even convicted sex offenders, and if you see something suspicious and say something to authorities, you could be arrested and fined up $15,000.”

During the voiceover, the woman begins to undress but looks up to see the man emerge from the stall.
The voiceover ends: “Vote No on 3. This bathroom bill puts our privacy and safety at risk. It goes too far.”

Here’s the spot.



While this might seem like a single ballot referendum in just one state, Massachusetts has a long history as a bellwether for LGBT rights in the U.S.

Massachusetts was the first state to legalize marriage equality, and the second (after Wisconsin) to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation in employment, housing, and public accommodations.

And while many may think Massachusetts is a ‘safe liberal haven’ for civil rights, don’t forget that in ‘liberal’ California, the dreadful Prop. 8 took away same-sex marriage in 2008 after LGBT folks already had won the right to marry those they love.

That’s the kind of setback we, as a community, can’t allow to happen again.

If Question 3 in Massachusetts were to take away trans rights, it would embolden opponents of the community to attack LGBTQ protections anywhere.

Fortunately, there are people fighting to get the truth out to the public.

Here’s the recent ad from the ‘Yes on 3’ team below. And for more information about how you can help, head over to freedommassachusetts.org.


(h/t The Washington Blade)

Topless Trans Man To Be On Cover Of Arabic Gay Magazine


A desire to bring accurate representation to the Middle East was the motivation behind the September/October cover of the an Arabic gay magazine, My Kali

Khalid Abdel-Hadi told Gay Star News, “We believe that the trans community is the least heard, the least reflected, and the most needed of attention. We also believe that the courage he showed in sharing his story will bring hope, positivity, and awareness to the issue: We are proud to project Rashed’s voice.”

There have been transgender individuals on the cover of My Kali before, but they have always been transgender females.  For the first time, a transgender man is featured. Now that Rashed falls under the binary definition of a male, the magazine can use a picture showing his nipples. Also, since the magazine is just online, the Jordanian government cannot regulate and censor it as it does ALL physically published news, print, magazines, etc.


My.Kali webzine was first published in English in 2007 (with a version in Arabic started in 2016) by the Jordanian model and gay advocate, Khalid ‘Kali’ Abdel-Hadi. Death threats were received from the beginning. Offering a gay magazine can be daunting, especially in MENA (Middle East, North Africa), home of predominantly Islamic nations that are not too favorable of LGBT citizens where some nations even have laws stating the penalty for being homosexual is death (washingtonpost.com).

This news comes days after Marco Marco Delivers Dynamite Fashion Show That Features Only Transgender Models, The east and the west are still very different.

h/t:  My KaliGay Star News, washingtonpost.com

How Much Do You Know About The Science Behind Who We Are?

Being a member of the rainbow family, it doesn't mean we know everything about other members, other letters of our alphabet soup. I have a lot to learn about the T,QQIAA, fluidity and so on. So when there is a chance to learn more, I take it.

What can science tell us about gender identity and gender dysphoria? This week AsapSCIENCE breaks down the science of being transgender in an educational and respectful way with the help of Gigi Gorgeous.




Of course, most of the people that are against us still believe that science cannot be used to explain science, dinosaurs, and global warming, but at least we can educate yourself.

  All photos are screen shots from The Science of Being Transgender ft. Gigi Gorgeous

Created by: Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown
Written by: Jodre Datu, Greg Brown and Mitch Moffit
Illustrated by: Max Simmons
Edited by: Sel Ghebrehiwot
Narrated by: Mitch Moffit

American Academy Of Pediatrics: Trans Care Should Be Supportive, Gender-Affirming

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently released a new policy paper underscoring the need for “gender-affirming health care” for all transgender and gender-diverse youth (TGD).

The AAP said the proposed guidelines for treating TGD youth focus “on promoting the health and positive development” of those patients while “eliminating discrimination and stigma.”

Just two weeks ago, the AAP released the findings of a three-year study that showed a huge disparity between trans and non-trans youth in regard to suicide attempts.

While 14% of teen admitted to previous suicide attempts, the number jumped to a stunning 50.8% among female to male trans adolescents. Nonbinary youth reported a 41.8% suicide attempt rate, and 29.9% of male to female adolescents admitted to attempted suicide.

The author of the new policy paper, Dr. Jason Rafferty, told NBC News, “the biggest thing right now is a lack of education around this issue.”

Rafferty hopes the new guidance will aid not only trans youth and providers, but parents “in terms of approaching a provider, approaching a situation, knowing what to expect from your provider — knowing what sort of practice the evidence supports.”

The crux of the policy paper is to underscore the importance of a ‘gender-affirmative care model (GACM).

In a GACM, pediatricians approach young trans patients (and their families) as a “strong, nonjudgemental partnership” that allows concerns and questions to be shared in a “supportive environment.”

When adopting a GACM, the AAP encourages specific messaging to be conveyed:

1. Transgender identities and diverse gender expressions do not constitute a mental disorder

2. Variations in gender identity and expression are normal aspects of human diversity, and binary definitions of gender do not always reflect emerging gender identities

3. Gender identity evolves as an interplay of biology, development, socialization, and culture

4. If a mental health issue exists, it most often stems from stigma and negative experiences rather than being intrinsic to the child


(h/t AAP; NBC News)

David Hogg Talks About Transgender Issues and Gun Violence at Conference

David Hogg, a gun control advocate and survivor of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, has consistently used his platform to raise awareness on topics such as gun control, racial inequality, and LGBTQ+ issues. Earlier this month, Hogg attended the US Conference on AIDS and spoke about the connection between gun violence and the transgender community.

At the event, Hogg held up a fan onstage that was styled with the trans flag and had the words “End Trans Gun Violence” written across the front. His action was meant to highlight the high number of trans people, particularly trans women, who are murdered with guns in the United states. According to reports, 2017 was the deadliest year on record for trans women in the US with a total of 28 victims.

When he took the stage, David Hogg said:

“We’re more upset about a pair of shoes than gun violence… or HIV/AIDS. Don’t let politicians divide us. Don’t let our labels divide us. No matter the size of your platform, speak up and then be willing to hand the mic to others.”

In a string of tweets, Hogg brings up that one of the biggest issues the trans community deals with when it comes to gun violence is that often times, transgender people are misgendered by law enforcement, the media, and even family. The media previously reported a transgender murder that took weeks to be labeled as such because they had used the victims dead name.

Murders are all too common in the transgender community and the average life expectancy for a transgender woman of color is around 30 years old.

h/t: David Hogg’s Twitter and Instagram

Trans Woman Found Dead in Florida in Potential Hate Crime

Trigger Warning: Murder, Hate Crime

On the morning of September 8th, the body of Londonn Moore was discovered near a bus stop in Florida on Sawyer Circle in an undeveloped part of Port Charlotte.

After discovering her body, police determined that her death was suspicious and began a search for her car. Her vehicle, a Chrysler 200, was discovered in another part of Port Charlotte. It is unclear where she was murdered.

The police have not classified the case as a hate crime.

Nathan Bruemmeer, the Executive director of ALSO YOUTH in Sarasota said:

“I think it is too early to say if it’s a hate crime, but I think what is important to recognize is that the state of Florida is leading the nation in violence against transgender population, specifically in trans woman and trans women of color.” -ABC affiliate

North Port Police Department officer, Joshua Taylor, said:

“Whether it’s a hate crime or not, you’re going to pay that price.” -NBC, Florida

The story is significant because although the police have not declared it a hate crime, many people feel that this is part of a larger pattern. Hal Trejo of All Rainbow and Allied Youth Inc. said:

“This would mark the 21st person in the nation since the start of the year that a transgender person has been murdered. It’s the fifth person in Florida alone this year, so we see it’s a huge crisis and needs to be addressed and talked about.”

The news media and police have also continued to misgender and “deadname” the victim in coverage in spite of calls from friends and local leaders. Her name was Londonn Moore.

Police are still seeking information.

h/t: ABC Affiliate Florida, NBC Florida

Marco Marco Delivers Dynamite Fashion Show That Features Only Transgender Models

Famed fashion house Marco Marco did something pretty incredible to finish Style Fashion Week New York during NYFW. Their latest line, Collection Seven, was only walked down the runway by fierce and fabulous transgendered models. 

Celebrity designer and underwear guru Marco Morante’s powerful show did this for the first time ever, where notable names in and out of the fashion and entertainment industry strutted their stuff at Hammerstein Ballroom on Saturday night. 

This included icons like Pose star Dominique JacksonAngelica RossMJ Rodriguez, Gigi Gorgeous, Trace LysetteOur Lady JGeena RoceroCarmen Carrera, and Laith Ashley.

“This is an incredibly huge step forward for the LGBTQ community. I’ve never seen a show like this before and I hope more designers take note,” said David Burtka, who sat front row. Other major celebs attended the historic making event including the one and only Paris Hilton.

For more information on Marco Marco, please check out their official website

Was X-Factor's Robbie Williams Out Of Line Asking Trans Singer His "Dead Name?"

X-Factor UK judge and pop star Robbie Williams caught some heat on social media this weekend after asking a transgender contestant his birth name prior to his performance.

Before Felix Shepard of Birmingham could launch into his take on Kodaline’s “All I Want,” he mentioned that he was trans, and it was his hope was to be “more than just a transgender guy” on the show.

The audience roared their support.

Williams took that as his cue to pose some personal questions of Shepard asking him what his birth name had been as well as inquiring, “When did you know you were Felix?”

For those who may not know, asking a transgender person their birth, or “dead name”, is considered “verbally violent” as it is seen as disregarding their gender identity.

From The Advocate: “’Deadnaming' someone who is transgender is the practice of uttering or publishing the name that a trans person used prior to transition. Cisgender people often refer to this as a trans person’s 'real' name, as if the name a trans person either uses or have legally had changed is somehow less real than the one given them at birth, when they were assigned male or female. It is seen as a verbally violent offense that attempts to invalidate a person’s authentic gender identity."

Fans on social media were not amused. Here's just a small sample of the reaction to Williams' questions:





But in an interview with The Sun, Shepard explained that Williams had asked in private before he took to the stage if he could pose the question. Shepard asserts Williams was nothing but respectful.

“I was in no way offended by Robbie’s question and he did ask me if it was okay beforehand but they didn’t show that on the episode,” says the 20-year-old singer. “He was extremely sensitive about it and said ‘do you mind me asking?’ It’s a shame viewers didn’t get to see that.”

“After my audition he even came backstage and shook my hand and said another well done,” Shepard added. “He was very much on a level with me. It’s just not a common every day thing to hear about on Saturday night TV and it’s not something people have pocket knowledge about; it isn’t always in daylight for people to see."

"I don’t take it personally; I just know people don’t have a great understanding of it," said Shepard.

Fortunately, the vast majority of the response Shepard has experienced since his performance aired has been very positive.

"It has been overwhelming – the amount of people who’ve messaged me to show their love has been amazing,” said Shepard. "I’ve had messages from a few trans guys who’ve told their families that they’re trans and parents with kids that are going through it have contacted me. I stayed up until 5am replying to every single message.”

Watch Shepard’s pre-performance chat and then his rendition of “All I Want” below.



(h/t The Sun)

Amazon's 'Jack Ryan' Original Series is Called Out for Transphobic Slur

Amazon’s “Jack Ryan” series starring John Krasinski premiered this weekend, August 31st. It has been making headlines for being the lead actor’s newest project since his successful directoral debut of A Quiet Place and for showing some skin.

However, the series is now garnering criticism for using a trans slur. In the third episode of the series, a character asks a coworker how he got a black eye. His coworker doesn’t want to explain it so she follows up with:

“Did you accidentally pick up another tranny on Freemont Street?”

The issue was brought to light by Eliel Cruz from the Anti-Violence Project, an organization dedicated to ending gender-based violence. Cruz tweeted:



His perspective reminds us that that as cisgender people use trans slurs, the show could have taught us what is acceptable and what is not but instead:

“decided to affirm the idea that there is something shameful about cisgender men being with a trans woman or that trans women are actually men.” -Cruz

Cruz reminds us that while shows like this may find it easy to use slurs and ignore the difficulties of the transgender community, violence towards transgender people is all too real.

Cruz shared a clip from the episode below:



h/t: independent, Amazon.com

Transgender Woman Found Dead in Louisiana

Trigger warning: transgender death, potential hate crime

Last Thursday, August 30th, a transgender woman was shot to death in Shreveport, Louisiana.

The police received a call around 4:30 A.M. with a report of gunshots in the area. When the police arrived, they found Vontashia Bell, aged 18. She had been shot in the chest and wrist and was taken to a hospital where she was later pronounced dead. There is no reported motive so far.

Her story had not been reported by LGBTQ+ outlets sooner because Bell was deadnamed and misgendered in local media reports of her death. (Meaning that they had used her previous name and identified as a male rather than as female.)

Louisiana Trans Advocates spoke out on the manner and said:

“Dehumanizing language and actions lower the barriers to this kind of senseless violence. Shreveport and Louisiana leaders must speak out against these killings, against the ongoing, systemic devaluation and trans people that pervades our media and politics, and against the institutional racism that places almost all of this burden on trans women of color.”

Vontashia Bell is the 17thtransgender person killed this past year with 4 months left until the year is over.

Investigators ask that anyone who has information call the Shreveport police department at 318-673-6955 or their anonymous number, 318-673-7373. They are offering a $1000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

May Vontashia Bell rest in power.

h/t: lgbtqnation.com, LA Trans Adocates