Here’s Why That Rumored ‘SATC 3’ Plot Wouldn’t Have Worked

A story broke out this week regarding what the alleged plot would’ve been (or partially) if Sex and the City 3 were to be made. Sadly this will never become a reality as it was shelved in the fall of 2017, with many people pointing the blame at Kim Cattrall due to her backing out of what could’ve been another fun and interesting adventure for Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Charlotte (Kristin Davis), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Samantha (Kim).

The rumored storyline was that Mr. Big (Chris Noth) dies in the beginning of the movie as he suffers a heart attack while taking a shower. This plot was the reason why Kim allegedly backed out as it would’ve centered more on Carrie and not with the other girls in a more cohesive manner. This is something that would’ve been risky for audiences to enjoy, but first… we have to step back a bit to see how this legendary franchise got here in the first place.

The series itself finished on a truly high note way back in 2004 with Carrie and Big ending up together, Charlotte adopting her first baby, Miranda and Steve (David Eigenberg) finally figuring it out and Samantha’s triumph with her breast cancer.

Then they made a movie out of it four years later. This detailed Carrie and Big finally getting married after 10 very complicated years, Miranda and Steve (once again) figuring it out after he cheated on her, Charlotte actually getting pregnant and Samantha dumping her longtime boyfriend Smith (Jason Lewis).

The second film happened in 2010, which made many people (myself included) wish they could’ve gotten a refund for the absolute disaster that we saw. All of it was so wrong on so many levels that it’s hard to know where to begin. It took place, for the most part, in Abu Dhabi as opposed to New York City, where Carrie oddly enough runs into Aidan Shaw (John Corbett) and cheats on Big with him for a hot second. The other character’s storylines were not that interesting and there were still many other problems with the movie that took place (racist undertones, for one).

So it’s 8 years later now, where presumably the filmmakers would be putting the finishing touches on the SATC 3 movie had this actually been made. The question is, would we want to see it given how bad the last one was… not to mention just how dark and harrowing it would’ve been with Big’s death smack dab in the beginning?

Something that the show really did, at least towards the later years, was blend the funny with the serious in a really good way. When you start a film off with a death this impactful, its hard to get the viewers to see any light throughout the rest of it as we know (for the most part) what we will be dealing with. Essentially it would’ve been Carrie restarting in life at a much older age after the man she’s known for 20 years has died. Fun? Not really.

I can give the writers kudos for trying to come up with a fresh take on things, but it might be a good thing that this movie never got made. I know we all love this show and the impact that it made, but quite honestly, I would’ve been more than fine with it really ending how it did 14 years ago as they got that right on so many levels.

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Sex And The City 3 Spoilers Revealed!

Sex And The City 3 Spoilers Revealed!

One Major Characters Bites The Bullet!

Oh my God you guys! It was two years ago when we learned a third Sex and the City film would be gracing the big screen. After a devastating sequel to the first film, everyone was excited to continue the stories of our favorite gal pals. A year later, Kim Cattrall, who famously played arguably the best character, Samantha Jones, began talking way too much about behind the scenes relationships and claimed she wouldn’t be doing the film. In January of this year, the face of the series, Sarah Jessica Parker, painfully let fans worldwide down when she announced the third film would not see the light of day. I’m still in mourning! But, now we may have a little bit of closure on what exactly the plot would have been in the third film.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, early in the beginning of the film, Parker’s big love, Chris Noth, was going to die via heart attack in the shower. The rest of the film would have followed Parker as she mourned her love’s death and focused less on the friendship between the four women. Uhh, yeah… I’m actually a little excited this didn’t get made! The friendship between the four girlfriends were the best storylines of them all! Everyone loves Parker's Carrie Bradshaw, but who doesn’t want to see the lives of the other three women? Perhaps Cattrall saved us all from having yet another failed Sex and the City sequel.

Furthering to stir the pot like the cute little spoon that he is, Mario Cantone AKA Sex and the City’s Anthony Marentino, who played Charlotte York’s (Kristen Davis) gay best friend, spoke of the recent third movie gossip during his appearance on The Wendy Williams Show. If you’re an avid Wendy watcher like me, you know Williams is a huge fan and it’s the first question she begs him to answer. Cantone tells:

“First of all, I never got the script. I never really saw it, so I have no idea if it was true. The one thing I know about the screenplay is I had a very large storyline, so I’m pissed off it didn’t get done. There are movies that have gotten made that have not talked about as much as something that never got friggin’ made. Get your box sets, smoke some pot, and have a good time.”

You can watch Cantone’s latest interview with Williams below:



Sarah Jessica Parker Figures Out What Her Stripper Name Is

Sarah Jessica Parker has come up with quite the clever stripper name for herself... in case this whole Emmy-winning, legendary acting career suddenly stops.

The famed Sex and the City star responded to a formula posed by artist Ashley Longshore on social mediawhich dealt with figuring out what your stripper name would be. There have been several of these types of conundrums brought up in the past, the most common one was the name of your first pet plus the street you currently live on.

Ashley's was a tad different from that: "Your stripper name is the color of your underwear and the last thing you ate," she wrote.  

Sounds simple enough. Sarah boldly answered this question, which started out sexy but ended completely differently. 

"Nude lentil soup," was her response. She then shortened it to just "nude lentil." Not sure if Carrie Bradshaw would approve of this as her alter ego.

A variety of stripper names came up on social media when asked this hard-hitting question, some of which were by gay men who took it to another level with their responses.

The following were all shared by our fellow gay brethren: 

  • "Commando Nuts"
  • "Naked Weiner"
  • "Naked Gordita"
  • "Nude Cookie"
  • "Lavender Lace Grilled Cheese"
  • "Skin Doughnut"
  •  "Nude Steak & Eggs"
  •  "Pink Butt**le"

Wow. Just wow. So what would your answer be to this riveting question? 


Why Did We Emulate Carrie on 'Sex and the City?'

I'll go out on a limb and say that I really do like Sarah Jessica Parker, even though Kim Cattrall clearly doesn't

I think she's a talented actress who has really done well both before and after the role that made her a global superstar, Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City, and genuinely enjoy her when she's being interviewed or when I see her in the latest ads for Bloomingdale's on 59th Street in Manhattan.

I, like many other gay men, have watched the entire SATC series at least 4 or 5 times, and we have also enjoyed the first movie and despised the second one (that isn't gay specific, mind you). I haven't watched the show in a couple of years now, and recently found myself watching it all over again as the winter went on in The Big Apple.

It has come to my conclusion fifteen years after the show ended that the character of Carrie Bradshaw is someone that no one should really emulate, gay or not. There are reasons to why I now find her to be the ultimate anti-hero in a pair of Manolo Blahnik's, and they are pretty easy to spot if you get a good glimpse of the show again.

First off, and this isn't Carrie's fault, but the show projected some ridiculous fantasy life that she and the other three characters lived while in New York City, which inspired hundreds if not thousands of men and women in real life to move here thinking they could be like one of them. 

Well, that thought process was wrong unless you got extremely lucky out of the gate (AKA college) and were born with a silver spoon where mommy and daddy pay for everything. Carrie's job was to write once a week for a publication called the New York Star. Once. A. Week. And somehow, she was able to afford a brownstone in the Upper East Side, endless shoes, designer dresses and so much more. I write 500 articles a week (exaggerating) and panic if I order guacamole at Chipotle. That's just the mentality of the NYC'er.  

There are two other major factors as to why I always found myself fast-forwarding through Carrie's scenes. Let's break down her relationships with Samantha (Kim Cattrall), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte (Kristin Davis). Samantha was very sex-positive, she got it in pretty much every episode and lived her best life in doing so with zero f***s given. Carrie, a sex columnist, always found herself judging Samantha for the way she lived her life in several episodes as the series went on, which makes me wonder why these two were even friends in the first place given that Carrie was only really promiscuous in the series premiere back in 1998.

Charlotte was the punching bag for everyone. No one took her seriously, even Carrie. Every couple of episodes, Carrie found a way to shut Charlotte up and never listened to anything she would say. Sure, they had that one scene where Carrie really listened to Charlotte... but it was only because she was giving her Trey's engagement ring so that she didn't lose her apartment. I sometimes wonder why Charlotte even bothered with the other three.

The only friendship that seemed somewhat genuine was the one with Miranda, as their cynicism played out really well as the series went on. Stanford (Willie Garson) was someone who was sort of just there, she never really cared about his personal life as he literally had to shut her up one episode just to get a word in edge wise, but the bottom line was that Carrie was about Carrie and didn't really care about her friends from beginning to end.

Then, there was the relationship part of Carrie. Her relationships all ended because of her, not because of the men she dated (IMHO). Here's why (in bullets):

  • Season One: Broke up with Big (Chris Noth) because he didn't introduce you as his girlfriend to his mother. You knew what he was about from the get go, so you can't get mad.
  • Season Two: You threw a bag of burgers at Big (yum) when he told you that he had to go to France for work and didn't even let him explain himself because once again... its all about you.
  • Season Three: You cheated on Aidan (John Corbett) with Big, your fault.
  • Season Four: You left Aidan after he wanted to get married to you... still your fault.
  • Season Five: You were preggo in real life, so yeah... your book party was fun.
  • Season Six: You literally emasculated Burger (Ron Livingston) on so many occasions, that he had to leave you on a Post-It note.
  • Season Seven: You left Paris after a week because you got bored and stepped in dog poop. Yes, I know that Aleksandr (Mikhail Baryshnikov) slapped you (by accident), but if its not all about you... then you jump. And of course, Big was there to rescue you.

Quite frankly, the best ending would've been Carrie being alone. I think her character got a tad better in the first film and then progressively worse again in the second. All I know is, all these years later, that Carrie wasn't really the protagonist that I thought she was and it may be worth checking the show out all over again to see if you find any differences compared to when you watched it the first time.

This was created by one of our Contributing Writers and does not reflect the opinion of Instinct Magazine or the other Contributing Writers when it comes to this subject.