Crystal Meth Use Accelerates HIV Even With Medication, Study Shows

Many have long assumed use of stimulants like crystal methamphetamine can accelerate HIV progression. Thanks to a new study published in the journal Brain, Behavior and Immunity there is scientific evidence to back that up. 

Adam Carrico, Ph. D., associate professor of Public Health Sciences and Psychology at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, was lead author on the study, "Recent Stimulant Use and Leukocyte Gene Expression in Methamphetamine Users with Treated HIV Infection."

"Stimulant use may accelerate HIV disease progression through biological and behavioral pathways," says Carrico. "But if we can identify the biological pathways, then we can develop new approaches to optimize the health of active stimulant users who are living with HIV."

The study was a collaboration between researchers at the University of California San Francisco, University of California Los Angeles, and New York University, and involved studying changes in gene expression of samples from 55 HIV-positive, meth-using men receiving effective anti-retroviral therapy.

"We found a differential expression of 32 genes and perturbation of 168 pathways in recent stimulant users, including genes previously associated with the HIV reservoir, immune activation, and inflammation," says Carrico. "Anti-retroviral therapy is often successful in suppressing HIV in the blood, however, the virus typically remains in reservoirs, such as the lymph nodes and inside some immune cells."

Carrico believes these findings could be helpful in finding a cure for the virus. “Maybe these pathways can help us to understand how we can ‘wake up’ the virus and pull it out of hiding; some of these pathways could become targets for potential biomedical treatments targeting the HIV reservoir,” he says.

"We are now testing behavioral interventions in San Francisco and Miami that are designed to reduce stimulant use in people living with HIV," Carrico says. "Hopefully, decreasing the use of stimulants like methamphetamine will allow for better control of the HIV viral load and could even directly improve the immune system."

For further information, check out this press release about the study:  https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2018-05/uomm-urf050418.php  


Las Vegas Is Getting Ready To Have The World's Biggest Orgy

Want to take part in the world’s biggest orgy? Your chance is coming up, but there’s a pretty big catch.

A group of sex enthusiasts called Menage Life has announced that they're taking a shot at the record for the largest orgy in the world. The current record hold is from 2006 when 500 people (250 women and 250 men) got it on in Tokyo.

Now, Menage Life says it can do better.

“We will blow that number out of the water,” reads the Menage Life website. “We are anticipating 1,000-plus [participants] for this monumental event. This is Sin City after all.”

Right now, Menage Life is hoping that 1,000 people will show up to their event on June 2 at the Sin City 8 adult hotel in Las Vegas. But, their location might have made the rules too restrictive to hit that mark.

As Las Vegas Weekly reports, participants have to pay in order to take part. The actual event itself is free, but a pass into the hotel (which you must have to participate in the event) costs money. Couples have to pay $200 and single women have to pay $25. As for single men, they’re not invited.

But what about gay couples? Neither Menage Life nor Sin City 8 mentions any inclusion or exclusion of them. Theoretically, gay couples could sign up and just play with their partners while the two hour orgy goes on. Then if any other couples consent to swingers play, the fun can expand.

On that note, consent is mandatory at the event. If anyone is caught trying to force sex on anyone else, patrolling security guards will come around and kick the offenders out.

Also, tickets come with access to complimentary condoms, towels, lube, hand sanitizer, optional masks, and more.

So, get yourself a female friend to sneak you in or see if male couples are accepted and buy your ticket to Last Vegas in June, because it looks like the world’s biggest orgy is getting ready to let loose.

h/t: Las Vegas Weekly

Luv Parts Is Postmates For Sex Toys!

Luv Parts Is Postmates For Sex Toys!

How Has No One Thought Of This Before?!

#InstinctAfterDark! Ahh, yes. This is just another one of my carefree - or careless - posts to keep your panties wet late at night. With modern technology, we can seemingly get anything we desire with a simple swipe and tap of our thumbs. Our mobile devices may have made us lazy, but damn it, I'll take convenience over about anything. I can sit here and list anything I can get instantly thanks to my smart phone. Sex? There's an app for that? Taco Bell when you're dying of a hangover on a Sunday? Yep, you can easily get that within an hour - delivered right to your door. Hell, you can even get someone to walk your dog if you're running late from work! Literally, we've thought of everything. That is until I realized, umm, what if I have someone coming over in twenty minutes and I ran out of a necessity for the dirty deed? Hmm...

Well, it turns out that there's also an app for that! Okay, so I'm absolutely bored out of my mind the other weekend on a Friday night. Through endless conversation - trust me, I'm more of a tease than anything; I don't like meeting anyone from the internet without heavy investigation - I was informed of a way that I could get that silicone lube I was demanding. Wait, what - how? It was late and I'm not about to venture to a sex store. Turns out thanks to LuvParts, you can get any type of sex toy you want with a snap of your fingers. Unfortunately, they only serve Southern California...but luckily, that's where I live! Essentially the Postmates (food delivery service) for your sexual wants. I took advantage of the service and got a sensual candle, because I might as well be an old ass lady, among some other little gifts I won't share with you just yet. It sounds like an idea so simple, yet someone is capitalizing on it. I'm pretty certain this may be my new weekend job...

You can check out their website and browse what you may need now here

Note: This is not a paid advertisement, I genuinely love the service and am so surprised this app hasn't come out yet!

Do We Love Having Sex In Public?

Do We Love Having Sex In Public?

Is The Risk Worth The Reward?

#BEHAVE! Like most of the people reading this article and frequently visiting Instinct Magazine, I’ve had sex. I definitely believe it’s a strong assumption to make, considering our audience is widely LGBTQ and adults. Shout out to our heterosexual brothers and sisters, but I’ve got to say the gays are likely more, ahem, colorful, when doing the deed. It wasn’t until I stumbled across one of my daily viewings of The View, where I experienced the other fab-5 discussing the most outrageous places they’ve had sex. According to the women, a new study showcases many people enjoying having sex in public, although they didn’t state the source of the study- they mention people admitting to having sex in portable toilets and the New York subway. Umm, what?!  Little too raunchy for my liking!

I began to check my rolodex for the craziest place I’ve ever had sex. While I’ve openly admitted to visiting a bathhouse, I firmly believe they should stay in the past. Perhaps let’s have a solid staple in The Castro (San Francisco) or somewhere deemed fit. But, I do kind of feel a lot of the community has possibly strayed from risky, public sex in favor of attending a bathhouse. Should there be open sex spots everywhere to prevent some risk takers – who could potentially be seemingly normal – a spot to hook up? Or, is someone just odd in general for sleeping with someone in public?

As an adult – you know, one who is working full time and doesn’t want to have a mug shot or a name on the sex offender list in my neighborhood – I don’t want to have sex outside. Ever. Consistently on various dating apps I will have a guy fail at an attempt to persuade me to hook up in his car – since I refuse to host any stranger at my home. Like, sure, I’ll give you the whole call thing when we were closeted teenagers and couldn’t bring a trick into our parent’s homes. However, if I can hold onto an apartment- someone else I’m interested in sleeping with better have his own place! I honestly don’t see any purpose of having public sex once you begin to mature. Is there truly a reward with the risk?

According to a Bustle survey in January 2018, after polling a thousand people online, the top results for the most common places to have sex in public are:

A Public Park, Field, Forest, or Garden: 26.1%

Inside The Car: 16.1%

The Beach or Ocean: 12.7%

Public Bathroom: 5.6%

Movie Theater: 2.6%

Okay, seriously – who is hooking up in the movie theater?! I’m completely over a lot of this and am so thrilled I haven’t encountered one of these horny bunny rabbits near my person.

Does having sex in public excite you?

As aforementioned, feel free to check out the ladies of The View gabbing on the wildest places they’ve had sex below:

Does The Gay Community Normalize ChemSex?

Does The Gay Community Normalize ChemSex?

Do You PNP?

#INSTINCTAFTERDARK! In yet another article in my long line of topics not appropriate for work - or the day time - I want to touch base on this not-so-hidden world of ChemSex. ChemSex, or more commonly referred to as PNP (Party aNd Play) is honestly a topic this gay Millennial finds so common with the hook up culture. 

One time, I inadvertently wound up at a gay sex party. Basically, after months of convincing, I met this guy off a dating app and we went over to his place. He was up front his roommates would be there, but wasn’t so honest about what his roommates would be doing. Yeah, his roommates were having a full-on, about fifteen person orgy in their living room. There were a lot of towels, and a handful of guys around my age at the time- early 20s. At first, I participated in this so called party. It began with some drinking and smoking marijuana in underwear in one of the best homes I’ve ever been in. Why would I say no? Well, before I knew it, many of the guys were taking shots of GHB. I politely declined with judging eyes; there was a time and a place to try that, for me it was called college. Soon after, a new pipe and smell clogged my nose: The wicked scent of lust - or PNP. Uncomfortable, I put on my clothes and stepped on a balcony to chain smoke and text a friend. I went back inside hoping my online hookup would be a knight in shining armor, not partaking. His lips told a separate story from his actions. I left with some blue balls and one hell of a story. 

After years to think and plenty more experience in gay culture, I’ve came across a variety of men who PNP regularly. I’ve even had an attempt to be convinced it’s healthier for you than alcohol. On dating profiles, it’s publicly advertised...and partially accepted. 

Are we normalizing ChemSex culture? Is there something that may be done to prevent this from becoming the new normal? 

This post is the opinion of this contributing writer to Instinct Magazine. Opinion pieces do not always reflect the stance of the magazine or the other contributing writers.

This article was originally inspired by VICE.