Cher's $40 Million-Dollar Malibu Mansion Raided By Police on Felony Drug Charges

Could this be karma for rudely shading Madonna on Ellen? After all, how many cross the Queen of Pop and get away with it?

Just before her well-reviewed ABBA tribute album Dancing Queen was released [today], Cher’s Malibu mansion was raided by police on Thursday, as reported by TMZ.

The 72-year-old wasn’t home at the time of the raid; she’s on an international tour.

Police executed a search warrant after a Ventura County resident’s drug-related death earlier this month was traced to 23-year-old Donovan Ruiz, the son of one of Cher’s assistants. He was living at Cher's pad at the time. 

Cher’s $40 million-dollar home was a spectacle on Thursday, with a massive swarming of law enforcement, firefighters and paramedics on the scene. Paramedics were on hand in case violence erupted, which apparently it didn’t.

Ruiz was taken into custody for a felony: supplying drugs to someone who dies.

This story is still developing. For more, go to TMZ.

Don’t do drugs, kids! On a more upbeat note, Dancing Queen is available to stream or purchase now.

Police Arrest and Wreck the Lives of 13 Men Caught Having Sex in South Florida Pleasure Emporium

A forced outing is damn traumatizing and always causes nothing but harm.

Well, never mind all that if you’re Hollywood, Florida police, who last week raided an adult store and arrested 13 men who were having consensual sexual encounters in a private area.

Police officers went to the trouble of paying $25 to enter locked, private rooms at the back of the Pleasure Emporium in South Florida where men were masturbating and engaging in oral sex.

After the arrests, several news outlets reported on the incident, revealing the men’s names, their hometowns, ages and mugshots.

The smearing has justifiably led to bitter backlash. According to the Miami New Times, an attorney for one of the men says her client was fired from his job in the medical field as a result of the coverage.

It gets worse: the man (we’re not using his name and no outlet run by humans with a shred of decency would) had fled Cuba 20 years prior to avoid persecution.

"He was persecuted in Cuba because of his sexuality," says his attorney, Abbie Cuellar. "He was thrown out of his home and thrown out of school because he was gay. He fled as a result and thought America was going to be this beacon of 'freedom.' He now basically has lost everything he has worked for... He is horribly suicidal.”

Just to repeat, these men were arrested, humiliated and worse—their lives are probably wrecked— for having consensual sex in private.

The raid cost taxpayers $240, as the two police officers got four hours of overtime pay a piece.

Hollywood PD has made a habit of raiding the Pleasure Emporium. They arrested six men there in February. In a statement, they defended last week’s raid, calling the locked, private rooms that you have to pay to get into at Pleasure Emporium a “public space."

"Clearly, this was a private setting within a private setting — you would have to pay to get into it," Cuellar says. "It's not in a residential neighborhood. There's no danger a kid would ever walk past, even. The fact that they’ve been made out to be these sexual deviants, I feel like I’m back in the 1960s! I don't understand the point of this arrest other than smearing and humiliating these men."

For the full story: Miami New Times

h/t: Pink News

DC Man Sues Over Invasive 'Anal Probe' During Stop & Frisk

Picture this: It’s September 2017, you’re hanging with buds outdoors, planning your upcoming birthday celebration when suddenly you find yourself the subject of an invasive stop and frisk.

Invasive as in ‘body cavity search’ invasive.

That’s apparently what happened to M.B. Cottingham, a 39-year-old man, in the Bellevue neighborhood of Washington, D.C. last fall.

According to the New York Post, Nottingham and his buddies were chilling when up rolled two police cars. More than a couple police officers approached the group and inquired as to whether they were carrying any weapons. 

This is where it gets down in the underbrush on the way to Poughkeepise.

Cottingham alleges, and there’s video tape (naturally), that Metropolitan Police Department Officer Sean Lojacono violated Cottingham’s 4th Amendment rights regarding unreasonable searches and seizures.

Nottingham openly admitted having a legal amount of marijuana on him, but Lojacono took things farther when he went for the ’search and seizure’ according to ACLU staff attorney Scott Michelman, who is representing Cottingham.

As you can see on the video from the incident, Lojacono goes beyond the every day ‘pat down.’

This 'search and seizure' goes a bit farther as Lojacoco gets his hands (and maybe his thumbs) all up in Cottingham’s business.



Via The New York Post:

“He stuck his finger in my crack, man,” Cottingham said to his friends during the search, video shows. “Don’t do that, man … I don’t have nothing.”

Cottingham then followed the officer’s instructions to squat down to allow the search to continue, but the officer continued prodding far beyond the standard scope of a pat-down, according to ACLU officials, jamming his fingers into the man’s buttocks and anus and grabbing his scrotum.

“Stop fingering me though, bruh,” Cottingham told Lojacano. “You fingering my a–, man.”

“I’m outside your pants, bro,” the officer replied. “Relax.”

“Don’t sit here and finger my a— like that, like I’m not a man,” Cottingham said.

Michelman says the video clearly shows a “violation of [Cottingham’s] constitutional rights and basic dignity.” 

“When a routine frisk turns into a search this invasive, the officer is not pursuing a legitimate law enforcement purpose but simply degrading someone and asserting his own power,” Michelman said in a statement to the press.

Apparently, Metropolitan Police Department chief, Peter Newsham, noted during a DC Council hearing last week that he has seen the video and considers the officer’s ’touching’ inappropriate.

The NY Post goes on to say that Cottingham says he has ‘discomfort in his genital area,’ as well as ‘ongoing anxiety, depression and fear of being in public.’

“I’ve never been so humiliated in my life,” Cottingham told the NY Post. “It’s bad enough that members of my community are stopped and frisked by the police all the time. I’ve been frisked many times and even beaten by police. But this officer treated me like I’m not even a human being.”

Check out the video, readers. What do you think?

(h/t New York Post)

New Zealand Cop In Hawke's Bay Proposed During The Wing 315 Police Graduation

One police graduation got a beautiful surprise in the form of a marriage proposal.

78 new police officers in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand finished their training with a graduation ceremony last week.

As the event for the Wing 315 went on smoothly, Constable Erik Meechan, who was honored with the Commissioner’s Award for Leadership, slowed the program down to ask an important question. The Constable asked his boyfriend of five years, Matty Judd, to step forward.

When Judd appeared from the crowd, Meechan got down on one knee and proposed. Judd instantly said yes and the crowd cheered in approval.

As Meechan later told the New Zealand Herald, he had struggled for a whole month on whether or not he should propose at the event. He only made the decision a few days prior.

“I wasn’t 100 percent sure until a couple days out. We actually got his ring customized and that arrived the day before so it was cutting it pretty fine,” he said.

Meechan decided to do it at the graduation ceremony because he wanted the moment to be “a bit special, a bit different.”

As for Judd, he totally understands.

“I think he wanted to do something extravagant that I would appreciate. And I did,” said the newly engaged man.

Judd then added, “It was a really good time and place, and also it’s quite rare to get all our family together in the same place, so it was good to get them all together.”

Meanwhile, Commissioner Mike Bush shared his approval and congratulations.

“It was just awesome,” he says. “The fact that Erik felt so safe and supported in that environment was a fantastic demonstration of what our core value of valuing diversity is all about.”

“I wish Eric and Matty all the very best for the future,” he added.

A Massachusetts Police Officer Is On Trial For Allegedly Raping A Young Man In Police Custody

A former Salem, Massachusetts police officer is on trial for allegedly raping a young man who was under custody in 2016.

A young man, whose identity is being withheld, was placed under custody in 2016. The man was visiting Salem and drank heavily the night before Halloween. Somehow, he ended up flooding the room he was staying in.

After reaching a Salem police station in the early morning, the man decided to take off his wet clothes. He was then provided with only a blanket by local police.

While the man went to make a phone call, patrolman Brian Butler, who was 55 at the time, allegedly touched the young man under his blanket. Allegedly, Butler then led the young man to a closet, where he asked to perform a sexual act on him.

Now nearly two years later, Brian Butler is on trial for allegedly raping the boy. The hearing was this past Tuesday and a jury has been selected.

Brian Butler and his defense attorney named Kevin Mitchel argue that the sexual act was consensual and not rape. Meanwhile, prosecutor Kate MacDougall quoted the victim at the hearing and said, “What else could I do? I was in fear because he was a police officer.”

While Butler’s trail is only just beginning, it has already affected his life. Butler immediately resigned when the allegations surfaced. In addition, his wife, Police Chief Mary Butler, filed for divorce.

If he is found as guilty, Brian Butler faces a potential 10-20 years in prison for indecent assault, battery, and rape.

h/t: The Salem News

Two Boston Police Officers Crashed Their Motorcycles And Hit A Pride Parade Onlooker

Looks like LA Pride wasn’t the only Pride event to mess up.

Over at the Boston Pride Parade, two police officers crashed their motorcycles along the parade route and injured an older woman.

The two officers were responding to a call for help by another cop. Ironically, it was a medical call that caused the two motorcyclists to rush to the cop and collide at Beacon and Joy streets.

When the impact happened around 3:24 pm, the officers ended up falling to the ground and hitting a female pedestrian in the process.

“I heard a sound and all of a sudden I saw two to three cops on motorcycles who had run into each other,” said 35-year-old Gus Jenkins, of Cambridge, to the Boston Herald. “It stopped the parade. Plenty of people came together to make sure the situation was OK,” he said

“It was chaotic,” said Mary Madamcy, 21, of Cape Cod. “There was confusion and people were still chanting.”

“I rushed down to help, to see if they needed water. ... I was just hoping everyone was OK,” said 19-year-old Morgan Gilbert-Koff who's also from Cape Cod.

Afterwards, the two officers and the female onlooker were sent to the Massachusetts General Hospital. There, it was determined that there were no serious injuries.

100 LGBTQ People Were Arrested After Police Raided A Birthday Party in Nigeria

LGBTQ people in Nigeria are terrified at the moment after a recent and major police raid.

Nigerian police crashed a private birthday party and arrested over 100 LGBTQ people who participated.

Around 11:45 p.m. on Saturday (June 9) night, police officers showed up at a private birthday party that was being held at the Delta Park Hotel in Delta State, Nigeria.

As GayStarNews reports, party goers started to barricade themselves in when they noticed that the police were surrounding the building. Then around 1 a.m., the police entered the hotel and started arresting people.

As anonymous eye witness says that most of the LGBTQ people in attendance were beaten by police.

While homosexuality is illegal in Nigeria (and has been since 2014), there is no law banning groups of LGBTQ people from gathering in one place.

That said, over 100 LGBTQ people were arrested by the police during the birthday party raid. In addition, the police specifically focused on masculine women and feminine men.

We’ll keep you updated as more information comes in.

h/t: GayStarNews

The New President Of San Francisco's Police Officers Association's is Tony Montoya

San Francisco’s Police Officers Association is getting a new president.

Last week, President Marty Halloran announced that he would be stepping down from the position. In his place, Vice President Tony Montoya will be taking the spot.

With the confirmation that he’s now the present of the POA, Montoya celebrated by talking to ABC7News.

"I am the first gay person to be head of the Association," he told them.

It also seems that he never had to worry about problems arising because of his sexuality. The diversity found in San Francisco is also represented in the police force.

"We have a large lesbian gay bisexual transgender presence in the police force and it's also reflective of what the city represents. So for me it's never been an issue," Montoya said.

That said, its not all fun and games. Montoya takes the job seriously and he wants others to do the same for him.

But what will he be doing? Montoya will act as voice for the officers who feel like they can’t connect with the police department’s chief and his staff.

"The members as a whole have not felt connected with the current chief and current command staff. And once again, it falls on the shoulders of the POA to be the voice of the members."

He continued: "I want to be sure there's not a break in the representation of members. That's not going to change.”

That said, Montoya only has until 2020 until his presidency ends and he’s currently taking the position during a controversial time.

Many are arguing over new footage of an altercation between an alleged car thief and two officers. When the alleged thief tried to hit one officer with a car, the other officer opened fire on the moving car.

The controversy is over the fact that a 2016 policy prevents officers from shooting at moving vehicles.

In addition, the SFPOA is sponsoring a Prop H motion. If passed, it would loosen restrictions on the use of tasers.

Tony Montoya has his work cut out for him.

h/t: ABC7News

A North Carolina Man Was Forcefully Arrested After Being Called Gay Slurs By Waffle House Employees

A man who was choked and slammed by a police officer outside a Waffle House says he was also called gay slurs by the staff.

News is circulating about 22-year-old Anthony Wall. Right now, everyone’s trying to figure out if race and sexual orientation was the cause of Wall’s arrest and if it even matters at all.

On May 4, Wall had arrived at a Waffle House in Warsaw, North Carolina. He had just gotten back from taking his little sister to her prom. The two, and an undisclosed amount of friends, tried to sit at an uncleared table, which allegedly riled up one of the employees.

"They sat down at the table, and note what the first statements were from the Waffle House employee," Wall’s lawyer Benjamin Crump said at a news conference. "It wasn't welcoming or inviting and almost so inappropriate I have problems even repeating [what] he told Anthony Wall, his little sister and others in his party."

Wall told the waiter, who was white, that he couldn’t speak to the group like that. The situation escalated from there to include another Waffle House employee who was notably black.

"You will see from the video evidence as well as other objective evidence that indicates it was the Waffle House employees who were the initial aggressors," he added. "The Waffle House were unprofessional to their customers. Waffle House employees used homophobic slurs to Anthony Wall."

Wall reports that at this time, he was called a “faggot” by one of the employees and was threatened that a physical fight would break out.

Wall also later stated that he was to blame, along with the Waffle House staff, for the escalation of the fight. 

That’s when the police showed up. Problem is that one officer’s way of dissolving the conflict was to rough up Wall. It got so bad that the officer grabbed onto Wall’s throat and chocked him.

"I was trying to get his arm off my throat to stop him from choking me," Wall said in the Monday press conference, "I was not trying to fight him at all."

One of Wall’s friends recorded the altercation with the police officer and it was later uploaded to Facebook.

Afterwards, Wall was placed in the officer’s car with a police dog allegedly snapping at him from the back seat. Once processed, Wall was charged with disorderly conduct in public as well as resisting, obstructing and delaying a law enforcement officer.

While the Waffle House says there will be an internal investigations to see if disciplinary actions are needed on their side (meaning they're looking into whether the employees incited the fight and used gay and racist slurs), the police and the mayor’s office state that they're sure race was not a factor in the actual arrest.

When asked to comment by NBC News, the Warsaw Police Chief Eric Southerland only stated that an officer can use physical force if someone is not complying.

In addition, A.J. Connors, the mayor of Warsaw who’s also a black man, said on Friday that the arrest, and it’s forcefulness, wasn’t based on race but rather based on a "young man who had broken the law, and a law enforcement officer arrested him."

h/t: NBC News

Toronto Pride Politely Pushes Police Away!

Toronto Pride Politely Pushes Police Away!

Does This Work Well For Anyone?

#HMM. Alright, I'll preface this next story by telling you I am not Canadian, so I can't fully understand their LGBTQ culture. From what I've witnessed, solely through social media, the only argument I can actually make is I find their men loads sexier than the dudes in the United States. I'm a big fan of my country, current politic madness aside, but if I'm going anywhere with a passport, it's guaranteed to be Canada. Anyway, for the country's Pride 2018 season, pride planners politely requested the police to withdraw their application to march in the parade. Get ready for a South Park reference: Are the police not a buddy or guy of Canada's gay citizens?! 

According to CBC, the LGBTQ Canadians wish the police would focus more on their communication, protection, and trust within their community. In a public tweet, Pride Toronto states they are more concerned with the deaths of members of their community that have been unsolved.

Related Article: Another Death Linked to Alleged Toronto Gay Village Serial Killer Bruce McArthur

Pride Toronto claims to have tried to address the disappearances or deaths of its community members, but the police won't seem to listen to them. The LGBTQ community has gone so far as to ban police floats from the parade for a second year in a row. They're pissed and they certainly have a reason. 

Check out the tweet from Pride Toronto below:



After reading the tweet and aforementioned article, I felt pretty passionate about my distaste for the Toronto Pride being way too salty to their police. Yes, I can empathize with their frustrations of not feeling heard. However, I cannot begin to understand why those with powerful voices within the LGBTQ community would flat out separate themselves from the police in general. Is this tactic at all useful for the community trying to unite themselves? By seemingly protesting them? There has to be a handful of LGBTQ Police Officers in the Toronto ... so, are these people worthless? None of this makes sense whatsoever. If anything, I would feel even less protected with police not around me. I proudly stand with the men and women in blue all around my own country. I cannot fathom the entire community is fine with this decision. Fortunately, I'm not the only person who feels this way. An incredibly written opt-ed from the Toronto Sun blasts Toronto Pride's hypocrites as their slogan is inclusion.

Pride Toronto lists “inclusivity” on its website as the first of the organization’s four core values.

“We welcome everyone and want everyone to be welcomed,” Pride declares. “We are accessible to everyone as we create a sense of belonging and shared purpose.”

How then, to reconcile Pride’s message to Toronto Police that for a second year in a row, they are not welcome to march in the city’s annual Pride parade?

Inclusion isn’t a principle of convenience.

Applying it selectively is divisive and hypocritical. - Toronto Sun 

How do you feel about Toronto Pride removing Police from their Pride lineup yet again? 

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