Did MTV Censor A Gay Kiss in Pink's VMA Performance?

Screenshot: Twitter @MTV

Ladies, Gentlemen, and those in-between, I just finished writing about Pink’s acceptance speech at last night’s Video Music Awards on MTV.

That post was all about the triumph and strength of Pink’s music career, the love she has for her daughter, and the powerful message she shared to both her daughter and the audience about accepting yourself so that others can accept themselves.

But, while writing up that article I had a moment of surprise and confusion.

Before giving her speech, Pink gave a performance where she sang multiple songs from throughout her career. She ended it by singing her latest single, “What About Us.”

The performance is enhanced by having several dancers performing alongside Pink, and two of those dancers have their own dance solo. (That dance duet mimicked the one that starred in the original music video).

But here’s the problem. Did you catch the quick cut away that MTV did during the dance? If you didn’t, here’s a clip that someone tweeted of it.

When that cut away happened, I at first was in disbelief and confusion (some part of me still is). I thought, “Wait, did they just censor a gay kiss?” The suspicious timing of the cut away and the position that the two dancers are in gives way to that thought.

But, trying to not be the stereotype of an easily offended millennial on the internet, I decided to see what other people thought. I googled if anyone else was writing about this moment, I looked through the tweets talking about the #VMAs, and I found nothing. No one was talking about it.

I eventually looked through the tweets directly responding to the MTV video and found the comment above, but that’s all I’ve found. Is no one else concerned? Does no one else think this looks suspicious at the least?

Again, I don’t want to raise red flags when there are none, but there are clearly flags flying.

Under the context of the dance we can assume the dancers are telling us the story of a gay couple. The cut away happened just as the dancers fell over each other and came back as they stood up again with their heads pressed up against each other.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that there was a kiss (and again, no one is talking about it so I can’t confirm or deny if there was indeed a kiss in the first place), but the timing of the cut raises suspicions.

Even worse, a censor would contradict Pink’s words of acceptance and love for yourself and all.

Keep in mind, the fault isn’t on Pink (which is why I didn’t bring this up in the other post about her and her speech). This would be the fault of MTV and whoever’s behind the camera giving the commands.

On a night when artists at the VMAs talked about self-love & acceptance, suicide prevention, racism, mental illness, and more, MTV decided to censor a gay kiss? That just seems wrong to me.

But what do you think? Do you think MTV knowingly censored the kiss? Was there a kiss in the first place? Or, was this just bad timing from the production team?

Share your thoughts down in the comments below

MTV Announces "Moon Person" To Replace Moonman

After announcing that the MTV TV & Movie Awards and the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) will are gender neutral for the first time ever, MTV has announced a new ‘Moon Person’ that will be replacing the iconic ‘Moonman’.

This new move is part of MTV’s new wave of change where they seek to be more inclusive and keep up with trends.

MTV President Chris McCarthy said to the New York Times

Why should it be a man? It could be a man, it could be a woman, it could be transgender, it could be nonconformist. MTV at its best — whether it’s news, whether it’s a show, whether it’s a docu-series — is about amplifying young people’s voices. We put young people on the screen, and we let the world hear their voices. We shouldn’t be writing 6,000-word articles on telling people how to feel.

The new awards will be presented during the August 27thVMAs where for the first time ever nominees will not be categorized by gender, but by genre, talent, etc.

In addition to the new Moon Person, MTV has also announced the return of TRL (Total Request Live) an original series for MTV that ran from the late 90s to 2008 where viewers counted down to the most popular music videos. Now we have YouTube, so let’s see how these new developments in the MTV empire are received.

'Catfish: Trolls' Will Find The Hater Behind The Screen

We all dread them. We've all had our personal experiences with them. We all roll our eyes at them and wish that they would just disappear. Sometimes, we even whip out our digital ammunition and fight back to hopefully inflict as much aggravation to equate the stress they have caused us. That's right, I'm talking about trolls.

No, not that kind. I'm talking about internet trolls. The people who hide behind screen names, avatars, and bogus accounts who use the internet as a means of lashing out at others with the excuse of "freedom of expression". You know who you are! We see you!

Well, trolls--No one likes you. And having been personally and physically bullied throughout my life, I know not to pay attention to trolls whose one sole purpose is to stir up trouble because they have nothing better to do. 

Thankfully, LGBT activist and correspondent Raymond Braun is coming to our rescue! Braun is teaming up with Charlamagne tha God to co-host a spinoff of the highly popular Catfish on MTV. The title? You guessed it Catfish: Trolls.

If you are a fan of Catfish, this spin off will definitely be up your alley!

Braun posted on Facebook his reason for getting involved in the production. It all boils down to the reasons why people act certain ways while on the internet. What's in that pretty little head of theirs?

So you might be thinking, "How can I put my internet trolls in their place?" MTV is currently holding a casting call to be a part of Catfish: Trolls. Think about it, you may have more in common with that hater than you actually thought!

Catfish: Trolls will premiere on MTV in September. 


In support of the LGBTQ community being victimized in Chechnya, MTV has started a social media campaign #EyesOnChechnya. RuPaul, Sasha Velour, Lena Dunham, Mara Wilson, and other celebrities have joined the movement in order to bring light to this modern day witch hunt.

#EyesOnChechnya is intended to create visibility on the men who are being targeted, shamed, tortured and killed for being gay.

MTV says:

In Chechnya, gay and bisexual men have been hunted down, rounded up, and continue to be illegally detained in prison. Many have been tortured and at least three men have been murdered.

In spite of these horrors, not enough people are aware of what’s happening or taking action.

Together we can raise the volume on the public outcry, and let the world know that we have our #EyesOnChechnya.

Take action NOW.

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has stated that this news is false because there are no gay people in his country.

Join the #EyesOnChechnya movement and help stop this nightmare.