Will & Grace Released A First Look Of Matt Bomer, Adam Rippon, and Minnie Driver On The Set

The 10th season of Will & Grace is almost here, and we’re getting a first look at the main cast and some big name guest stars on the set.

Earlier, we shared with you that the new season of Will & Grace will have some big talent joining the classic foursome.

Matt Bomer and David Schwimmer will both play love interests for Will & Grace respectively, Minnie Driver will be returning as Karen’s (Megan Mullally) stepdaughter and rival Lorraine Finster, and Adam Rippon will make a cameo appearance as himself.

In order to promote the new season even more, Will & Grace’s marketing team recently uploaded a picture of the group (sans Schwimmer and Mullally).

Both Bomer and Rippon shared some info about their time on the set.

Bomer reposted the above picture and added: “They are the warmest, kindest people you could hope to work with. @driverminnie and @adaripp Are both fantastic as well.”

Meanwhile, Rippon shared that he enjoyed his time on set as well as he wrote:

“Been working on the @nbcwillandgrace set all week and in other news 2018 is still wild. The whole cast and everyone on set is so beautiful and great. Also, how can you not love @mattbomer and @driverminnie.”

Just seeing everyone having fun on set gets us even more excited for the premiere of season 10, which will be on NBC on October 4.

Several Members of the LGBTQ Community Speak Out About Tab Hunter's Passing

Several prominent members of the LGBTQ community spoke out about the passing of openly gay actor Tab Hunter today.

According to TMZ and his official Facebook page, he died on Sunday night at the age of 86. 

Tab was a big actor during Hollywood's Golden Era in the 1950's, with starring roles in Damn Yankees and The Burning Hills. He was unfortunately closeted during the height of his fame, and didn't openly discuss his sexuality for several decades until the release of his 2005 autobiography Tab Hunter Confidential: The Making of a Movie Star.

That was eventually made into a documentary about his life, where he talked about his relationships with actor Anthony Perkins and champion figure skater Ronnie Robertson. The book became a New York Times best seller several different times after its original release. He was partnered to a man named Allan Glaser for 35 years up until the time of his death.

Since word got out that he passed, plenty of people in the LGBTQ community shared their memories of or with Tab on social media, including Matt Bomer, who shared a touching message about him on his Instagram Monday.



"Grateful that we were able to meet the incredible Tab Hunter and thank him for his authenticity and courage. Rest In Peace."

These sorts of words were followed by many more in our community, including Lance Bass, choreographer Sir Matthew Bourne, and progressive Democrat James Duke Mason.







Even the people who run the late drag icon Divine's social media account shared a photo of the two of them from the set of the film Polyester.



May he rest in peace.



All-Star, All-Gay Revival Of "The Boys In The Band" Opens Tonight

Instinct recently shared Matt Bomer’s nearly naked mishap during the previews of the Broadway revival of The Boys In The Band, the iconic homocentric play by Mart Crowley.

To recap, Bomer forgot to check his props before a preview performance and after showering onstage realized he had no towel to cover himself with. But being the pro that he is, Bomer soldiered on through the scene wearing just his wet, tight white briefs.

Now, the 50th anniversary production, which opens tonight on The Great White Way, has released several promotional photos - including one of Bomer in those very tight, white briefs.

The Boys in the Band is rightfully considered a landmark as the first mainstream play to explore gay men’s lives onstage, without filter or judgement. Premiering off-Broadway in 1968 in New York City, this was all before the Stonewall riots which launched the gay rights movement.

The comic drama became an instant sell-out and ran for over 1,000 performances.

The movie adaptation, released in 1970 featuring the original stage cast, continues to be a milestone in queer cinema. 

From The Hollywood Reporter:

First produced in 1968, Crowley's biting comedy drama is a groundbreaking work among pre-Stonewall depictions of LGBTQ characters, chronicling the fun and frictions that emerge when a group of gay male friends gather for a boozy birthday party in New York City. The play is loved and loathed to an equal extent, with some calling it a perpetuation of negative bitchy stereotypes and others hailing it as a breakthrough in its intimate exploration of the attitudes and behavior of gay men at a time when cultural representation was minimal.

With direction by Tony Award-winner Joe Mantello (Wicked, Assassins), the new production features an all-gay, star-studded cast led by Jim Parsons, Matt Bomer, Zachary Quinto and Andrew Rannells.

Also starring in the play are Charlie Carver, Michael Benjamin Washington, Brian Hutchison, Robin de Jesus, and Tuc Watkins.

The limited 15-week run of the production is being produced by Wicked’s David Stone and out TV producer Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story, GLEE)

Check out the newly-released pics below. Click here for the official website.

Matt Bomer Takes To The Broadway Stage In Just Wet Underwear

Magic Mike/White Collar star Matt Bomer dropped by The Tonight Show recently to chat on his Broadway debut in the revival of the gay-themed play, The Boys in the Band.

Bomer shared with Jimmy Fallon how during one of the performances of the play he didn’t check his props. That prop in question would be the towel he is supposed to wear after a shower onstage.

“My character takes a shower within the first five minutes of the play,” the handsome actor explained. “And I realized there was no towel for me when I got out of the shower.”

Bomer realized he had two options: either do the rest of the scene naked or put his underwear back on his soaking wet body.

Apparently, the wet underwear got the nod which means everyone won!

Bomer also shares that he’s taking his soon-to-be 13-year-old son Kit to the Tony Awards this year. It’ll be the teen’s first awards show, but he assured his dad, “I know there’ll be a lot of people there but I don’t crack under pressure.”

In a sign Kit has been around show biz, he did add, “But, is someone going to do my hair?”

Clearly, the apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree…

Watch the segment below.

A Look Inside Broadway's All-Star "The Boys In The Band"

As the old saying goes, "You can't know where you're going if you don't know where you've been."

And so, CBS' Sunday Morning took a deep dive into the upcoming 50th anniversary Broadway revival of Mort Crowley's groundbreaking play about New York City gay life in the 1960s, The Boys in the Band.

Premiering in 1968, the play was the first time a mainstream theater audience got a glimpse of what it was like to be gay. Using a birthday party as the setting, Crowley wrote characters who were unabashedly ho-mo-sex-u-al.

The same year Crowley wrote The Boys in the Band, CBS News aired a report on homosexuality that announced, "Americans consider homosexuality more harmful to society than adultery, abortion, or prostitution."

The attacks didn't come from just outside the gay community though.

In the era of the Stonewall riots, the community turned on the play and the playwright saying the production cast gay men in a negative, "self-hating" light.

Still, as history can attest, the play became a cultural sensation, ran for over 1,000 performances and was made into a major motion picture. Crowley returned to Hollywood where, among other things, became the head writer of 1970s TV series like ABC's Hart To Hart.

And now, instead of being attacked, the play is being celebrated by the LGBTQ community.

The new revival, directed by 2-time Tony Award winner Joe Mantello (Wicked), stars one of television's highest paid actors, Jim Parsons (Big Bang Theory). The entire cast is a "who's who" of successful, out gay actors including Matt Bomer, Zachary Quinto, Charlie Carver and Andrew Rannells.

Currently in previews, the production will have a limited run through August 11 only.

For more info and tickets, head over to the official website at BoysInTheBand.com.



Matt Bomer Bought An Entire AMC Theater So His Hometown Could See "Love, Simon"

Magic Mike and American Horror Story star Matt Bomer did something wonderful for the people of his hometown.

Bomer is from the town of Spring, Texas and he decide to buy an entire movie theater so that the people in the town (and anyone willing to travel to it) can see Love, Simon.

Together with his husband Simon Hall, Bomer bought out the AMC theater in Spring, Texas. They did this so that the townspeople can go to the theater and watch Love, Simon for free during the entire day of March 25.

Bomer shared this news through an Instagram post with the caption:

“Please come see @lovesimonmovie in my hometown of Spring, TX for free! @halls.simon and I bought out the whole screening for you. This is an important movie, and a really good one. I know you’ll love it so come watch for free this Sunday! #loveislove #hometown #springtx#lovesimon



A post shared by Matt Bomer (@mattbomer) on


In the past, Bomer has talked to news sources like People Magazine about growing up in the closet with a very religious family.

He also shared before on Instagram his love of the movie and how he wanted as many people as possible to see the film. In that post he said, “I’m so happy that a generation of young people will have this to watch and realize that #loveisloveisloveislove.”

Other stars as well bought out theaters so people could see the movie for free.

h/t: Vulture