Dancing Hermione Showed Up To London Pride And Rocked It!

Dancing Hermione strikes again (and this time at London Pride)!

Back in May, the internet was blessed with the gift of Dancing Hermione.

The short 15 second video saw Youtuber Kelsey Ellison dancing her heart out while outside of MCMComicCon. While the moment was initially between her and friends as they killed time, it soon became a meme and a viral video that many on the internet would see.

Now, it looks like Ellison hasn’t had enough as she’s ended up going viral again for dancing around in her Hermione costume for a second time.

This time though, Ellison, or Dancing Hermione, twirled around and even did a split (in 86 degrees Fahrenheit/30 degrees Celsius heat, mind you) while enjoying London Pride.

That video has now earned nearly 6 million views, 92,000 retweets, 277,000 likes, and 1.8 thousand comments.

Ellison later thanked London Pride, the internet, and the Black Ballroom scene for being so welcoming of her love of dance and Hermione Granger.

“London pride was incredible today (I got changed into dancing Hermione),” adding: “I’m just so thankful and grateful I live in a country where we can be proud a celebrate who we are.

“Also thank you to the Black gay ballroom scene for inspiring me to vogue like no ones watching.”

Who's hoping we'll get a third Dancing Hermione video out of Ellison?

London's Heathrow Airport Is Flying A Rainbow Flag Made Of Kisses

A London airport is waving a rainbow flag that’s made of kisses.

Heathrow Airport in London is proudly waving a rainbow flag up in the skies. The fun part is that that colors of the flag are made by the kisses of 6,000 former passengers.

In order to celebrate Pride in London this upcoming weekend, the airport offered passengers colorful lipstick. The passengers then applied the rainbow of colors and kissed a large white cloth (or used a stamp if they were worried about germs).

But the fun wasn’t had by only passengers. Some airport staff got a kiss or two in too.

“Many of the LGBT+ community travel into London, to celebrate this incredible festival so we wanted to give them a warm welcome by, quite literally, flying the flag for Pride,” said Carol Hui, Heathrow’s Chief of Staff.

The flag will fly outside Terminal 2 for the rest of the July.