Is Mexican Boxer Dario Larralde Really Sorry for Being Homophobic?

Last week, Mexican boxer Darío Larralde posted some very homophobic videos on social media that created uproar with fans and brought on a surge of online attacks toward the boxer. In the videos the boxer expresses his distaste for gay men and even goes as far as saying that he supports Hitler’s notion that gays are a ‘plague’.

The videos, which have since been deleted, were saved by followers and now survive on the internet forever.

In the videos the boxer says:

Fuck me! Fucking gays, I have a fucking phobia … everywhere I go, every day, there’s always a fucking gay punk on the corner watching me. And I hate it! Why me? I’m a fucking magnet for gays. I was just shopping and I pass by the perfume section and shit! A bunch of gays. All the gays were there at that very moment! It was horrible. If I have gay followers, which I don’t doubt, I’m sorry, but you annoy me. Everything your community does, everything you do, everything you represent, pisses me off. I will never accept it.  No. Fucking gays don’t ask you, they just accost you. They’re just there fucking observing you at a distance just watching you to see where you’re going so they can follow you. What the fuck?! Now I know how the women feel when they walk into the club and they get approached and women say ‘No thanks’ or whatever—shit, this is how it is with these guys. You tell them ‘NO’ and these guys get fired up, dude! And there they are right behind you, trying it like 10 times, until you fucking beat the shit out of them, they won’t understand. And you can’t even hit them because then they start with “Well, I’m gay!” Gays fucking piss me off, they piss me off.  I know that Hitler was a bad person, but I do support him in that. Fucking gays are a plague. They piss me off, they make me sick, I will never understand them. I hate them, I can’t.

Pretty atrocious. Larralde claims to be the representative of the Mexican national team for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. Mexican actor Luis Gerardo Méndez called to the Mexican government to take action against Larralde for his hateful comments.

The Comité Olímpico Mexicano (Mexican Committee for the Olympics) has posted a public statement denouncing Larralde as a selection for the 2020 Olympics.

The Mexican Olympics Committee denounces the homophobic statements made toward the LGBT community by Darío Larralde, who is not part of the national boxing selection.

Since deleting his original post, Larralde has received an onslaught of hateful messages including messages urging him to kill himself. Sure, we should not be stooping to this guy’s level especially since Larralde has made public apologies. In a series of Tweets, Larralde expressed his thoughts.

Honestly, I don’t have a long time to explain this. I hope you will watch the interview later. I offer a huge and sincere apology. Things are not like this. I have nothing against lesbians, nothing against transsexuals, I have nothing against gay men. In fact, one of the men who has interviewed me is gay. That was the intention. I don’t hate gays, I’m not homophobic in that sense—and that word ‘homophobia’ is bad—everything I said is bad. For starters I thought I was speaking to a much smaller audience where I have always used dark humor and that has never bothered anyone. I’ve never offended anyone. But here’s the thing. It’s not that I don’t support you [gays], it’s not that you bother me, it’s not that I hate you, it’s not that I don’t want you to progress, and have lives, and adopt children—you can all do whatever you want. I’m happy as long as you’re happy. I know that video was bad and I know you all think differently about me and think I am just trying to save my career and clean my image, maybe I want more attention. Believe me, this has reached a new level. People have my phone number, they’ve threatened my family, my friends, my girlfriend. I don’t want anyone getting involved in my personal life and attacking me this way. That wasn’t what I intended.

I am not that type of person, honestly. Really, what I wanted to talk about was sexual harassment. It is something that I don’t tolerate and that is what bothers me about the gay community. And I know there are a lot of educated and respectful gays, I understand that. But I have encountered only gays who harassment and they don’t understand that I don’t bat for their team or that I have a girlfriend. It’s not fair. If you’re a hetero woman with a lesbian or a hetero man with a gay man, hetero with hetero, ‘No’ means ‘No’. I’ve had really bad experiences and in that moment I was really upset. In reality I’m against sexual harassment not the gay community. I’m not against you being free and doing whatever you want. Honestly, I applaud you. I’m glad your movement is progressing. I’m glad you’re all part of society—what I mean is that it is more accepted now, more supported. I’m happy for you. That’s great news! Really, I applaud you. But finally, forgive me. I don’t have a lot of time to speak, there’s not too much to explain, but I hope I can explain it later. A sincere sincere apology.

But people were NOT buying what Larralde was selling. After posting his apologies, people began attacking him again. Was there something not sincere about his “sincere sincere apology”?

He tweeted again:

Thank you to all the people who are watching the first and second parts of the video and NOT jumping to say ‘He’s an idiot’ or ‘He’s horrible’ or what not. I know I deserve this. I know people and the community will be like this for a while, and I understand that. I honestly earned it. I really hope you know that I don’t hate you. I really think that the word ‘homophobia’ doesn’t go with me. I really just think it is a ‘phobia’ of harassment. Not just from gays to heteros or lesbians to heteros, but from everyone. Harassment and abuse of any kind makes me sick. That’s what bothered me. That day I was really agitated and pissed off and I said some things that I can’t justify. And that’s why I understand. I understand you’re mad, I understand you won’t forgive me, that’s fine. I understand it perfectly. All I ask—in the nicest way—is that we try to share my apology so more people can acknowledge it. Also, please leave my family, friends, and girlfriend alone. They have nothing to do with this. I know I fucked up. I accept it. I will suffer the consequences. That’s all I ask. You can shit on me all you want. Please just leave them alone.

But it hasn’t been enough for followers. Many are not letting his comments go so easily and still lashing out to Larralde. He decided to bow out from Twitter because it appeared he couldn’t take the backlash any longer.

I’m leaving Twitter. Once again with a 100% sincere apology. I hope you will understand it after the 3 videos I made apologizing. I will never again talk about the #LGBTMexico community. Good luck with your movement. I wish you the best. Sincerest apologies.

But he came back. His final attempts at redemption was on December 10th, where he posted more videos—but this time it seems he has changed his tune and is more annoyed that he is being perceived as a monster on news and social media instead of being praised for his apologies.

What’s up with this, people? I keep showing up on news shows and videos and all that shit. I get it, it was a global fuck up. But I apologized and explained everything. I was talking about harassment. But are you kidding me? What’s up with these people? They keep saying “The gays are a plague, we have to exterminate them” “I want genocide and I want to kill everyone”. What the fuck? What’s up with that? I never said that. If you want you can go watch the original video. All I said was “Hitler was a bad person, but I agree that gays are a plague.” Then I said that I hated them like seven times. But I explained. I was pissed off that day, the temperature of things got hot, and then I was harassed that day. I explained it. You just need to go watch the apologies and see what I really mean. But stop writing that stuff. It’s fine if you want more controversy. It’s fine if you want more fucking drama. It’s fine that you want more views. That’s all fine. But I remind you that I’m also a person. I also have a family, I also have a girlfriend. I already explained everything. I explained it all. If it has been out of context or if I hadn’t explained it, I would understand that you keep shitting on me. But you all keep doing stupid shit like this. Taking the ugly segments of the video and sharing them. Or not sharing my apologies. Or misquoting me. The only thing you are doing is causing more problems for me and more hatred toward me. I’ve had death threats and people tell me to kill myself. What the fuck? Stop doing that. What the fuck?

And it seems like Larralde really can’t let things go. He took to Twitter one last time to try to get the last word in.

I want to talk about extremists—and from both sides. What the fuck? I don’t want to be on any side. I have people who are really homophobic coming to me and saying ‘you’re homophobic, let’s take them down. Let’s make a movement. Genocide.” and all that shit. That’s some crazy shit. They’re saying some stupid stuff that is straight out of a scary movie. No thanks. I don’t want to be part of your movement. I already explained that we don’t think alike. My disdain is for the sexual harassment and abuse and that’s it. And then there are the gays. I understand they’re mad, but I already explained it a thousand times. Done. I understand they want to shit on me, but watch my apologies, watch the original video and don’t allow others to cloud your perception. People are saying things I didn’t say. And there are people who are running with that. I never said to exterminate people or that I wanted genocide. Okay, extremists, calm down.

So after a handful of videos apologizing and re-explaining and trying to take back what he originally said, Darío Larralde has not returned to Twitter. His videos have been shared hundreds of thousands of times, but he seems to continue digging himself into a deeper and deeper hole. Maybe he should just stop trying to defend himself and let it go for a while.

h/t: Twitter

Former ‘RHONJ’ Star Says ‘‘No Straight Male Wants His Son To Be Gay’

Jim Marchese, who appeared alongside his wife Amber for one season on The Real Housewives of New Jersey back in 2014, has made headlines over his blatant homophobic language on social media.

He spoke out in defense of comedian Kevin Hart, who backed out of hosting The Oscars due to the backlash he received over his past homophobic statements that include him not wanting his son to be gay.

Jim agreed with Kevin’s previous sentiment on the matter, and let his feelings be known on his Twitter Sunday.

“So true NO STRAIGHT MALE wants his son to be gay,” he tweeted. “A gay son is a curse that takes away your #family traditions #heritage #lgtbiq is a a parents nightmare that destroys families. Ruins holidays like #Christmas #KevinHart we support you! #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder.”

Andy Cohen spoke out about whole ordeal, responding to another Twitter account who said “Thank god you fired them after one season.”

“Thank gd (sic) is right. Sick. Pray for his poor kids,” Andy said. The Watch What Happens Live host also appeared to mock him in two separate tweets, saying “What a great guy!” in one and “This is perfectly on brand for him” in another.

Jim clapped back at Andy for “trolling” his account while bringing up RHONJ in the process. “Creepy that @andy trolls my account. IT is SICK to refuse to have women viciously attack & abuse each so you can be famous & become wealthy...”

Fans online have asked Andy to make Jim the “Jackh**e of the Day” on WWHL as a result of his language.

Kevin Hart Steps Down From Hosting The Oscars.

UPDATE:  Kevin Hart Steps down from The Oscars host position.

What follows is a post we were constructing just before the above tweets were sent. 

When one of our writers shared with me the subject matter of the Kevin Hart tweet fiasco, I had mixed feelings about the issue, his Tweets using derogatory terms toward gay men.  My first question to the writer was ... how old are these questionable tweets? Then again, I was like ... do I even need to ask the question how old they are? I mean, how old is Twitter?

Before I get to that answer, if you need to read our first post on this Hart controversy and see the tweets we are talking about, if you have not already, head over to our post Should Kevin Hart’s Homophobic Tweets Remove Him From Hosting?

The gay AND straight news outlets all quickly posted the Twitter Drama and it all got back to the Academy Awards.  Apparently, The Oscars asked Kevin to apologize. 




I know who I am & so do the people closest to me. #LiveLoveLaugh

A post shared by Kevin Hart (@kevinhart4real) on


So he's not going to apologize ... again for the Tweets. He's apparently done it already and he says he's a changed man and people around him know who he is and what he believes. 

THE FIRST EVER tweet was sent via Twitter on March 21, 2006, then known as Twttr, by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey. 

I'm still letting the fact sink in that Twitter started in 2006. Where was I in 2006? Well in relation to this subject, let me mention where I was in 2005.  I remember one of the school related trips I attended was a Civil Rights Team training session with about a dozen of my high school students.  

The Attorney General administers the Civil Rights Team Project, a school-based preventative program. The mission of the Civil Rights Team Project (CRTP) is to increase the safety of elementary, middle level, and high school students by reducing bias-motivated behaviors and harassment in our schools.

So there I was, sitting in a training session, sitting on the floor in a large room full of high school students from all over the state. The session coordinators introduce the group meeting by saying that they were and they were like we need to talk about not using the n word and the word fag in schools.  I repeated that phrase in my head. And I quote "we need to talk about not using the n-word and the word fag in schools." I let them say some other things for a little bit, but then spoke up. 

Why are we using the term the n-word, but outright saying the word fag if they both are bad word? I'm not saying one is worse than the other and that should not be a debate here nor ever. They are both bad words to be used, any time, especially in a school setting.  Why aren't we saying, "we should stop using the f-word and the word n****r?  But then again, if they are both hurtful words, we should be using the n-word and the f-word."

Kevin Hart would have been a high school senior in 1997, became a father in 2005, was 27 when Twttr started, and his first questionable tweet shared in our previous post was posted 12 days after his 30th birthday in 2009. Now, at the age of 39, he has decided to address his tweets in a non-apologetic way because they may be threatening his next big gig. 

Hart has said he has apologized for his tweeted words and will not again. Poor example of adulting? Good example for others?

Is this the most serious we have seen the comedian?  He has chosen this time in his career to stop being funny, to stop taking a crappy situation and turning it into something else, chosen to not self-deprecate as so many do to relieve tension or cause a laugh. 

When our writer came to me with this information and told me the years the tweets popped up on Twitter, my follow-up question was if he address them in the past for being wrong or in poor taste? If there was a paper trail, a flight pattern of tweets, it should be out there. 

I did find a response of his to one of his gay jokes.

"One of my biggest fears is my son growing up and being gay. That's a fear," Hart confesses. "Keep in mind, I'm not homophobic. […] Be happy. Do what you want to do."

But Hart said that what makes his account different is that he presents it in a way that sheds light on how much of his concern would stem from the insecurities he would feel as a father.

"It's about my fear. I'm thinking about what I did as a dad—did I do something wrong—and if I did, what was it? Not that I'm not gonna love my son or think about him any differently," Hart explained.

"The funny thing within that joke is, it's me getting mad at my son because of my own insecurities—I panicked. It has nothing to do with him; it's about me. That's the difference between bringing a joke across that's well thought out and saying something just to ruffle feathers," Hart explained. 

It seems that a lot of the anxiety about gay sons and their fathers stems from the idea that a man's sexuality is a commentary on what kind of father he had in his life. Kudos to Hart for trying to articulate that perspective.  - thegrapevine.theroot.com

In a Reddit post 4 years ago, he responded:

And here is where the "I QUIT" tweets came in.

Question time. 

Do you think Kevin Hart should have quit?

Should he just have apologized before it lead to his quitting?

Would anyone have accepted his apology if he made it?

Once a homophone always a homophone?

How much has changed from 2010 to now.  Has he?

Should The Academy Awards have cut him loose as soon as the Tweets resurfaced?

Kevin who?

What are your thoughts Instincters?

Bethesda Permanently Bans Homophobic Fallout Players

Fallout 76 has not received the best ratings, as many have complained about the weak storyline and lack of NPCs. Admittedly, I haven't played the game but have played Fallout 4 and thoroughly enjoyed it as I did with others, such as The Evil Within 1 and 2 and Skyrim. My experience would probably be different if I had to endure the homophobic attacks that some players encountered while playing Fallout 76. A group of players went online and branded themselves as "gay eliminators" who were "cleansing the wasteland of the queers" while proceeding to kill others in the game, according to Gay Times.

One Twitter user, AJpls, happened to be one of the players targeted in this attack and tweeted to Bethesda with a video included in the tweet, saying "so Bethesda, how do we report people in Fallout? ChipWhitehouse, Handsandhead and I literally had our characters hunted down and killed by homophobic players." One of the homophobic players identified, NathanTheHicc interacted with AJ and his friends before the incident unfolded.

They were reportedly talking to Nathan and were having a good time until someone mentioned that Nathan's outfit in the game was "cute." Nathan got offended by the innocuous comment and said "I don’t fuck with that homo shit." and promptly left. Charming. 

In the video, Nathan and his friends can be heard saying "we've come to eliminate all gays," "we're anti-gay" and "we got to decontaminate it - decontaminate the AIDS," and "keep on walking, f*gs," among other homophobic things.   

AJ commented that the incident shocked and disgusted him and said that as a streamer he is no stranger to homophobic comments but this specific event was extreme. He also commented that such comments can "really mess someone up" because the players could have been speaking to someone who is struggling with their identity. AJ also provided a link to the Trevor Project for anyone who is being harassed based on their sexuality. 

Nathan was unapologetic regarding his and his friends' comments, saying "it was just a late night of having fun and after the first encounter (seen on my channel) we felt it would be fun to offend them somehow. You can call that evil but I think it’s just playful immaturity." I agree that it was immature, but I wouldn't exactly call it playful. He also said that he doesn't regret the incident but he is not planning on doing something like that again and he does not hate gay people. 

If I know anything about the online gaming community, it is that there will always be immature people who will say anything to anyone to get a rise out of people. I personally don't believe that Nathan would physically harm a gay person because of their sexuality, but judging by the words that he used, I wouldn't exactly call him gay-friendly. Dumb maybe, but not gay-friendly. 



h/t: Gay Times

Gay Firefighter Harrassed and Loses Job

It's becoming easier for openly gay people to live their lives in the United States, as people are more accepting of non-heterosexual orientations than ever before. Unfortunately, there are still people who give LGBTQ individuals a hard time for being gay, which is especially true for Scott Phillips-Gartner, an openly gay firefighter in Norfolk, Virginia, who was harassed at work and was ultimately made to take an early retirement, according to the Virginian Pilot

Phillips-Gartner had been working for the Norfolk Fire Squad since 1991 as a telecommunications officer and in the subsequent year became a firefighter. In 2013 he was promoted to Assistant Fire Marshal. During his time as a firefighter, he also worked as a senior member of the bomb squad. 

But when he married his longtime boyfriend in 2014, things began to take a turn.

After working for the fire department for twenty-three years and after his employer found out that he was gay, Scott was stripped of his ranking and relocated to a temporary facility miles away from his office in Norfolk with "little to no job duties." 

Phillips-Gartner has filed a lawsuit against the city of Norfolk, saying that after people found out that he was gay that they created a hostile work environment. The suit alleges that Phillips-Gartner was a respected member of the department until the news of his marriage was spread.

Battalion Chief Roger Burris verbally harassed Phillips-Gartner and treated him poorly in contrast to his heterosexual colleagues throughout 2015. In a staff meeting during the same year, Burris called out Scott's homosexuality, asking "where is Ms. Gartner?" This is one of my biggest pet peeves, as Burris attempted to delegitimize Phillips-Gartner's relationship by saying that his GAY relationship needed a woman.

Scott complained about how he was being treated. Fire Chief Jeffrey Wise began to investigate what happened, but instead of rectifying the situation, Wise belittled Phillips-Gartner during the first quarter of 2016.

Wise also stripped Phillips-Gartner of his law enforcement powers in March of 2017, as well as taking away his city firearm, computer, and cell phone and told him that he can no longer drive the city car or attend bomb squad training.

The reason for his demotion was apparently that he obtained a service dog without proper documentation, but from the information provided above, I suspect that it was for a much more nefarious reason... 

Phillips-Gartner was forced to take an early retirement because, as the suit says, that Wise wanted to fire him. He put in for retirement on December 7th, 2017. His last day was January 31st, 2018. It's good that Phillips-Gartner is takinh action against the harrassment and eventual forced retirement, but it should not have happened in the first place.

Scott marrying another man has nothing to do with how excellent he was in his position.

h/t: Virginian Pilot

WWE Star A.J. Styles Under Fire For Repeatedly Using Gay Slurs

A compilation video has surfaced online that features WWE superstar A.J. Styles repeatedly using homophobic language in and out of the ring.

The clip features the 41-year-old Jacksonville, North Carolina native saying the word "fa***t" to several of his opponents and to a man off-screen while he was in the middle of an interview. You can see the footage here.

Several people on the post defended his actions, with one saying "Most of these were from years ago...and he was playing a heel/or simply a character. Who he is in the ring surely isn't who he is in real life dammit."

Someone also questioned the Twitter users motives in them showing this now. "Here’s a question, if you knew that AJ said this....why say it now and not when he first made his WWE debut back in 2016?"

He has not issued a response regarding this matter as of Thursday morning. A.J. has been wrestling for 20 years now but didn't sign with the WWE until 2016. He has since become one of their most popular personalities, garnering almost 2 million followers on Twitter and Instagram while also winning the WWE championship not once but twice. 


Going Back Into The Closet For The Holidays? Avoiding Questions May Be Hurting Us All.

As I do laundry before packing my bags to take the journey back to Maine for Thanksgiving, I also have to think about packing up my homosexuality. I believe just about everyone in my family knows I am gay, except for two generations up and one generation down. My cousins and Aunts and Uncles should know by now, thanks to the power of Facebook, especially since everything posted to Our Gay Life has my name all over it and since they see all the posts from Instinct Magazine, well, 1 + 1 = a duck. 

My last surviving grandparent doesn't know. She's 80+ and has dementia. But I do have three nieces and two nephews that I don't know if they know.  Is it my job to tell them?  Is it the place of the parents to talk about Uncle Adam and why he doesn't have a girlfriend?

Why do we hold off on telling our younger generation about these things?  Do we do it to protect us?  Do we do it to protect them?  

Chris Tompkins created a TEDx Talk called, “What Children Learn From the Things They Aren’t Told.”  In it, he hits all the marks that we are not helping anyone, but actually hurting everyone. Have a seat and see if this resonates as strong with you as it did with me and my life.



We had the chance to interview Chris Tompkins, a teacher, writer, and LGBTQ advocate in Southern California who works in personal development and confidence building throughout LA county.

The catalyst for his video took place three years ago. One of the more striking things that came out of this whole experience that never really struck him before was that there are different layers of and so many deeper darker forms of homophobia.

Chris stated that basically not talking about his homosexuality was labeling being gay as something off or wrong or different in a bad way.  Was there a perversion there and we must keep this topic away from children? He feels that not having the conversation was just as blatant as in your face homophobia.

The immediate action after Chris’s initial experience of curtailing the issue of his sexuality with his nephew was to ask why the family hadn't talked about it. The answer was that the kids were too young and he also found some homophobia in the family that needed to be addressed, but then again some things cannot be changed, but we can still try.

What is my role, what am I encouraging, he asked himself.  How am I encouraging to talk about being LGBT with the family? Chris then found himself putting pen to paper and writing a long letter to their family urging them to talk about it. That letter has since become:

- an article published on eight different media platforms around the world

- a presentation given at Los Angeles’ Central Juvenile Hall, the University of Arizona, Los Angeles’ largest LGBTQ youth conference, and PFLAG Los Angeles

- the 2017 TEDx talk, “What Children Learn From the Things They Aren’t Told”

- a translation into Portuguese and featured on a popular parenting site in Brazil.

His ultimate goal and hope is to write a book for parents, teachers, and family members to help prevent homophobia and bullying before they begin. He's currently in the process of pitching the book proposal to publishers.

Chris and I both have large families with a cousin count in the high 30s. Looking back at it all, my sexuality has been an almost ‘don’t ask, don’t tell” kind of subject. What I am sharing with you that Chris said is paraphrasing as we jumped back and forth about topics, personal lives, etc., but one thing we agreed upon is what if one of the 30+ cousins and nieces and nephews, what if 2 or 3 or 7 were LGBT and they saw how the families handled Uncle Chris or Uncle Adam being gay.  That would definitely set them up for personal failure. We both mentioned we were around 8 when we knew we liked boys, or that we were different, but didn't have a label for it, the same age as Chris's nephew. What if he has those questions, and was asking the question for clarification and then was shut down and put back into his own mini closet?

And what has happened in Chris's family since that catalyst three years ago? He mentioned the nephew was told about his uncle’s sexuality, but the family is not making the issue a hypersensitive one as it shouldn’t be.  It should not be blown out of proportion, he reiterated.

Another thing that recently occurred was when all the nieces and nephews were at Chris’s mother’s house and the same nephew was found crying in the grandmother’s room.  A niece had called the nephew gay and now the nephew was upset.  The stigma is still there and the kids are learning it at an early age. Chris is trying to encourage families to have open conversations.  Kids pick stuff up at home, but also on the playground.  Being more open at home may combat some of the things they hear on the playground.  Something you mention at home may stop poor behavior in public.

Homophobia is fear.  It is not enough to not allow it to come in, but you need to be proactive.

We also need to examine what we associate with being gay, Chris said.  What do people feel needs to be swept under the rug or the couch?  And Chris also mentioned that heteronormativity is real.  We live in a heteronormative culture.  Kids are assumed straight. And under heteronormativity, there often is homophobia.

Thanks again Chris for this TEDx Talk and best of luck with the book.

Did the TEDx Talk make you think?

How are you and your family doing with talking about your sexuality with the younger generation?

h/t:  Chris Tompkins
Teacher, Speaker, Spiritual Life Coach


2017 TEDxCSULB: 

What children learn from the things they aren’t told

“Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you.” Robert Fulghum

Tanzania Just Lost $10 Million in Funding Over Homophobic Comments

Developmental Minister Ulla Tørnæs of Denmark showed that actions have consequences when she decided to withhold about what translates to $10 million in foreign aid to Tanzania following homophobic comments made by a Tanzanian official, according to LGBTQ Nation. Denmark is one of Tanzania's largest donors.

Recently, Paul Makonda, governor of Tanzania's capital Dar es Salaam, announced what could be called a witch hunt in which suspected gay people will be arrested on the basis of their sexuality. Makonda, a (misguided) Christian said that homosexuality is immoral and does not belong in Tanzania as he sees it as an affront to the Christian and Islamic values that are in place. He asked citizens to report anyone who they suspect is gay so that his ad-hoc team can arrest and persecute them.

Tørnæs expressed disappointment with the Tanzanian government for doing nothing about these comments as they have much wider implications. Recently, two men were arrested at a same-sex wedding and were forced to undergo anal examinations to prove their homosexuality. Amnesty International condemned the Tanzanian government for its indifference towards Makonda's comments as well as the anal examinations, saying that they are a form of torture. 

By refusing to give foreign aid to Tanzania, Tørnæs is showing the world that homophobia is unacceptable (although I guess we all kind of knew that anyway) and that if one tries to humiliate and incarcerate people based on an immutable characteristic, they should expect consequences. 

h/t: LGBTQ Nation 

Man Says Lyft Driver Pulled Out Gun, Used Homophobic Slurs, & Threatened to Kill Gay People

Andres Berreondo did what tens of thousands of us do daily, he ordered a car on a ride share app and waited for the driver.  Today, his experience is one that will have many in our community thinking twice about ordering a ride.

This time, he wasn't sure if he would make it out of his Lyft ride alive.  His trip from his Miami apartment this afternoon to a friend's office, transporting two large boxes causing him to sit in the front passenger seat, was one he was not expecting

"I can tell he was with an attitude, and even from the beginning with this bad energy," he said.

Here is Miami's NBC6 coverage and interview with Berreondo.

How do you react when the driver is not using the GPS?  I usually do strike up a conversation to see what they are thinking and why they are not using the directions provided.

He then pulled out a gun and told Berreondo, "I want to kill everyone that is gay."

I am not sure I would have been as calm as Berreondo was for a full 10 minutes, but the driver did have a gun. 

"I start getting scared and somehow he stops," he said. "He pulled me out like that and kicked me in the leg, I get out of the car.”

"The safety of our community is Lyft’s top priority, and the behavior described here is unacceptable. There is no place in the Lyft community for discrimination or violence of any kind. As soon as we were made aware of this incident, we permanently deactivated the driver. We have been in contact with the passenger to offer our full support, and stand ready to assist law enforcement with any investigation." - Lyft to NBC6

Do you fear riding in a ride share / Lyft / Uber?

Do you take certain precautions while in a ride share vehicle?

Do you worry that the driver may be homophobic?


h/t:  NBC6

Alt-Right Video Game Has Player Eliminate Gay and Transgender People

As a perpetual pessimist, I am generally not surprised by how horrible people can be but today I am. According to LGBTQ Nation, there exists a video game in which the main objective is to shoot and kill gay and transgender people in a nightclub, reminiscent of the very real massacre that occurred at Pulse Nightclub in 2016.

Chris Cantwell, an out-and-proud Nazi, is the creator of this game. In the past, he showed the world how fragile he is by breaking down in tears on YouTube after hearing that he had a warrant out for his arrest for inciting violence at a White Supremacist rally in Charlottesville, VA last year. 

The game, titled Angry Goy II, is a revision of an earlier version of the game in which players were tasked with pushing Jewish people into ovens. In this new version, players are asked to target and destroy other minority groups such as gay men and transgender people. The game starts off with breaking into a nightclub named "LGBTQ+ Agenda HQ" where the player is met with gay men meant to look like child predators because of their giant erect penises being out in the open and having signs on the outside of the building that say "Children Welcome."

In a promotional statement for the game, Cantwell refers to gay men as "mongrels" and "degenerates" that should be destroyed by using "guns, knives, pepper spray, and more." He also sent a statement to then-Alt-right platform Gab saying that “All White men should hunt down and mercilessly kill as many trannies, f—-ts, n—–s, k—s, and cucks as they possibly can, in the new hit game Angry Goy 2!” Oh god... I'm genuinely disturbed by this. And I doubt his claim that it's a "hit game."

The Pulse Nightclub shooting was a horrible tragedy and it was bad enough that people were applauding Omar Mateen for killing so many gay people, but the fact that someone actually made a video game about it sickens me to no end.

It's truly depressing to know that there are people out there who still think like this. Nazism didn't work in the 1940s and it won't work now and we can all hope that these types of people remain a (relatively) harmless minority. 

I'm going to pretend to not know about this game.

h/t: LGBTQ Nation