Super Cutie Blake MItchell's 5 Hottest Instagram Pics

Facts are facts: Blake Mitchell is a straight up studmuffin (SP?)

The lovable porn star has gone completely outside the lines of the stereotypes that men like him face in the industry, as he's proven to be so much more than just a hot body. 

For one: he is now a published author, as his book His Own Way Out was officially released on Thursday. He describes it as a "fictionalized account of true events." You can buy it here on Amazon.

"Blake Mitchell knows a bit about enough things and a lot about a few," the books description reads. "While the teenager is unsure of which direction to take in life, he's aware the road he's on is a direct route to desolation. Being outed as bisexual in the bluegrass state is alienating, and the events to follow are worse. Still, Blake is driven--by any means necessary--to make something more of himself. Identifying an opening, Blake paves a path and finds His Own Way Out."

Not only that, but he's a diehard Ariana Grande fan (and an expert at guessing her fiance Pete Davidson's package size), and has also gotten quite real about the pressures a porn career has on dating in the real world. 

Oh, and to reiterate... he's adorable, cute, and looks like an expert cuddler (sure, I've watched some of his Helix Studio scenes. So what?)

Let's break down what his five hottest Instagram photos are as a way to get a good jumpstart (pun intended) into the weekend.



Texas mirror selfie feat Bandit Body by @benfitness360 / @ben_mf15

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Pride season is always pimple season for me

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Never stop glowing up. Body by @benfitness360 New frames by @warbyparker #WBxTO

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This is so low qual, probably deleting later

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Follow me on Twitter ;) @ MrBlakeMitchell

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Instinct Hottie of the Week is the Magnificent Gil Pimentel

Gil Pimentel is someone who I got to know through a recent article I did about Rhode Island Pride back in June.

When I was doing my recap about the exhilarating weekend for thousands of New Englanders (you can see more about that here), I noticed a ton of photos that featured this studly creature gallivanting all throughout its capital city of Providence. I friend requested him on Facebook shortly after, where I discovered just how fascinating he really is.

The 27-year-old, who is based in Provi (separate recap here) is the child of two immigrant parents from the Azores region of Portugal. He wound up, like many of us, growing up gay in a small town only for him to emerge as one of the biggest public figures in the Rhode Island LGBT scene many years later.

He is a constant fixture in the Providence nightlife, which is still one of the best cities in the country for the LGBTQ community as there are a plethora of gay bars and nightclubs to experience while there. 

Gil has been one of the premiere go-go dancers at the iconic Dark Lady, which he's been doing for 8 plus years at this point. The world of go-go dancing has men come and go, but rarely ever stay as long as GIl has without getting burned out by the experience. Based on the support he has from the community and the jubilation he exhibits in his photos, its safe to say he'll be keeping up with this profession for many years to come.

Here are some fun facts about Gil:

Favorite Artist: Stevie Nicks, Beyoncé 

Favorite Movie: Miss Congeniality

Favorite Superhero: Wonder Woman

Hobbies: Cosplay, Traveling

Favorite Place To Be: Beach

Profession: Go-Go dancer at the Dark Lady, Makeup Artist and Banker

Favorite Dog Breed: Corgi!

Favorite Animals: Elephants, Manatees 

Aspirations In Life: To become a paramedic and to dance around the world!

For more information on Gil, you can follow him on Instagram here.


'Riverdale' Star KJ Apa Gives New Meaning to the Word 'Bulge'

Riverdale star KJ Apa has been providing his assortment of fans with a ton of thirst-related photos from the past couple of years. This has occurred both on and off the very popular CW show.

Some of his hottest moments included him working up a major sweat shirtless, putting his pants on (once again shirtless) and flaunting his absurdly amazing abs on Instagram (ummm... shirtless).

His latest photo of sorts just might quench your first the most, as it shows him in nothing but a pair of loose boxers with quite the indent in the front. But wait... there's more!

There's also a couple of GIF's where he's reclining in the sun and readjusting himself prior to laying fully down. And it looks like there's a ton of candy there based on the, well... movement.

Cocktailsandcocktalk were lovely to put all of this together on one neat link. Check it out.


Nick Jonas' Bulge on Clear Display at the Airport

Oh Nick Jonas... you are truly the gift that keeps on giving.

The "Close" singer has been enjoying a good amount of time with his girlfriend Priyanka Chopra lately, as the two have been spotted all over the world together including a joint JFK outing recently.

Speaking of airports, Nick was spotted at one this past week and wore an outfit that definitely showcased his wonderful bulge. The clingy tracksuit clung to his desirable area in a way that makes us very thankful for whomever made this ensemble (like they knew it would be on him).

Anyways, thirst away folks... link here.

h/t: cocktailsandcocktalk.com

Yum! Hairy Model Hunter Harden's Sexiest Instagram Pics

If hair and muscle (with a dazzling personality) is your thing, then Hunter Harden is your dude.

The super sexy (and openly gay) stud from the south has been making a big name for himself in the world of modeling by working with some of the top photographers in the industry that include Michael Anthony Alago as well as some pretty awesome brands on top of that.

There's also a story to him outside of his hotness, as he's been very vocal about his suffering from cluster headaches, which is still a big problem for him today. 

On a brighter note, Hunter's interests include Bacon Wrapped Pork Chops with Brussels Sprouts, daddies, and potato chips. So, if you are a hot daddy who enjoys bacon wrapped meat, then you may have found yourself the perfect guy!

Take a look at what we think are some of Hunter's hottest Instagram shares:



Suns out, nipps out.



Daddy spotted!



Well... hello there.



Room for one more?






"You're beautiful, you're a model."



Mile high cub.




Imagine Dragons Lead Singer Dan Reynolds Shows The Goods on Instagram

Dan Reynolds, who fronts the Grammy-award winning band Imagine Dragons, has become one of the LGBTQ community's biggest advocates this past year. 



He starred in a documentary called Believer, which shares the same name as his band's number one hit song. The film follows Dan, who was raised Mormon, on a new mission to explore how the church treats its LGBTQ members.

The movie centers on the rising suicide rate among teens in the state of Utah, where the Mormon religion is very prevalent. It showcases his concern with the Church's policies that sends him on an unexpected for acceptance and change. 

As if that wasn't enough to like this dude, Dan has been showing off his body progress on his social media. And we are definitely liking the results from it indeed.  The Instagram post reads:

just a few months of reworking my entire lifestyle/diet/exercise w/ @thor345622 and I have zero inflammation now. These before and after pictures say it all. Sorry for the corny exercise post but truly changed my life and healed years of pain. Unbelievably grateful for health.

The results of his hard work are great to look at on the outside, but it iw what was going on inside that pushed Dan to take control of his fitness.

Reynolds first opened up about his battle with ankylosing spondylitis, or A.S., during an Imagine Dragons concert in November 2015. The autoimmune disease is a type of arthritis that causes severe inflammation of joints in the spine, pelvis, and hips. According to the Mayo Clinic, it can cause some of the vertebrae in the spine to fuse.

Reynolds also has ulcerative colitis, a chronic disease of the large intestine. - menshealth.com

Keep up the good work Dan, both for our community and that, um... bod.



'Big Brother' Star Sam Chaloner's Nudes Hit The Web... Again

I had no idea who Sam Chaloner was prior to this morning, but he now has a new fan for several different reasons.

Sam competed on the 18th season of Big Brother in the United Kingdom in 2017 and was evicted on day 47. Based on how he looks though, I would've kept him to the end.



Sunbed tinggg

A post shared by SAM (@samchaloner) on


He famously whipped out his peen while in the house last year, and now he's done it all over again as !! omg blog !! has found some of his incredible nudes online.

NSFW... but so worth it. Take a look.

Instinct's Hottie of the Week is the Multi-Talented Charlie Harding!

Charlie Harding is undeniably hot without a question. Anyone who disagrees clearly needs to get their eyes checked.

He is also our pick for Instinct's Hottie of the Week, as Charlie encompasses the word "versatility" in what he's been able to accomplish in his life, similar to what his positions were during his glory days in the gay porn world. 

Charlie popped onto the scene and our computer screens about five years ago when he entered the adult industry. He wound up doing over 30 scenes during his time within it, and won several awards in the process. I like to think that Charlie, alongside many other men in the industry like Dirk Caber and Rocco Steele, were the ones who really popularized the "daddy" category in the 2010 decade to the point where their likability exceeded ones of men who were pretty much half their age.

He has since left the industry and has gone onto literally mainstream himself in the world of acting. He had a starring role in director Brandon Deyette's critically-acclaimed feature Proxy back in 2015 while earning his SAG-AFTRA credits and scoring a ton of television hosting and commentator gigs. This includes the  HERE! TV travel series called Underground and a role in the seventh season of Where the Bears AreWerk.

He's also produced a ton of art that he has displayed all over his social media, further proving that you can find talent in more than one industry and be fantastic at it on top of it. 

Here are some other fun facts about this cutie:

  • His favorite movie is David Lynch's DUNE
  • Favorite television show is the reimagined Battestar Galactica on the SyFy network.
  • His favorite snack to grub down on his pizza and pretzels with pub cheese. Yum. 
  • He enjoys science fiction, tattoos and nude beaches as well as spending time with his pups and his very woofy husband Scotty Rage

For more information Charlie and all his endeavors, check out his official website here.

Josh Duhamel's Girlfriend Posts Video of Him Getting Nearly Naked

Eiza Gonzalez may become our new best friend... accidentally.

The gorgeous actress is rumored to be dating Love, Simon star Josh Duhamel, and further fueled that thought process with a video she posted earlier this week.



Feel comfortable in your own skin. No one can take that away from you

A post shared by Eiza (@eizagonzalez) on


The video primarily shows her posing in front of a mirror with the caption "Feel comfortable in your own skin. No one can take that away from you." What fans quickly took notice of, however, was the reflection of a man who looked to be Mr. Duhamel himself.

The now-deleted video allegedly showed Josh pulling down his pants and struggling briefly to get them off one of his legs. Perhaps they are trying to keep their romance under wraps, and that's why she re-edited it so that you can only see her in it throughout, but many of us are looking forward to the day when she doesn't delete such a beautiful thing.

To not disappoint our viewers, here's a video of Josh in a tuxedo looking bomb as f**k at the Human Rights Campaign gala back in March:


Proud of all the good the @hrclosangeles is doing to advance equality. #LoveSimon

A post shared by Josh Duhamel (@joshduhamel) on

And one of him with a very hot guy named Santiago which shows Josh in just his bathing suit (or at least some of it does):


One Website Provides a Database Of Several Shirtless World Cup Hunks

A common trend we've noticed on social media is the absolute thirst some people have for the soccer players that are competing in the 2018 World Cup. Essentially it's an event where attractive men gather to kick balls at nets. Not a problem.

And every four years, a website called hashtagshirtless.com strives to bring them to you in various states of undress.

Here's how it works:

  • As you watch the remainder of the tournament, you will undoubtedly find yourself asking, “Who is that hot guy?” Hashtagshirtless.com will answer that question…and then some.
  • Just pick a team, enter a jersey number or select from the squad roster
  • Discover exactly why so many call soccer the beautiful game!

So let's do an easy one for example: Cristiano Ronaldo. He plays for Portugal, so we can click on his team, then him, then a variety of photos of him with no shirt on appears. Neato!

Happy Friday!