Justin Timberlake's Wood Possibly Appeared on Stage

Justin Timberlake is currently on the road with his Man of the Woods tour... where the "wood" part of his show was clearly seen in a pair of black sweats he was wearing.

Someone snapped a photo of him on stage, where the imprint is pretty much impossible to miss. Kudos to whoever took this shot. Link here.

His former costar Patricia Clarkson has talked about the alleged size of his member in the past, where she admitted to him being "gifted below the waist". Based on that photo someone took at his concert, we would have to agree with that as well. 

Instinct Insta Hottie of the Week: Sexy Personal Trainer Kendrick Brown

I was perusing through my Instagram one day when I came across the profile of a dude who just screamed the term “sexy” the minute I opened his page.

That man’s name is Kendrick Brown, who resides in an area directly between San Francisco and Los Angeles, California. He is sort of a Clark Kent with bigger muscles in that he has two completely separate jobs, one of which entails him being a personal trainer. Then again, with those arms, is it that shocking that this is his profession?

He is building his personal training resume by going above and beyond for every single client of his. Outside of his job, and from getting to know him, he is a phenomenal human being with a big heart that may look menacing at first but is a true softie with a smile that could light up an entire room.

Here are some facts about our Hottie of the Week:

  • He was born and raised in Louisiana. He was one of the lucky survivors of Hurricane Katrina when it hit that area in 2005.
  • Personal training, as mentioned before, is his passion. It’s something that has been doing for over 10 years and really enjoys it. He even considers himself a teacher in this field, preparing clients to be self-sufficient in the gym so that they don’t need him. He’s still there for them, of course.
  • He’s a huge sports fan. This includes teams like the New Orleans Saints, LSU Tigers and Golden State Warriors just to name a few.
  • His love of music spans genres that include hip-hop, pop, R&B and oldies. Jodeci is one of his favorite groups of all time.
  • He’s an extremely positive person who radiates upbeat energy. This is someone who can find a bright spot in many situations.

Kendrick also provided some wonderful quotes about his upbringing and being a gay man when I chatted with him this week.

“I have been through many things in my life,” he said.  “I was raised in deep south where being gay was the worst thing you could be besides being black, and I am both. I firmly believe God loves me because if he didn’t, I would not have made it through the things I have been through and I am a better man for it. I am a born leader who leads by example and treat everyone the way I would like to be treated. I owe that to my mom who raised me since I was 8 days old.”

He also talked about his sexuality, saying “I am a proud gay man. I am currently out to all my friends which for years I was too scared to be completely open to everyone. However, with the help of my current employer creating an environment that celebrates diversity and my circle of friends, I was able to have nothing but positive experiences as I came out to my close friends and loved ones. I am so proud of the hard work that everyone has done in the LGTBQ community because yes, we still have a long way to go but the change has begun."

"Being gay is no longer a Scarlet Letter, if anything is a proud badge to me. The world is changing for the better and I owe that to all the men and women who have marched and fought were proud to be who they were when it meant risking their lives, to them I am so thankful.”

Wanna know more about Kendrick? Check out his Instagram here.






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Justin Russo’s 5 Most Glorious Near-Naked Pics

Brilliant illustrator and former star of LOGO’s Fire Island Justin Russo is sort of the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to the thirst quenching photos he posts on his Instagram.

The Long Island native’s social media account is chock full of mouthwatering photos... but they will only turn you on if you’re into that whole furry, sexy and handsome type of thing (wink).

Outside of his incredibly smoking hot body, Justin has immersed himself into the world of illustration in a really big way. He started his own line of t-shirts with Etsy earlier this year and has shown his pop culture and political pieces of work at major events including DragCon NYC.

Now that we’ve gotten that information out of the way, let’s focus on the 5 best near-naked photos that make this guy so irresistible. You can follow Justin on Instagram here








Zac Efron Transforms Himself Into a Full Blown Daddy

2018 has brought out the scruffier side of A-list hottie Zac Efron... and we are here for it.

The Baywatch star started displaying some facial hair earlier this year on social media, which was a huge shift compared to the clean cut cutie that we've been used to seeing for quite some time.

Now he's transitioned into a full blown daddy with his latest Instagram post, where the 31-year-old barely looked recognizable while riding on a very lucky horse. 




Mi nueva amiga Amapola

A post shared by Zac Efron (@zacefron) on


"Mi nueva amiga Amapola," he wrote on the post that showed Zac with a perfectly lined beard and a very enviable body. He took this picture while at the Hacienda AltaGracia luxury resort in Costa Rica. The English translation to what he penned is "My new friend Poppy," presumably talking about the horse that he's riding.

Benj Pasek, who worked with him on The Greatest Showman, left a comment on his post that many of us can agree to: "Zac, you're giving the gays everything they want," next to a Flamenco dancing emoji. He's not wrong.


Who Would You Rather... Workout Edition: James Corden or Mark Wahlberg?

There seems to be a huge debate going on in the gay community right now regarding which body type is hotter: abs or belly?

Two men that personify each (and do a damn good job at it) are late night talk show host James Corden and Instant Family star Mark Wahlberg.

Why are we putting these two together? Well James decided to do something particularly insane the other day when he got up at 2:30 AM to workout with the former rapper. He did this as part of Mark's INSANE workout routine that begins at that time 

The segment that aired earlier this month on James' show was hilarious of course even though Mark did his best to stay as serious as possible throughout. It does beg the question, however, over which body type is more desirable given how different these two are physically.

Watch the clip in its entirety below. Are you team muscle or team husky... or both:?

Gus Kenworthy Discusses (And Shows) The Last Woman He Ever Slept With

There are plenty of gay men in the world who at some point have been intimate with a woman in their life (we can’t all be gold star/platinum gays) before they came out.

Gus Kenworthy happens to be one of them, as the decorated Olympian didn’t publicly come out of the closet until 2015. He shared a very personal story about the last woman he was ever intimate with on his Instagram that also included their reunion of sorts overseas in Hong Kong this week.

“This is Elliat. Elliat is the last girl I ever slept with when I was still in the closet. I went from a girl with a guy's name to *cue drum roll* a guy! Dim sum one say plot twist?”

He then went on to talk about her life now, where the two of them have clearly moved on from one another. “Anyway, now she lives in Hong Kong with her handsome husband, Amit. They showed me around the city and despite Amit's obvious charm he is absolutely useless at taking photos. Therefore this first pic where I look high af and the second one where I'm out of focus are the best that he was able to do.”



I recently took up skateboarding so it was amazing to hang out with my idol @adaripp today

A post shared by Elliat Albrecht (@elliat_albrecht) on

Elliat herself decided to have a little fun of her own in this situation by sharing a pic of them as well but shading him in the process. “I recently took up skateboarding so it was amazing to hang out with my idol @adaripp today.” She’s obviously referring to Gus’ friend and fellow Olympian Adam Rippon. His response? “Genius”.

Gus has quickly become one of the most talked about gay personalities in the sports and entertainment world over the past couple of years. He and boyfriend Matt Wilkas kissed before the qualifying run in the men’s slopestyle at the 2018 Winter Olympics this year, which was broadcast live on television and seen as a significant moment in visibility of LGBT athletes.

The Hottest Male Celebrity of 2018 According to Instinct Readers Is...

Instinct Magazine readers let their voices be known loud and proud as to who they thought was the Hottest Male Celebrity of 2018. And boy did you guys let us have it with the diverse and super sexy group of potential winners.

Several different men from all walks of the entertainment business got a least one vote when we cast our poll on our Facebook page earlier today. This included actors (Michael B. Jordan, Chris Pratt), singers (Nick Jonas, Ricky Martin) and a little bit of everything else (Paul Hollywood, Gus Kenworthy).

So who received the most votes out of all these A-list studs to earn the award (fake, obviously) for Hottest Male Celebrity of 2018?

Turns out... it was a tie! According to your votes, you all chose actors Taron Egerton and Henry Cavill the most. Yum!

These two aren't that much of a surprise, as their sex appeal is fairly obvious and universal as well. Henry has been making our hearts pound for several years, both in and out of his Superman costume, and relative newcomer Taron will be making a whole new generation of hearts melt in the Elton John biopic that will be released next year.

Other runners up in the hottie category include fellow actors Tom Hardy and Tom Holland as well as Shawn Mendes and Jason Momoa. Woof. 

Who gets your pick for 2018's hottest male celeb? Let us know!

The 10 Sexiest RPDR Queens Out of Drag

Something that has become glaringly obvious about RuPaul’s Drag Race (outside of the talent, catchphrases and Michelle Visage and Ross Matthews arguing every episode) is just how darn hot the contestants really are out of drag!

Yes, the Pit Crew is always fun to look at, as they barely wear anything clothing, but many of the queens look simply scrumptious when all their makeup is off and they are back to their boy form (some can even get it in drag, okurrr???)

Take a look at ten that this writer thinks is a tasty snack, both on and off the best damn reality show on television.

Milk: Season 6 and All Stars 3

Naomi Smalls: Season 8



Proud homo forever and always #nationalcomingoutday

A post shared by Naomi Smalls (@naomismalls) on

Mayhem Miller: Season 10



I love romper moments #summertime #rupaulsdragrace #itsmillertime #manbehindthemakeup

A post shared by Mayhem Miller (@theonlymayhem) on

Katya: Season 7 and All Stars 2

Phi Phi O’Hara: Season 4 and All Stars 2



With the Mom-n-awe! @beautyismee

A post shared by Phi Phi O'Hara (@phiphiohara) on

Vanessa Vanjie Mateo: Season 10



duffel bag girl

A post shared by VANESSA VANJIE MATEO (@vanessavanjie) on

Manila Luzon: L Season 3 and All Stars 1

Raja: Season 3

Kameron Michaels: Season 10



I think I’m a little late, but Happy Birthday angel! @farrahrized

A post shared by Kameron Michaels (@kameronmichaels) on

Lineysha Sparkx: Season 5



¿Me escuchan? ¿Me oyen? ¿Me sienteeeeeeen? Saludos y besos a mis Latinos!

A post shared by Lineysha Sparx (@lineyshasparx) on

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The 5 Hottest 'Bare It All' Moments Of 2018 (So Far)

2018 has brought us a bevy of super hot naked moments from all types of men who deem themselves either a star or celebrity.

Whether this occurred in a movie, television show or an accidental "leakage" on social media, they became moments for many of us to click on a link super fast in hopes of seeing something quite naughty.

Here, in no particular order, was the five hottest naked moments of 2018 so far. Definitely something to rev your engines on a cold Thursday night.

Rapper The Game Posts Several "Package" Photos

The Game, who first broke out over ten years ago with his song "How We Do", has kept our interest flowing outside of his rap skills. He has sort of become the deacon of what the eggplant emoji is all about, as he posts a ton of photos on his Instagram that overtly displays his package. Like this one here.

Ex on the Beach Star Gets Naked on Camera

Reality stars are known for getting near-naked on camera, with some going the distance and revealing their birthday sut for the world to see. Morten Kjeldsen, who appeared on the Denmark version of Ex on the Beach, did exactly that during one of the episodes. He started in just his underwear (with quite the impressive package) and kisses one of the other contestants (a girl, womp womp). This somehow leads to him stripping down to nothing and taking a shower while surrounded by some other guys. More here.

Personal Trainer Nick Sandell Gets Naked

This was a blink and you missed it kind of opportunity as this gorgeous stud of a man had some photos leaked online only to have them removed a short time later. 

Tom Daley's "Member" Escapes His Speedo

Olympian Tom Daley's privates have made their way to the internet more than once. It happened again in 2018 when his "member" escaped his speedo while in the water. Oops! More here.

The (Arguably) Hottest Make Out Session of 2018

Not a naked moment, per se, but an incredibly hot make out session occurred this year when super cute studs Rodrigo Di Biase and DJ Thiago Foizer kissed passionately for the world to see. Keep making these, fellas.


Home Run: The 5 Hottest Baseball Players in the World Series

We are in the middle of an intense World Series this year where it’s a true east coast vs. west coast type of battle. Going into game 5 tonight, the Boston Red Sox lead the Los Angeles Dodgers by 3-1, leaving millions of fans wondering who will win it all over the next couple of days.

OK, that was dramatic. Let’s keep it real here, sports always have a way of entertaining us for more than just the athleticism that takes places on the field. Many of the guys playing on both teams are freaking smoke shows, as one group relies heavily on beards galore (swoon) while the others are just straight up hot both on and off the mound.

For any of you baseball playing aficionados out there who want to really get a view of who will hopefully be making a home run tonight, take a look at the 5 hottest that will be doing their best to score a W for their team. Cue Samantha on Sex and the City visiting the locker room after.




Let's go C's!!! Game 1 with the boys

A post shared by Mookie Betts (@mookiebetts) on


Mookie Betts (Boston Red Sox). Position: Right Field




Quick 9....I won

A post shared by Andrew Benintendi (@andrewbenintendi16) on


Andrew Benintendi (Boston Red Sox). Position: Left Field



Yasiel Puig (Los Angeles Dodgers). Position: Right Field





A post shared by cody_bellinger (@cody_bellinger) on


Cody Bellinger (Los Angeles Dodgers). Position: First Baseman




Lakers vs Cavs

A post shared by Xander Bogaerts #2 (@thexman2) on


Xander Bogaerts (Boston Red Sox). Position: Short Stop

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