Korean Pop Singer Holland Debuts Fun and Sexy New Music Video For "I'm Not Afraid"

Holland is back again and this time with a steamy new music video.

The K-pop singer is one of South Korea’s two openly gay male singers that are creating music and a door for LGBTQ talent in the future (the other being MRSHLL).

Holland burst through the South Korean music scene early this year with his single “Neverland.” Unfortunately, the music video accompanying the song was rated 19+ despite it only depicting a sweet and innocent gay romance.

Now, Holland’s new music video for the song “I’m Not Afraid” amps up the that gay romance into one with a sexy make out scene.

The video, which dropped yesterday, shows that Holland’s not afraid to be himself and to embrace all types of LGBTQ life. To show this, he hangs out at a party with a diverse group of drag queens, people of color, and LGBTQ people.

Then the video's most shocking and exciting moment was when Holland had a 15 second-long make out session with one of the men at the party.

Unfortunately, this music video has been censored as well with Holland tweeting out yesterday that Youtube had censored it.

“On YouTube my new Song #imnotafraid received an R rating. We are trying to figure out what cause of the song receiving the ban is. We’ll figure it out quickly and find a solution,” the singer wrote.

He then added: “I’m really sorry.”

Want to know what all the fuss is about? If so, you can watch the video below.

Keiynan Lonsdale Brought Sexy Black Boy Magic To New Single "Preach"

Keiynan Lonsdale is back with a new music single and it's all kinds of magical.

The Love, Simon star has been having a great year so far. Not only did he star in one of the year's most celebrated gay films, but he's also successfully branching out more into the world of music.

On that front, Lonsdale released a new song and music video at midnight titled "Preach."

While at a first glance, the song's lyrics seem to be about falling desperately in love, Keiynan Lonsdale says its more than that. He says the song's really about transcending oneself, and specifically himself, into the highest form of self-love.

“I wrote ‘Preach’ over a year ago.. but I didn’t know what it actually meant, or its significance to my life, until several months later,” Lonsdale told TheFader. “Both the song and the video have become like my mirrors, so everything good & bad that comes with one’s own reflection has of course presented itself through this project haha.” 

The music video for the song reflects that in its two different sequences.

The video starts out with Lonsdale in a dark bar and dance room alone. He struts his stuff and dances seductively in that dark disco room before we're transported to a nature scene. There, shirtless Londsdale dances again but with a lighter and airier vibe.

Check out the video below.


Openly Gay Singer Holland Talks Growing Up Gay In South Korea

Back in January, Korean singer Holland made history as the first openly gay singer in the Korean pop music scene.

While one R&B singer MRSHL was gearing up to debut and take that title, Holland beat him to it with his single and music video called “Neverland.”

After the music video was released, it was unfortunately censored as adult. When a Korean music video is rated mature, its given a 19+ rating and younger viewers are warned not to watch it. Of course, many did anyway and the video earned around eight million views.

Recently, Holland spoke to Dazed to share his thoughts on growing up as gay in Korea.

“I had a very hard time in my school life...I confessed my love to a boy I loved when I was a secondary school student, and the response was not good, so that made my school life very hard.”

It was even harder for him because of the fact that there wasn’t any gay representation in entertainment media. While most of Korea isn’t against towards LGBTQ people, many citizens consider LGBTQ rights to be a foreign issue.

That said, higher ups in the Korean military are openly targeting gay men in service, which is a problem as the country still has a draft and all men must work for the military at some point.

As for LGBTQ people in the entertainment industry, there are plenty who are still in the closet to this day and few who are open about their sexualities.

Holland says that he wants to start the change in the business.

“Although at that time there wasn’t a single role model to look up to in Korea, I was very consoled by foreign celebrities. So I thought, ‘I want to be a famous person like them’... I’m working harder because I want to be a special person to my fans too.”

Here’s hoping his dreams come true.

Gay Singer Zain Mitchlan Is The New Ambassador For Muslim Fashion Brand MOGA

An openly gay singer is now the ambassador for a Muslim fashion brand.

Last year, MOGA went viral after it sold a rainbow scarf for Pride. Now, they’ve re-released the scarf, but this time they’re using an Australian singer to market it.

If you’re a fan of the Voice Australia, you may be familiar with Zain Mitchlan. While he didn’t make it far in the competition, he was memorable enough to gain many fans.

Now, not only is the 23-year-old creating music, but he’s also acting as the ambassador for MOGA’s Pride campaign.

When speaking about Mitchlan, a MOGA spokesperson said he, “joins our growing movement of youth ambassadors to help spread our message of universal love and acceptance of ALL human beings, regardless of skin color, race or sexual orientation and identity.”

As for Mitchlan, he told GayStarNews that he’s more than happy to work with the fashion brand.

“My goal in life is to bring a smile to as many faces as I can by showing that life, although might seem ever changing and wild, is even more beautiful when you are in it,” he said.

“So teaming up with an incredible brand such as MOGA is another step forward in doing exactly that.”

Again, the rainbow scarfs are now on sale, along with rainbow earrings, and proceeds will go towards CARE Foundation for the education of young women.

Singer/Songwriter MNEK Is Getting Ready To Show The World What A Black Gay Pop Singer Can Do

Singer/Songwriter MNEK is promising us the “black, gay, pop experience,” in the best way that he can deliver it.

MNEK is starting to make a name for himself with mainstream audiences, but what many don’t realize is that he’s been in the music industry for nearly a decade.

Since he was 14, MNEK, real name Uzoechi Emenike, has been creating music for other people. He’s written and produced songs for musicians like Beyonce, Bastille, Madonna, Little Mix, Christina Aguilera, Diplo, Dua Lipa, BTS, and more.

But now, he feel’s its time to finally make music for himself.

"I'm so proud of it, it's been such a long time coming," he told Newsbeat during the Parklife festival in Manchester.

"I've made enough money from other people's records so I have to want to do this," he explains.

"It would be great if it did well but I don't have to put out records of my own."


thank u @parklife_festival : @lucyfosterphoto

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MNEK says he wants to not only present himself to the world, but also give us a different kind of pop star.

"I don't think there's been many chances for people to see a black, gay, pop experience and that's what I want to have with my shows moving forward."

That said, it won’t be easy for MNEK. He’s got to put a lot of work into growing his name and image, but he’s willing to take the time to do it.

"I want more people to know who I am and I want to have the chance to tease my music a bit more."

"All of it takes some time unless you're like Rihanna where you just plonk it on streaming services."

MNEK’s album will be out sometime later this year.

In the meantime, check out the lyric video for his latest single “Colour.”

Check Out The Music Video For Troye Sivan's #BopBoutBottoming "Bloom"

"Bloom" now has a music video!

Last month, we shared with you the fact that fans think Troye Sivan’s latest single is about bottoming. Now, we're happy to share with you the music video for that song.

But if you don't know the situation, we'll catch you up first.

The openly gay singer shared on Twitter the true meaning of the song after it had been released. In a new deleted tweet, Sivan simply shared the phrase #BopsBoutBottoming.

Later, Sivan tried to deny that the song was about sex. In an interview with Dazed Digital, he feigned offense while saying, “It’s 100 percent about flowers! That’s all it is.

Despite possibly going back on the idea that this is anthem for Bottoms everywhere, we fans of the song know what’s up. After all, just look at the lyrics.

“It’s true, babe… I’ve been saving this for you… Promise me you’ll hold my hand if I get scared now… Might tell you to take a second baby slow it down… You should know I bloom, I bloom just for you.” 

And while you’re at it, you might as well look at the new music video, directed by Bardia Zeinali, for the song (before, the song had a 3D lyric video).

Don’t forget that Troye Sivan is getting ready for the release of his new album and musical tour around the United States.

The Bloom Tour is set to appear extensively around the United States in towns and cities like Philadlephia, Boston, Charlotte, Milwaukee, Austin, Chicago, Denver, and much more.

Also, the new album, titled Bloom, will release sometime later this year.

Watch The Colorful Lyric Video To MNEK's Latest Single, "Colour"

MNEK is back again with another song and it’s a great way to start off Pride Month.

British singer MNEK is mostly known for his behind the scenes work. The songwriter has worked with many musicians such as Beyoncé, Madonna, Bastille, Dua Lipa, Diplo, Clean Bandit, Little Mix, and more. On top of that, he’s recently worked with Kpop group BTS for their latest album Love Yourself: Tear.

But, 23-year-old MNEK has also been working towards being more known for his own music and we’re happy to hear it.

MNEK’s latest single, Colour, is just out and he’s even uploaded a lyric video to go with it.

The song, which features singer and actor Hailee Steinfeld, is an upbeat pop song that celebrates diversity and vibrancy of life. You can’t tell us this song isn’t perfect for Pride Season. To convince you, we’ve included some lyrics and the lyric video down below.

Before you came into my life
Everything was black and white
Now all I see is color
Like a rainbow in the sky

So tell me your love will never fade
That I won’t see no clouds of grey
Cause I don’t want another
You bring color to my life, baby

MNEK’s LP Tongue drops later this year.

"The Wound" Star Nakhane Opens Up About His Sexuality & Career

For some time now, we’ve kept you up-to-date concerning the controversies revolving around the South African film, The Wound. Now, we can share with you some of the words of its main lead.

South African artist Nakhane has had a hard life so far, and it only seems to be getting harder. That said, it also seems to be making him stronger.

That hard life saw Nakhane living on the streets just five years ago. He was homeless and broke. But it was in that moment that he came to terms with his sexuality, and it was then that he knew he wanted something better for himself.

“I call it the moment where my life literally fell apart: when I’d left the church, I was living with friends, I was homeless to all intent purposes. I had nothing. I had nothing to lose,” he told the Thomson Reuters Foundation during an interview in London, where he currently lives.

“And from that point in time, it took me about two years really to not be afraid anymore,” he added.

Now, the singer-songwriter and actor has two albums and an award winning, though controversial, movie under his belt. And, he’s gearing up for a tour across Europe with his band.

That said, Nakhane’s life is still full of struggle. For instance, he’s recently shared that the music video for his song “Clairvoyant” was censored on Youtube.

In addition, there is the ever going drama surrounding the film The Wound.

The Wound is a South African film centering on the coming-of-age ritual for young men of the AmaXhosa tribe, the second largest ethnic group in the country.

While the film was celebrated internationally, it was met with harsh pushback from the AmaXhosa community in South Africa. Cast members, Nakhane especially, were receiving death threats and movie theaters were being protested and stormed.

“I know my people because I come from them and I know about the passion they have about protecting this part of the culture,” Nakhane said.

“But I didn’t know it was going to be as violent as it became.”

That said, Nakhane says that he’s happy the film ended up being so controversial, because it started conversations about the sacred practice itself and about homosexuality in the country’s more traditional communities.

“This film became what it became because of those conversations,” he said. “Suddenly the volcano just (erupted) and it takes the right time, right film, right thing, for it to happen.”

He also shared that he’s proud to have been a part of the film. Though the death threats have made him have to escape to Europe for the time being, he wants to eventually return to his home country and participate in its culture once again.

 “How much worse can it get than someone detailing to you how they want to kill you?” he asked.

“You can either slink down and die from that or you can be even more defiant. If anything, those people made me stronger.”

h/t: Reuters

Singer/Songwriter Chester Lockhart Released A Haunting New Single Called "In Loving Memory"

Gay creative Chester Lockhart is doubling down on his music career.

Lockhart is one of those creatives who does everything. He’s a songwriter, a singer, a director, an actor, a producer, and more. The simple reason for this is because he’s driven enough to make his art even if he has to do it himself.

Learning this from his close friend Todrick Hall, it’s only natural that Lockhart would later zero in on the music industry and want to make a name for himself. And that’s what he’s trying to do with the release of his new sing, “In Loving Memory.”

In order to promote the new music video, Lockhart had an interview with Billboard to talk about his music, his music video, making both, and his friendship with Hall.


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We’ve collected some of the finer points of the interview below.

Billboard: What initially made you want to transition into making pop?

Lockhart: I had a heart attack at the beginning of 2016, at 23. It was a good wakeup call for me because I was working myself to the bone doing so many things that weren't necessarily for me. I was like a) life is short and b) if you don’t make things happen for yourself, it’s never gonna happen. I became so motivated to just do me and stop living for anyone else but myself. Plus, being gay is such a funny thing. I feel like people don’t really -- in music especially -- people didn’t take me seriously. Like, oh, you’re just a gay artist. And I was like, what the fuck does that mean? That doesn’t make any difference in what I can create. People just wouldn’t believe in me. We’ve only got this one life and I’m not about to not be Chester Lockhart, this gay haunted house witch queen.

How did you arrive at the “broken chains and gay ghosts” aesthetic?

As a kid, growing up gay, especially in an area where it was not accepted and with very conservative Christian parents, it was a really big challenge for me and I was always struggling to find myself, my voice. I lived so many lives just as a teenager. I was a nerdy theater kid, I was this death metal goth queen for a hot second, I went through this ‘80s tracksuit workout phase. I was just all over the place trying to find what I was. Finally when I became an adult and went out into the real world and just let myself be, I realized I was all of those things. I stopped trying to fit into all these little boxes and I took a little boxcutter and combined all those bitches with a little bit of glitter tape and here I am.


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You wrote the music and lyrics for the song, recorded it, mixed it and mastered it yourself, and then directed, produced, styled and choreographed the video. Hardly anyone ever does that anymore. What made you want to do it?

I’ve always had a very clear vision. I’ve worked for years with my best friend Todrick Hall. He’s another person who wears a lot of hats. When he has a vision, he executes it from start to finish. Having a theater background, I was so new to music but I always did creative things. I would tinker around in GarageBand when I was in high school and eventually I had amassed a lot of recordings but I didn’t know how to execute them. I didn’t know anybody who was a filmmaker or a stylist, but I had all these visions in my brain. I was like well, if nobody’s gonna help me do it then I should just create it myself because I don’t wanna hold all this stuff secret anymore.

Lockhart goes further to talk about how he created the concept for “In Loving Memory.”

“There’s this guy who is a total asshole and broke my heart until I literally died and it’s in loving memory of my heart.”

If you want to check out that music video, its right down below. If you want to read more of the interview between Chester Lockhart and Billboard, you can click here.

h/t: Billboard

MNEK Gloriously Shut Down A Homophobic Troll With An Instagram Post

MNEK has triumphantly smacked down a homophobic troll who left hate and intolerance in the comment section of one of his videos.

MNEK released the music video for his song “Tongue” earlier this month. In the video (found below), MNEK celebrates finding new love and lust with a man at a dinner party.

Of course, one person not only disagreed with the message of the video, but had to share his hateful words in the comments section on Youtube.

The anonymous troll’s comments went:

“Call me old fashioned but this is so so wrong. Look in this guy’s eyes. You can clearly see a demon is in control of this guy and is doing this gay thing so it can poison young minds,” he said. “I’ve just seen this video on MTV Hits where near enough everyone of all ages views it and this gay stuff has all become so normal. The end of times is near. Pray for forgiveness.”

But, MNEK wasn’t letting this person have his day. Instead, he posted a response on Instagram that was beautifully put.

Among many things, MNEK wrote:

“OBVIOUSLY, throughout what I’m doing, there will be people who don’t like it, don’t get it, or are just straight up uncomfortable with how gay it is. I’ve been working in this industry for a long time and have earned the right to now perform in a way that exhibits the true me.”

He added:

 “If videos like mine can help a young kid come to terms with their truth, I’m doing more good in the world than a keyboard warrior – soooooo If you’re a homophobe and want to spray hate on comments etc etc. you should know that my moodboard rn is BLACK FAGGOT POP SUPERSTAR ???????? so it’s about to get eeeeeven gayer – whether ya like it or NAHHTTT. get with the program or get out!”