Get Ready To Celebrate Pride With Disney's New "Rainbow Mickey" Apparel

Looks like Disney’s doubling down on Pride this year.

Last month, we shared with you that Disneyland is now selling rainbow Mickey ears, and now Disney has announced that it’s selling Pride merchandise just in time for Pride month.

The “Rainbow Mickey” pride merchandise is on sale now. Even better, the merchandise can be bought online unlike the Mickey ears which are being slowly rolled out across Disney theme parks. Even better, the rainbow shirts, bags, and more are going to be doing great things for the community as well.

Until June 30, every Pride styled Disney item you buy will make money for LGBTQ charity GLSEN (pronounced glisten), which fights to create safe and inclusive schools for LGBTQ youth. Disney has announced that it's willing to donate up to $50,000 and 10% of every purchase will go towards that donation.

Can we all make Disney donate the fill $50,000? If you want to try, go run over to Shop Disney now and get your rainbow sunglasses, t-shirts, hats, and more.

Philadelphia's Pride Parade Is Honoring A Gay Politician Couple

Philadelphia Pride has announced the names for its Grand Marshal panel, and for the first year ever it’s introducing a couple to the mix.

Every year, Philadelphia Pride Presents releases a list of people who will carry the title of grand marshal. Philly likes to celebrate several grand marshals with different titles and categories including youth grand marshals. This years, they’re even including a Grand Marshal Couple.

The couple gaining the inaugural honor are Dante Austin and Robert “Tito” Valdez. Austin is the LGBT liaison to the Sherriff’s Office and Valdez is an assistant city solicitor in the Child Welfare Department.

The two met back in 2016 while participating at the “Future of the Movement” panel during the Democratic National Convention. As they talked about politics and criminal-justice reform, they realized there was a level of respect and understanding forming between them. They then exchanged numbers and became important parts of each other’s lives from that point on.

Speaking to Philadelphia Gay News, the two commented on juggling their relationship and their busy political careers.

“Being in a relationship is work,” said Valdez. “It requires the capacity to prioritize another person’s feelings and needs as a key component of your decision-making. It requires you to be compassionate, to understand that not every day will be sunshine and flowers, and be able to count on your partner to love you.”

“I like to think of it like most things in life — you get out of it what you put into it,” added Austin. “Tito and I live pretty busy lives but we make sure to always make time for one another. It may sound cliché, but he really is my best friend and so much more. Life certainly throws challenges our way, but there’s no doubt in my mind that we can tackle anything.”

The two stated that they were honored to be chosen for the new Grand Marshal category and will try to live up to the title.

Meanwhile, the two will be joined by many other grand marshalls including John James, a Philadelphia citizen who’s participated in the Annual Reminder Days march since the mid-1960s; Heshie Zinman, the co-founder of the AIDS Library;  David Fair, a member of the Elder Initiative; Barbara McLean, a dedicated LGBTQ health advocate who’s worked with Philadelphia FIGHT and the Philadelphia AIDS Consortium; and Deborah Johnson, the visitor-services director at the African-American Museum of Philadelphia.

All of these people and more, like comedian Margaret Cho who's headlining, will be honored and celebrated at Philadelphia’s 30th annual Pride Parade on June 10.

h/t: PGN

5 Phenomenal Queer Couples Who Attended Prom in 2018

For as much hate as millennials get, one thing that they have gotten truly right is their ability to accept others for who they are.  This could not be truer than the vast amount of queer couples who have attended prom this year, as they have been showcasing just how special their night was all over social media.

Going to prom with someone with someone of the same sex or identifies with you as LGBTQ is something that is still somewhat frowned upon, but honestly, we are getting there. This was a non-issue even a decade ago as many of us would never dream of bringing our boyfriends or girlfriends to the prom.  Now, it's becoming more and more normal, and these incredible photos prove that and then some. Take this high school football star who went to prom with his swim team boyfriend.  Truly awesome. 

Here's hoping that this generation continues their compassion and kindness onto the next so homophobia will continue to be a thing of the past.  Glad that all these couples got to experience a one of a kind night with the person they love that will hopefully give them memories they will never, ever forget.



Prom 2k18 was one for the ages

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Toronto Pride Politely Pushes Police Away!

Toronto Pride Politely Pushes Police Away!

Does This Work Well For Anyone?

#HMM. Alright, I'll preface this next story by telling you I am not Canadian, so I can't fully understand their LGBTQ culture. From what I've witnessed, solely through social media, the only argument I can actually make is I find their men loads sexier than the dudes in the United States. I'm a big fan of my country, current politic madness aside, but if I'm going anywhere with a passport, it's guaranteed to be Canada. Anyway, for the country's Pride 2018 season, pride planners politely requested the police to withdraw their application to march in the parade. Get ready for a South Park reference: Are the police not a buddy or guy of Canada's gay citizens?! 

According to CBC, the LGBTQ Canadians wish the police would focus more on their communication, protection, and trust within their community. In a public tweet, Pride Toronto states they are more concerned with the deaths of members of their community that have been unsolved.

Related Article: Another Death Linked to Alleged Toronto Gay Village Serial Killer Bruce McArthur

Pride Toronto claims to have tried to address the disappearances or deaths of its community members, but the police won't seem to listen to them. The LGBTQ community has gone so far as to ban police floats from the parade for a second year in a row. They're pissed and they certainly have a reason. 

Check out the tweet from Pride Toronto below:



After reading the tweet and aforementioned article, I felt pretty passionate about my distaste for the Toronto Pride being way too salty to their police. Yes, I can empathize with their frustrations of not feeling heard. However, I cannot begin to understand why those with powerful voices within the LGBTQ community would flat out separate themselves from the police in general. Is this tactic at all useful for the community trying to unite themselves? By seemingly protesting them? There has to be a handful of LGBTQ Police Officers in the Toronto ... so, are these people worthless? None of this makes sense whatsoever. If anything, I would feel even less protected with police not around me. I proudly stand with the men and women in blue all around my own country. I cannot fathom the entire community is fine with this decision. Fortunately, I'm not the only person who feels this way. An incredibly written opt-ed from the Toronto Sun blasts Toronto Pride's hypocrites as their slogan is inclusion.

Pride Toronto lists “inclusivity” on its website as the first of the organization’s four core values.

“We welcome everyone and want everyone to be welcomed,” Pride declares. “We are accessible to everyone as we create a sense of belonging and shared purpose.”

How then, to reconcile Pride’s message to Toronto Police that for a second year in a row, they are not welcome to march in the city’s annual Pride parade?

Inclusion isn’t a principle of convenience.

Applying it selectively is divisive and hypocritical. - Toronto Sun 

How do you feel about Toronto Pride removing Police from their Pride lineup yet again? 

This post is the opinion of this contributing writer to Instinct Magazine. Opinion pieces do not always reflect the stance of the magazine or the other contributing writers. 

Kenworthy Is Being Given A Major Title By Miami, Florida

Gus Kenworthy is still riding on the high of the 2018 Winter Olympics (and the on air kiss he had during it).

The openly gay Olympian has had sponsorship after sponsorship be announced, and now he has a new official role/title too.

Gus Kenworthy has been announced to the 2018 Grand Marshal at Miami's Beach Gay Pride next month. The statement revealing this news says that Kenworthy is proud to serve as grand marshal "hot off his competition at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea."

Kenworthy will be in good company in next month's event as there should be thousands of participates. Last year, the event garnered about 135,000 people, so this coming event should also be well populated.

h/t: Tampa Bay Times