Travel Thursday: Florida Hotspot Named The Most Popular Gay Bar in the United States.

Some of the most iconic gay bars to ever exist are located in the United States. I mean, Madonna doesn't just stop by Stonewall Inn in Manhattan for nothing! 

Each of us have our all-time favorite gay bar, as it evokes some sort of memory within us that still tickles our emotions with delight all this time later. Which bars, however, rank higher than the rest when it comes to its overall popularity?

Gravy Analytics sorted out a ton of data to provide a list of the top 50 most popular gay bars in the United States. The company tracks mobile data to verify attendance at places and events throughout the United States and the company turned their focus on gay bar attendance from November 1, 2017, through October 31, 2018.  

Last year's list saw Nellie's Sports Bar in Washington D.C. hit the number one spot, with The Abbey in West Hollywood taking silver and TRADE in DC taking third. 

Only two of those have remained in the top 3: TRADE (number 2) and The Abbey (number 3). A brand new entry has hit number one this year, so much so that they weren't even on last year's list in the first place.

Let's break down the top 10:

10. Pegasus Nightclub: San Antonio, Texas.

Pegasus celebrates its 25th year in business by providing the folks of San Antonio with fabulous drag shows, outdoor karaoke and more. They managed to stay in the top ten again this year after landing at number 8 in 2018.

9. Georgie's Alibi Monkey Bar: Wilton Manors, Florida.

There are several things Georgie's is known for, meat being one of them (they were voted the Best Burger 2 years in a row). It's also known as the most popular LGBT hangout in Fort Lauderdale, which makes sense given that it ranks higher than any other bar on this list.

8. Twist: Miami, Florida.


Not surprising that Twist pulled itself into the top ten after landing at number eleven last year as this place has become one on everybody's lips in the Miami nightlife area due to the amount of eye candy and space inside of it.

7. Micky's West Hollywood: West Hollywood, California.


A new entry on the list! You'll find this jam-packed spot filled with locals, tourists and super cute gogo dancers.

6. Town Danceboutique: Washington, D.C. 


This will sadly be the last year for TD to make the list as they closed its doors back in July.

5. Posh Bar & Lounge: New York City, NY.

Hells Kitchen has become the new space for gay nightlife as Chelsea has become overpopulated with stroller moms and whatnot. Posh is at the epicenter of fabulousness in Hells Kitchen, enough so that they are the only NYC bar to crack the top ten on this list.

4. Bulldogs Bar: Atlanta, Georgia.

A hometown classic that remains popular 40 years after it initially opened. 

3. The Abbey: West Hollywood, California.

When celebs like Diana Ross and Britney Spears party at your establishment... you must be doing something right.

2. TRADE: Washington, D.C. 

Described as a "narrow" and "no nonsense" type of gay bar. Both must work given how high TRADE ranks on this list. Go for the huge cocktails and the huge... other things.

1. Parliament House: Orlando, Florida.

It's surprising that Parliament House didn't make last year's list at all given how popular this location has become. Several legendary drag queens like Ginger Minj and Roxxxy Andrews have been performing here for years, not to mention the plethora of gay porn stars who perform in next to nothing while on stage. 

Do you agree with the list? Among our writers, we've been to all of them and have mixed reviews. Some of our favorites were not on the list. But since Gravy Analytics tracks mobile data to verify attendance and Parliament House is located in one of the most transient/vacationland cities in the country, there might be an advantage there. 


Sex with Someone "Out of Your League" ... A Boost One’s Confidence? Or A Reality Check?

Every gay man has a story about someone they’ve hooked up with that they deemed better than the rest. Within this is a group of men who claim that the guy in question is one they consider to be “out of their league.” They feel like they just scored a home run when their batting average is .208, won an Oscar when they were shocked to just have been nominated, finished first in a race when they just were hoping to finish at all, or any one of many metaphors.

Does this type of hook up boost one’s confidence in the long run? Or is this type of belief a negative societal issue when we all are really on the same level and shouldn’t view the others as being on some sort of sex pedestal to be worshipped.

From personal experience, it’s a bit of both. Even though I’ve been a huskier dude my entire life, I still had internal confidence where I felt I could approach a guy and see what happened regardless of what they looked like or who they were. I find that a lot of men in our community are afraid to approach others due to fear of the unknown, rejection, and being embarrassed.  But what many need to realize is that most of us are all the same and would react the same, greeting the other person with open arms if they tried.

Something inherently changed in my confidence five years ago that still resonates with me to this day. During my first trip to San Francisco, I did my best to navigate my way through the city to the best of my abilities (with several high school friends who moved there from New York, other gay friends I knew, and also other gay men that I simply met while there).  I had some down time and wound up going on a lunch date with a guy I met off Growlr. I wasn’t that particularly interested in him, but we had a nice conversation and the lunch was superb.

While out with my friends, I’m someone who enjoys being in the moment, so my phone is generally in my pocket or shut off during an outing with them. The lunch date was going well and then he went to the bathroom for a couple of minutes, so I took that moment to whip my phone out to check my messages. I got one on Scruff from an extraordinarily attractive man who happened to be 200 feet away from my current location at that point. Here’s how the conversation went:

Him: Hey cutie, how’s your visit to San Francisco?

Me: It’s been great, how are you?

Him: Pretty horny now to be honest.

He then sent me a professionally done naked photo of him sitting in the corner of a boxing ring with some fake blood on his face while pleasuring himself in a very naughty way. After viewing said pic, I responded with “Can I come over?”

He wasted no time getting back to me and gave me his address. Then the lunch date came out and we said our goodbyes.

I then ran like Usain Bolt in the Olympics to his place, which I still give no f***s about to this day, because it felt like some weird fantasy come to life and I couldn’t wait to see what was next. He opened the door shortly after I knocked on it, where the stud in question sported nothing but a white tank top and grey sweats where the print could’ve been spotted by a blind person.

He then pulled me inside and started to make out with me. I closed my eyes but opened them to get a view as to what I was really looking at. This dude was incredibly hot, insatiable, but at that point I thought he was out of my league. My paranoia also ran rapid to where I even thought he could’ve been an escort and wanted money after we were done.

We went upstairs, continued to make out and I pushed him off of me for a couple of seconds amid my ridiculous mindset.

Him: What’s wrong?

Me: I’m kind of confused here. You look like you, and I look like me.

He then grabbed my shoulders and said, “So what’s the problem? You’re f***ing hot. Let’s get it on.”

As odd as it sounds, my mind did a complete 180 after he said that, and some confidence shot right up inside of me that I’ve never had before. Any sort of insecurity that I had when it came to hooking up with a guy like this went right away and we resumed our very fun sexual activities. He’s fully aware of the fact that this was easily one of the best sexual experiences I’ve had to this day, as I’ve reminded him of it pretty much every year since.

So, can hooking up with someone who society might deem as “out of your league” improve your confidence? Yes, but at the same time, you should already have it in your system that you are enough. Hooking up with a guy who you could view as some elevated trophy of sorts is great to think about, but this community must understand that we are all on the same playing field. You aren’t better than me, and I’m not better than you.

So pat yourself on the back the next time you hook up with someone that you deem as attractive. Because chances are… they are thinking the same about you.

This post was created by one of our Contributing Writers and does not reflect the opinion of Instinct Magazine or the other Contributing Writers when it comes to this subject.

From 'Believe' to 'Livin La Vida Loca': 20 Gay Faves That Turn 20 in 2019

It's hard to believe that 1999 existed 20 years ago. 

As someone who was a child of the 90's, it feels like yesterday when some of my favorite tracks helped develop me into the walking radio that I am today.

This was a year when every type of music still had a spot at the dinner table. Consider music back then to be a potluck dinner of sorts, where each genre had its moments on the charts, on your walkmans, and in your life.

This was a year that gave us so many favorite songs that the gay community loved to jam to. They weren't "gay" specific, but these were ones that were universally loved (for the most part) by us then and still resonate with us all these years later.

That being said, let's take a look at 20 gay favorites (or classics, for us oldies) that officially turn 20 in 1999. 

Christina Aguilera: "Genie in a Bottle"

Cher: "Believe"

Ricky Martin: "Livin La Vida Loca"

Britney Spears: "Sometimes"

Jennifer Lopez: "Waiting For Tonight"

Whitney Houston: It's Not Right but it's Okay"

Mariah Carey: "Heartbreaker"

TLC: "No Scrubs"

702: "Where My Girls At?"

Destiny's Child: "Bills, Bills, Bills"

Sixpence None the Richer: "Kiss Me"

Backstreet Boys: "I Want It That Way"

Enrique Iglesias: "Bailamos"

Shania Twain: "That Don't Impress Me Much"

Faith Evans: "Love Like This"

Madonna: "Beautiful Stranger"

Eiffel 65: "Blue (Da Ba Dee)"

Amber: Sexual (Li Da Di)"

Will Smith: "Miami"

NSYNC: "I Drive Myself Crazy"


This post was created by one of our Contributing Writers and does not reflect the opinion of Instinct Magazine or the other Contributing Writers when it comes to this subject.



Video: Hottie Pro Wrestler Anthony Bowens Now Identifies As Gay, Not Bi

Professional wrestler Anthony Bowens has come out - again.

After coming out in 2017 as bisexual, Bowens now says he’s come to the point where the term doesn’t really apply to him today.

“It’s on to a new year, a new journey and, apparently, a new label,” says the hunky 28-year-old.

“The main purpose of this video is to tell everybody that I prefer to be labeled now as gay,” he begins. In advance of the reactions he’s bracing for, Bowens admits, “There’s going to be ‘thank you, it’s great that you’re being open and honest and we love you,’ there’s going to be the ‘well, we knew that,’ and there’s going to be the ‘bi now gay later’ people.”




A post shared by Anthony Bowens (@bowens_official) on


The hunky wrestler says he initially identified as bisexual as he “didn’t know much about the LGBTQ community” and he had been attracted to both genders. 

While he still advocates for bisexuality (‘100 percent’), Bowens says, “As you get older, your viewpoints change; the way you look at the world changes; the way you look at yourself changes.”

He shares that recently, in looking back at some old articles featuring him, he realized the word ‘bisexual’ was used over and over to describe him.

“It was kind of annoying me that they had to continually put what I was,” he lamented. “I couldn’t just be a professional wrestler, I was the ‘bisexual pro wrestler,’ but I just wasn’t identifying with that term any more.”




We had a great weekend and we hope everyone else did too! Enjoy your Sunday! @michaelpavano Photo Cred: @jastaylor__

A post shared by Anthony Bowens (@bowens_official) on


Bowens’ relationship with boyfriend Michael Pavano, who he met in 2016, also has impacted the way he views himself.

“I’m in love with Michael, I want to marry Michael, I’m picturing myself being with a man for the rest of my life, so the term ‘bisexual’ felt less and less me the more time went on,” he tells his YouTube audience. “And I now feel more comfortable labeling myself as ‘gay.’”

The athlete also stresses that he didn’t use the term ‘bisexual’ as a gateway to ‘gay.’ It’s just how life unfolded for him.

“There are some people out there who will use that just because they are afraid to say that they’re gay, but not everybody’s like that, and I don’t think they should be judged for it because everybody has their own way of figuring themselves out,” explains Bowen.

“Please don’t be a hypocrite,” implores Bowen. “I think it’s very hypocritical as people who identify as LGBT who get judged by a lot of people about our lifestyle, then turn around and judge others in the same community.”

Amen, Anthony.

You can watch ‘COMING OUT…again’ below.






Monthly mirror pic and final one of the year. Can you believe how fast 2018 went?

A post shared by Anthony Bowens (@bowens_official) on


(h/t Instagram)

Clickbait: Who Are The 10 Most Searched-For Gay Porn Stars of 2018?

Which gay porn stars were the best of the best when it came to people searching for their name for a variety of reasons?

Str8UpGayPorn compiled a list over the holiday weekend of the top 100 most searched-for gay porn stars of 2018. This ranking is based on internal stats and Google Analytics showing which gay porn star names generated the most page views referred from search engines. The higher the name is on the list, the more people searched for them.

Some of the men who made the list caused a ton of controversy in 2018, notably Austin Wolf who came under fire after he filmed himself having sex with a Delta Air Lines flight attendant back in October. He finished at number 47.

Tegan Zayne also made the list at number 77. He was one of many men who accused fellow gay porn star Topher DiMaggio of raping them. Topher's career took a big downfall as a result, where underwear company Andrew Christian suspended him and wiped his image off of their website. Topher did not make the 2018 most-searched list. 

Others have included men who we have exclusively interviewed here at Instinct Magazine, including Colby Jansen (number 89), Adam Ramzi (number 85) and Pheonix Fellington (number 30). 

Here is who made the top 10 according to Str8UpGayPorn's research. Number one happens to be a guy that has been featured on Instinct Magazine several times over the past year.

10. Davey Wavey



Merry Christm-ass and happy holigays from this ho, ho, homo.

A post shared by Davey Wavey (@officialdaveywavey) on

9. Quinn Quire (AKA Corbin Fisher's Quinn)

8. Boomer Banks 

7. Mick Lovell

6. Chris Crocker



Wakey wakey eggs & bakey

A post shared by Chris Crocker (@itschriscrocker) on

5. Sean Cody's Stu

4. Kris Evans

3. Kyle Dean

2. Alex Mecum

1. Blake Mitchell 



felt cute might delete

A post shared by Blake Mitchell (@mrblakemitchell) on



How Do You Know When You’ve Found the One in the Gay Community?

Although I’ve pushed this to the side for several years, something that I’ve always wanted is to find the societal version of “the one” in the gay community.

“The one” can have several different meanings as our sexuality in all spectrums continues to evolve, but to me its cut and dry: finding that person that you believe you can spend your life with. For whatever reason or reasons, this person fits into your equation, and you are hopeful that you fit into theirs as well.

This is an experience that I am going through in my life right now, where I believe I have found the guy that I would like to marry and grow old with. There are challenges to our relationship, such as it being long-distance and whatnot, but our hearts are in the right place with where we are currently, and I don’t really see that changing anytime soon… or forever (eternal optimist here).

For so many years, I didn’t think this person existed. I’m not even referring to the man that I’m dating, I’m referring to that unique gem that many of us desire to have. Some of us single men get older and jaded as the years pass in hoping that our own Prince Charming will appear, even though he hasn’t made his debut quite yet. So how do you really know if you’ve found the one, and if so… how do each of you make it work to ensure a lifetime of happiness?

Guess what? I have no f***ing idea. I’m not some guru or life coach who has all the answers. What I do know, however, is to trust your gut instinct when it comes to the men that you date and get into relationships with. In terms of all the sayings we hear throughout life, like “everything happens for a reason,” chances are your gut is telling you what’s best for you in this arena we call love.

There have been some factors that have led me to determine that the guy I’m dating is pretty much it for me. Physical attraction is great but that can happen with thousands of people as your life goes on. This sort of thing can only go the distance when it comes to being with someone, as there are greater factors in determining if they are it for you in the long run.

Find a guy who loves you unconditionally for one. Find someone who is silly and funny and heartfelt and kind. Determine the factors of your relationship early on (open or not, sexual compatibility, etc), that way there isn’t any surprises down the line that could cause you to break up.

Remember that part about your instinct? Find a guy who you know is genuine. Don’t let your mind tell you otherwise. Genuine men and dating are the most delicious kind of sandwich and soup combination you can find. I see this not only in my relationship but several around me, where you can tell from a mile away that this person is really in it for the right reasons and they want to be with you for you and not some stupid shallow reasons.

This might be minimal in terms of the advice I can give, but they really do add up once you determine that the guy you’re with could be the one. For anyone who is all about New Year’s Resolutions, keep some of these things in mind so that 2019 could be your year to find that dude you’ve been dreaming about for years upon years.

If not, enjoy the single life and all it has to offer. Ultimately, do what’s best for you.

This post was created by one of our Contributing Writers and does not reflect the opinion of Instinct Magazine or the other Contributing Writers when it comes to this subject.

Here's How Some of Our Favorite Gay Celebs Celebrated Christmas

Christmas has come and gone, however many of our favorite gay celebrities have kept their memories from the big holiday alive and well by posting about the day that was for them on their Instagrams. Take a look at how some of our favorites celebrated.

Queer Eye star Karamo Brown did a hilarious "dad dance" alongside his very cute partner Ian Jordan and a bunch of their friends. 



Happy Holidays! #DadDance

A post shared by Karamo (@karamo) on

Will & Grace legend Sean Hayes sported adorable holiday-related t-shirt with his husband Scott Icenogle.



Merry Christmas...from Scotty & me.

A post shared by Sean Hayes (@seanhayes) on

Decorated Olympian Adam Rippon planted a big kiss on his boyfriend Jussi-Pekka Kajaala.



Merry Christmas

A post shared by Adam Rippon (@adaripp) on

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka watched RuPaul's Drag Race with their children.

Nate Berkus chilled by the Christmas tree with his daughter.

Ross Mathews hung with his family... including his "amazing grandma."



My amazing grandma (who we call “Bunka”) with most of her grandchildren & great-grandchildren! 93 & FAB!

A post shared by Ross Mathews (@helloross) on

Bobby Berk cuddled up next to his boyfriend.



Wishing you Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

A post shared by Bobby Berk (@bobbyberk) on

Cutie couple Jonathan Bennett and Jaymes Vaughn got all festive... minus their shirts.



“All I want for Christmas is a real good tan”- @kennychesney

A post shared by Jonathan Bennett (@jonathandbennett) on

Jonathan Van Ness skated the house down.

Famed choreographer Jamal-Terry Sims chilled by the tree with his partner Octavius and their two children.



Nervous Around Gay People? Get a Gay Friend, Study Shows

A study found that the minds of people who are uncomfortable around LGBTQ individuals can be changed if they make just one gay friend, reports NBC

This was the case for one Dr. Nelson Bonheim, who was hesitant to invite his female coworker to his golf club after finding out that she is a lesbian and was living with another woman. However, after getting to know his colleague, he became good friends with her and realized that she and her wife are just like any other couple and even spoke at their wedding. Bonheim recalled that he wasn't against same-sex marriage, but he was not as accepting as he is now. 

Bonheim's acceptance of his lesbian colleague after befriending her is known as contact theory. Daniel DellaPosta, a gay sociology professor at Penn State and author of the study “Gay Acquaintanceship and Attitudes Toward Homosexuality: A Conservative Test" had a personal interest in understanding the relatively recent rise in the acceptance of homosexuality. In his study, he examined how straight people are affected by relationships with gay and lesbian people. He compared data from the 2006, 2008, and 2010 General Social Survey, or GSS.

The results of the study found that  “respondents who were acquainted with at least one gay or lesbian person in 2006 exhibited greater shifts toward increased acceptance of homosexuality and gay marriage in 2008 and 2010.” In 2006, only 45% of people with a gay or lesbian friend supported same-sex marriage, while in 2010, 61% of respondents did. In contrast, in 2006, only 22% of people who did not have a gay or lesbian friend supported same-sex marriage, and in 2010, the number actually decreased to 18%. 

DellaPosta hypothesized that people who only see LGBTQ people in a superficial setting, i.e. in a grocery store, may have their prejudices enforced, while people who take the extra step to get to know an LGBTQ person, whether it be just knowing their name or sitting down and talking to them, will be affected by the contact effect and reconsider their biases. 

DellaPosta also recognized the two-fold importance of coming out. The process of coming out can be very liberating for LGBTQ people but it can also help straight people connect with their LGBTQ friends or family members at a more personal level which may reduce prejudice. He also wants to see every gay doctor, lawyer, architect, etc. to come out to show the world that LGBTQ people aren't part of some out-group that is different, but people who are the same as everyone else. He believes that this will help straight people conquer their own bias and stereotypes of LGBTQ and reduce homophobia. He realizes, however, that not everyone who has a gay or lesbian friend will change their mind, but at a macro scale, the contact effect works. 

As a gay friend, reading about this made my Grinch-sized heart grow three sizes, as it made me realize that by just being myself, I could have and can continue to make a positive difference in how people think. You really never know how you can change someone's life by simply being a part of it, and I think that's beautiful. 

h/t: NBC

Heads Up: 'Mary Queen of Scots' Features a Sexy Gay Love Triangle

Awards season is now in full swing, and you’re faced with a ton of choices as to what you can see in theaters.

The period drama Mary Queen of Scots opens next week. For one, it’s a pretty good movie. About what you’d expect when buying a ticket for a lavish period piece, with a great performance by Saoirse Ronan. Clearly inspired by the popularity of Game of Thrones, it’s a violent drama/thriller about the power struggle between Mary Queen of Scots (Ronan) and Elizabeth I (Margot Robbie). It’s not a great film like The Favourite, but it’s well done and highly entertaining.

Some mild spoilers ahead:

One of the film’s central story threads is the dynamic between Mary and her second husband, Lord Darnley (Jack Lowden). Despite definitely not being heterosexual, Darnley charms Mary into marriage. Then he sleeps with Mary’s trusted servant David Rizzio (Ismael Cruz Córdova), causing all kinds of trouble.

This becomes a love triangle, sort of, that’s way more sad than romantic. Frankly, it’s pretty hot seeing Darnley and Rizzio wake up naked in bed together. And it’s nice to know that in 2018, we can finally have period pieces that acknowledges men slept with other men in the past. Mainstream movies have just kind of been pretending that didn’t happen for the most part.

Oh, and Lowden is really studly.

This is a period piece about literal backstabbing. That’s like, the main theme of the movie—royals literally stabbing each other in the back. So it doesn’t feel like much of a spoiler to say these characters don’t have a happy ending.

Focus Features releases Mary Queen of Scots Dec. 7.


Hugh Jackman Discusses Those Pesky Gay Rumors... Again

Many actors in Hollywood deal with gay rumors on an ongoing basis. Hugh Jackman is definitely one of them. 

The Aussie hunk has battled them for several years now, even though he's been a happily married chap to Deborra-lee Furness since 1996.

Although it might be bothersome to others, the rumors don't seem to annoy him at all. "Some dudes do get upset, some dudes say, “Don’t say I’m gay” [but] I am good,’ he said in a recent interview.

Hugh thinks he knows, however, how this all started when he played an openly gay singer-songwriter in The Boy From Oz back in 2003. "I was literally just locking lips… I started to laugh so hard," he explained.

"So I stay kissing him, because I thought, “I’m just going to laugh," he continued. "I’m going to stay here until it subsides” and it never subsided and the whole audience could see my body shaking, so they started."

The focus for Hugh now, professionally at least, is in the movies once again as he is earning rave reviews for his portrayal of former Presidential candidate Gary Hart in The Front Runner. Good thing for him this time around is that there will be no same-sex lip locks as the man he's playing was in a much different kind of love affair (with several women).