Fashion Model Tomas Skoloudik's Nudes Are Kind of Exquisite

Let’s start the weekend off with something that’s hot AF, shall we?

Czech Republic-born high fashion model Tomas Skoloudik has appeared has worked for some of the finest labels in couture. Now we have a great look at the 32-year-old stunner with all his clothes off.

OMG Blog has compiled a stack of photos of the model, including several nudes.

Skoloudik started modeling at 19. He has appeared on the covers of many magazines including Men’s Health. He’s been featured in print campaigns for Armani Jeans and Emporio Armani. Other appearances include Guess Underwear, Kenneth Cole, Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein and Buffalo.

Here’s the kicker: Skoloudik got his start in porn. The videos are out there and they’re not hard to find.

For plenty of full frontal Tomas Skoloudik (NSFW — duh), go to OMG Blog.

Melania Trump Wore A Jacket Reading "I Really Don't Care" On Her Way To a Child Detention Center

Were the “Let Them Eat Cake” jackets sold out in your size, Melania?

As if this whole saga couldn’t get more disturbing, today first lady Melania Trump boarded a jet to make a surprise visit to a child detention center in Texas—sporting a green jacket saying “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?

The $39 jacket from Zara would be tasteless in any context, but here it’s something like chilling, not to mention infuriating.

Was it an oversight? Mrs. Trump’s spokeswoman says so. On Twitter, Stephanie Grisham scolded U.S. media for focusing on the stylistic choice.

Mrs. Trump was not wearing the green jacket when she got off the plane in Texas, instead sporting a cream-colored ensemble.

Her tour of the federally funded Upbring New Hope Children's Shelter in McAllen, Texas, housing dozens of Central American children is a ploy to smooth out the firestorm her husband’s administration has incited over separating families and children.

Is this what it looks like to “Be Best?”

Do you think this was a tone deaf mistake, or a deliberate message?

In conclusion, here's what the president of the United States had to say on the matter:

h/t: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/21/us/politics/melania-trump-jacket.html

"Project Runway" Is Returning To Bravo In Season 17

After 11 seasons on Lifetime, Project Runway is moving back to Bravo for upcoming season 17. NBC Universal made the announcement Monday at its upfront in New York City. “Project Runway is coming back where it all started; it’s coming home on Bravo,” said the network’s Andy Cohen.

The fashion design competition, hosted by supermodel Heidi Klum, was a smash hit from the get-go at Bravo, where its first five seasons aired from 2004-2008. In a shocking move that prompted a string of lawsuits, The Weinstein Co. struck a deal to move it to Lifetime without giving Bravo a chance to match Lifetime’s offer.

This is just the latest installment of the fallout in the wake of The Weinstein Co.’s downfall after co-founder Harvey Weinstein was exposed as a serial sexual predator last year via Pulitzer Prize-winning stories in The New York Times. A+E Television Networks, the parent company of Lifetime, terminated its deal with TWC on Jan. 10, ending their commitment to air any further seasons of the show.

Project Runway was created by Eli Holzman. In 2008, it won a Peabody Award "for using the 'television reality contest' genre to engage, inform, enlighten and entertain.” All seasons thus far were filmed in NYC, with the exception of season 6, filmed in Los Angeles.

The program has been nominated for dozens of Primetime Emmys; Klum and Tim Gunn won for Outstanding Reality Competition Host in 2013. The popularity of Project Runway has also spawned spinoffs like Under the Gunn and Project Runway: Junior, and several international iterations all over the globe.


Disney Theme Parks Just Got A Lot More Exciting Thanks To New Pride Hats

Disneyland is now selling rainbow Mickey ears!

While LGBTQ fans of the Disney empire have repeatedly been disappointed by the lack of queer representation in House of Mouse films, they might be excited to see representation forming elsewhere.

The rainbow colored hats are now being sold at a Five & Dime in Disneyland with hopefully the product spreading across the globe (and online) in due time.

The hats themselves have bright rainbow ears and a red cap underneath. On the cap, there are a pair of Mickey gloves making a heart sign with another rainbow inside.

Fans are already celebrating the arrival of the merchandise on Twitter.

In addition, Youtuber Joey Garceffa and his partner Daniel recently posted a video of their family going to Disneyland and getting the hats.



Would you buy a pair of rainbow Mickey ears?

h/t: GayStarNews

Werk: Christian Siriano Debuts New Store in NYC

Christian Siriano, who is arguably Project Runway's biggest success story since the show premiered over a decade ago, continues to see his incredible fashion career flourish with the opening of his brand new store in the heart of New York City.

The famed fashion designer, who has dressed the likes of A-list celebrities including Nicole Scherzinger, Victoria Beckham and Sarah Jessica Parker, has opened Curated NYC on 54th Street near Fifth Avenue, a prime location in Manhattan for all things fashion.

Page Six has reported that the opening brought in a ton of major celebrities, including Alicia Silverstone, Debra Messing, Patricia Field, and Real Housewives of New York City star Dorinda MedleyHeidi Klum, who was the one to crown him the winner of Project Runway back in season 4, sent him orchids to celebrate.

His new fashion home, a 1900's townhouse, was used at one point by legendary actor Cary Grant.  Not sure if Cary would ever use the term "fierce" in this situation, but it pretty much is. 

What's even more amazing is that Christian is going into the culinary business this summer, as he plans on opening a rooftop vegan cafe that will sell goodies that Alicia will create. "As if!"

Congrats to Christian on all your success!  



No one discovered Alexander McQueen. McQueen discovered himself.

Fashion genius and enigma, Alexander McQueen, left the world by his own hand in 2010—a tragic moment for the world of art and fashion. A creator who had risen to fame at the young age of 27 as the chief designer for Givenchy, Lee Alexander McQueen influenced the world with his artistry and theatrical runway shows.

The British designer whose work pushed the boundaries of controversy and complexity became one of the most sought after fashion houses that still resonates with the seeker of the lavish and obscure.

His death became a tear in the fabric of fashion history, but his legacy lives on.

Film makers Ian Bonhôte and Peter Ettedgui’s new documentary about the life of McQueen is set to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival this weekend and will bring the world closer to the mystery that was Alexander McQueen. The film features dynamic footage of McQueen’s work and fashion shows along with interviews with some of his closest friends and family who recount the designer’s journey.

The film festival’s site states:

McQueen offers a vivid portrait of the tortured but inspired auteur’s work and persona. 

Through the film you will learn that “No one discovered Alexander McQueen. McQueen discovered himself.

The film is 111 minutes and will premiere Sunday, April 22nd at the Tribeca Film Festival. Limited release for the film is set for Summer.

Here’s a glimpse of the chilling teaser trailer of the highly anticipated McQueen:


h/t: Tribeca Film Festival


These Bears Created A Parody To Calvin Klein's Denim Campaign

Some men on Instagram are celebrating the beauty of a full figure.

At the end of last year, fashion brand Calvin Klein released a new denim campaign with A$ap Rocky at the center of it. The rapper and the fashion brand joined together to celebrate hot clothes and hot men of color.

The video below will give you a quick peak into the campaign.

But, some men on the internet thought that wasn’t enough. They thought the statement of male beauty could go a step farther.

Model and Instagram darling Darnel Ghramm from New Jersey thought it would be great if the denim campaign had gone with a group of bears and bigger bodied men.

32-year-old Ghramma then got a couple models together last week, pulled out a few denim shirts and jackets, and made a parody photo on Instagram.

In one of the posts, which are all found below, Ghramm wrote the lines:

“I decided to bring together a few plus males with different ethnicities, height, sizes & shapes to answer these questions & recreate the 'Plus Size Male' shoot Calvin Klein missed out on. We EXIST and we are constituted by many different things. Whether big, tall or simply fall outside of the worlds standards, we are ALL handsome and worthy, FACT!”

So tell us, which are your favorites? The top photos, the bottom ones, or are you a fan of them all?

h/t: GayPopBuzz

'Queer Eye' Star Karamo Brown Scores Huge Gig For Himself!

2018 keeps getting better and better for Queer Eye star Karamo Brown!  

Outside of the show, he has conquered many avenues in entertainment, such as his illustrious career on television and more (check out our exclusive with him here).

Now, he will be tackling the world of modeling, as he announced earlier today that he signed with one of most prestigious modeling agencies in the world: Wilhelmina!

'He's a model! Yay!' paired with "I just signed with @wilhelminamodels" was one of his instagram stories about the exciting news.  He posted it sitting in their office in front of the big Wilhelmina sign.

He also posted a heartfelt video where he shared the good news again, surrounded by several Wilhelmina employees.   "I was literally crying before this video," he captioned. "I have been told so many times that my skin was to dark, nose to big or that I just wasn’t good enough. And I never stopped believing in myself. And today this happened! I guess all those moments in my moms living room pretending to be Naomi Campbell have finally payed off."

Congrats to Karamo on the new gig! 

Instinct Exclusive: One on One with Booming Fashion Brand Minoritees' Collin Spencer

Every once in a while, it takes someone with balls to shake up the fashion industry from its repetitiveness and showcase something new and innovative to get everyone talking.  Collin Spencer, CEO of Minoritees, has definitely become that person.

With celebrity clientele that includes Carla Hall, Regina King, and many more, his brand of t-shirts, tanks and fleece have definitely gotten people talking as the messages on each speak volumes to race, LGBT and so much more.

The brand, which was developed fourteen years ago, aims to celebrate who you are as a person regardless of what society deems you to be.  In a world of boringness that is fashion, Minoritees stands out as something fresh that we should all be rocking now that the warmer weather is here and beyond.

I spoke with Collin recently about why he started this brand, how he wants to make a 'bold statement' with each piece of clothing he creates, why Janet Jackson simply loves his clothing and where he sees Minoritees going in the near future.  Take a look. 

What inspired you to want to develop this brand so many years ago?

I remember when I moved to NYC back in 2000 and I was getting settled into a new city, new job and my first adult apartment - I would go shopping at Urban Outfitters, not only for fixtures to furnish my apartment, but also casual clothes (mainly t-shirts)!  Back then it seemed to me that all the t-shirts pretty much catered to sports branding or white male culture. I'd see shirts that said, "Everybody Loves an Italian boy", "Everybody Loves and Irish boy", "Everybody Loves a Jock" etc. It bothered me that I never saw the inclusiveness of Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Jewish, Gay etc. and to that end I was already sick of being marginalized. I'd been creating, writing and drawing since I was a child and I wanted to take ownership of that feeling of being "left out". It wasn't long before I made my first sample t-shirt & tank top that boldly stated the word 'BLACKBOY' and my tag said 'DEALWITHIT'. That in itself made me feel proud.

Is the brand solely based on race, or does it include aspects of inclusions for all people who may see themselves as minorities?

Initially the brand was called 'Black I' as a sign of pride and independence because at that time that was what I felt I needed. It didn't take more than a few days of talking to my friends and colleagues to realize how underrepresented most of us felt in regard to our race, religion and sexual orientation. With that, the scope of the brand became more than just a 'race' label but a bold statement that would regain ownership of different labels and stereotypes through designs that could be at times humorous, political or subversive.

Political activism, pop culture, gay pride, feminism and self-empowerment are all an important aspect of what makes Minoritees unique in it's appeal to the loyal fans we've had and the new fans we continue to make/attract. 

What sorts of apparel does Minoritees make, and who comes up with the designs for each?

Currently, Minoritees makes apparel in the form of t-shirts, sweatshirts, long sleeves etc. In the past, we have dabbled in accessories such as underwear and swimwear and it is very much the goal to expand our offerings with time. It's pretty much a one man show with me creating, designing and marketing the brand myself. People are always throwing suggestions to me but going at the creative process alone feels more rewarding to me as an artist. When I'm done creating, I always run the ideas by my friends for feedback. I've designed hundreds of shirts in the last 14 years, some that were commercial hits and many that I may not have sold well but fulfilled me on a creative/artistic level.

At what point did you realize how big this brand has become since its inception in 2004?

I'd say it was circa 2006 when Minoritees started exhibiting at trade shows in Las Vegas. It was the perfect storm of exposure not only amongst buyers, but also magazine coverage and it things only improved when celebrities started wearing the brand.

I know you have had some major celebs support your brand, can you tell us some that have worked with you and why they joined in the first place?

The first celebrity that changed everything for Minoritees was Janet Jackson. I had been a fan of ALL things Jackson since I was a toddler and my love for Miss Jackson is unsurpassed. I'd created a few designs and passed it on to her bodyguard thinking nothing would ever come of it. A mere two days later, someone called me and told me she was wearing one of my shirts at a press junket in Chicago.  I was in complete shock when I actually saw the photos. From then on, the requests from stylists just organically grew. The fact that my SHERO loved my art was and will always be one of the most gratifying things in my life...far more than profit.

Do you have a favorite moment since you started Minoritees and why does this stick out more than others?

See above. For a few years the brand was being sold at MACY's before the economy bottomed out in the late 2000s. It also makes my heart smile every time I see people wearing my shirt... especially when I'm traveling on the other side of the world.  I'll sometimes have friends that are traveling sending me text messages and pictures of people the met in Germany, Australia, etc. wearing my shirt.  Makes me tear up sometimes, I honestly just LOVE making art.  Outside of Minoritees, I also do private design for other labels, artists, companies under their respective brands.  

Ultimately, what is your mission for the company moving forward and what are you most hopeful for in the near future? 

I'd love to see the brand expand into a complete clothing line because I have SO many amazing ideas and thousands of designs that have yet to be seen. Overall, I'd love to be the creative force/director and get to the point where someone else can steer the ship. The fact that people have been so loyal and appreciative of this brand's message for 14 years reinforces my belief that the art of it all is more valuable to me than money.  After the recession in the late 2000s, I shuttered the brand for 3 years and during that time I realized how more than ANYTHING, I missed and craved the creative outlet. People were begging me to reboot the brand and the loyalty and excitement was right where I left it.

For more information on Minoritees, please check out their official website