Charlie Hunnam & Rami Malek's Butts are on Display in New Film

Two hot guys in one film... and their butts are exposed? Yes please!

Charlie Hunnam and Rami Malek, easily considered to be two of the hunkiest guys in Hollywood right now, star in Papillon. The film, which was released last month, centers around Hunnam's character of Henri 'Papillon' Charriere, a man wrongly convicted for murder. In an attempt to escape from the notorious penal colony on Devil's Island, Papillion forms an unlikely relationship with fellow inmate and quirky convicted counterfeiter Louis Dega (Malek).



The trailer for Papillon shows a ton of hot men either shirtless or in next to nothing, mainly in battle scenes while on Devil's Island. Oh, and you see Rami and Charlie's butts during it, if that isn't enough of a reason to buy your tickets ASAP. !! OMG BLOG !! has the screenshots here.

Rami is gearing up for a busy couple of months outside of Papillon as his highly anticipated film Bohemian Rhapsody will be released domestically on November 2nd. He plays the charismatic lead singer of Queen, Freddie Mercury, and has already earned major Oscar buzz for his role. With Lady Gaga receiving similar buzz for her work in A Star is Born, these two could make the award show season quite interesting.

And if you're into more body parts than butts, here are some other pics shared with Instinct Magazine from Papillion from Jose Haro / Bleecker Street.

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Ka-Pow! Batman Goes Completely Nude in DC'S Black Label Comics

DC recently announced that their DC Black Label comics series would feature mature content. Well, they’ve delivered on their promise.

These snaps are from the first issue of Batman: Damned by Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo.

For ages, comics have depicted female characters in gratuitously sexy outfits, poses—and often just pure gratuitous nakedness. The decision to take Batman down this road was a bold one by Azzarello and Bermejo, and so far the response has been purely positive. Many are saying this is the first time a DC or Marvel hero has gone full frontal.

We have some context thanks to Screen Rant. In the first issue of Batman: Damned, Bruce Wayne has survived multiple stab wounds. After waking up in John Constantine’s apartment, his wounds are gone, Joker has been murdered, and he’s completely disoriented. He’s wandering around naked because he’s not playing with a full deck at the moment.

Wayne has Jewish family on his mother’s side. Take a close look at these drawings. Does this mean we can start calling him the Cut Crusader?

To check out the Bat-Pole, follow the NSFW jump to Screen Rant.


h/t:  ScreenRant

All The Times Tom Hardy Got Naked and We Enjoyed It

It's pretty astounding just how many times Tom Hardy has been visibly naked on camera. Not that we are complaining, but its enough to actually have a superbly hot compilation made of him.

Our friends at Cocktails and Cocktalk did exactly that over the weekend, which appears to be somewhat of a shrine of all the times that the Oscar nominee dropped trou. 

It would appear that his chronological age almost matches the amount of photos that appear in the link. Then again, his nudity isn't something new at all as we've seen it before like on the show Taboo

He's also worn shirts that have said "I Teabagged Tom Hardy," but that was to battle testicular cancer. Still, its good to see he plays along with the fact that he’s fully aware of what a sex symbol he's become over the past decade.

So here's a great way to finish your weekend. NSFW link here.


Argentinian Footballer Leonel Parraguez Shows Us What He's Packing on Social Media

This Argentinian soccer player is kind of an exhibitionist… and we support it!

Thanks to OMG Blog, we’ve got an eyeful of Leonel Parraguez, in the best possible way. He’s boyish, tatted and lean, with a compact, muscular build.

​Parraguez loves showing off for his followers on Instagram, and recently he gave us all a nice hard glimpse of his junk.

There’s more: according to Latin Gossip, Parraguez says Colombian singer Maluma asked him for nudes via social media. Is the footballer just trying to stir up publicity, or could this be the start of an intimate Latin friendship? Check out the scoop here.

Speaking of social media, Parraguez’s Insta is filled with eye candy. Check it out right here.

For the NSFW pics of Parraguez flashing his staff to his IG followers, head over to OMG Blog.

We Need to Talk About How Hot MTV Star Tyler Baltierra Is

I for one have never watched a single episode of MTV's Teen Mom or Teen Mom 2, primarily because I'm not the show's target audience and even though I look pregnant most of the time I'm actually not.

One of the guys from it, 26-year-old Tyler Baltierra, caught my eye recently when I noticed some of my gay friends commenting on what a hottie he is. Upon further inspection, I realized that they were 100 percent correct, as he seems to get a kick out of showing off his amazing physique on social media.

The background on Tyler is that he was part of MTV's show 16 and Pregnant with his now wife Catelynn Lowell (yes, sadly he's heterosexual). They later became part of the original cast of Teen Mom, which has become quite the cultural phenomenon over the past decade so much so that "alleged" homophobe Bristol Palin will be part of its upcoming season. 

Tyler has been updating his 2.5 million followers with his body progress, which has caused many of their thirst meters to completely topple over... and for good reason. Take a look below to see why he might be the hottest thing on MTV right now.



I am so beyond proud of these two! #FamilyIsEverything

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Fashion Model Neels Visser's Nude Snaps Are Here

Some revealing photos and GIFs of male fashion model and social media star Neels Visser have found their way onto the interwebs.

As posted on OMG Blog, the 19-year-old model and entrepreneur took some snaps of himself, and the waistband action is pretty easy for us to enjoy as observers.

Visser is a Libra and a Phoenix, Arizona native. He walked in Dolce & Gabbana’s menswear show in 2016. He’s also appeared in campaigns for American Eagle and Maybelline.

 He has nearly half a million YouTube subscribers, and more than 1.6 million followers on Instagram. Most of his following is young females.

He’s had an on-again off-again relationship with Instagram star Cindy Kimberly.

Visser is the founder and CEO of online clothing site Living Regal. He is signed to Next Model Management.

To see the NSFW snaps, head over to OMG Blog

For more of Neels, check out his YouTube page. 

All The Hot Male Celebs That Embrace Being Hairy... Woof

The passing of Burt Reynolds last week brought up a lot of emotions in people, specifically with gay men who spoke about how his Playgirl spread from the 70’s evoked a lot of memories for them when they were younger.

Since the millennium, the onslaught of men (in and out of the entertainment industry) who are embracing their body hair like what Burt did many moons ago continues to be on the rise. Heck, the bear community alone has grown (no pun) to the point where we’ve sort of become mainstream and not the outcasts like we were many years ago.

We here at Instinct have done some grueling research to find a bunch of male celebrities who enjoy being the furrier kind and are ditching the razor in favor of the natural look.

Take a look at the handful of male stars we think enjoy the natural parts of themselves to much adoration and love from their fans. Woof, indeed.

Chris Meloni



Smile! It’s a Mohawk! AND a shower!

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Tom Selleck



Hey Mr. Higgins I MUSTACHE you a question. #telefono #question #mustache #tomselleck

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David Hasselhoff



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Nick Frost



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Bill Goldberg



#tbt Close encounter...... @wwe #Taker #spear #whosnext #jackhammer #everyoneisnext

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Alec Baldwin

Nev Schulman



Why does fog make everything feel cooler?

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Seth Rogen



I ran in to Chachi from Pineapple Express.

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Nick Jonas



I never do this but... Healthy living and fitness update. Post workout picture. #diabeticinshape #2.0

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Naveen Andrews




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Wow! Chris Pine Gets Totally Naked for New Netflix Movie

Brace yourself, folks: super sexy Chris Pine gets completely naked in a new film. And yes, you see "it".

The film that displays Chris in all his glory is called Outlaw King, which doesn't premiere on Netflix until November 9th. It's described as "A true David v Goliath story of how the great 14th Century Scottish 'Outlaw King' Robert The Bruce (Pine) used cunning and bravery to defeat and repel the much larger and better equipped occupying English army." Sounds hot.

Outlaw King was previewed by a bunch of lucky journalists at the Toronto International Film Festival this past Thursday, where his "member" has been the talk of the town ever since.

Turns out this is something that doesn't bother him that much, as he told Entertainment Tonight earlier this week that he finds it flattering this many people are interested in seeing him drop trou.

"[It's] pretty cool," he said when asked about the particular scene, admitting of the reaction: "I'll take it." Sweet! 

We all had a close call for Chris' nudity in 2017 during the film Wonder Woman, when his character Steve Trevor lounges naked in a hot tub while chatting it up with the titular character played by Gal Gadot. So countdown to Pine's OFFICIAL nudity is officially two months away from today. Yay. 

Instinct Exclusive with Gay Porn Legend Jake Deckard

Finding a long-lasting career in any field is an accomplishment. In the world of gay porn, longevity usually mean sticking around for a handful of years (2-3 maybe) and still being relevant and desired by the time you exit.

Jake Deckard was able to do that for a much more prolonged period, to the point where he is considered by many to be a legend in and out of the industry all this time later. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, as he was able to command presence in all the scenes he performed in no matter what the position or theme.

He hung up his hat on the industry many years ago but is still reminded about it every single day due to the new and old fans that reach out to him on social media. It’s something that he seems to enjoy based on our chat that we did recently, where he also talked about what he’s doing with his life currently and how the porn world is truly a (good) thing of the past.

Take a look at my exclusive with the one and only Jake, who spoke about his time in the community, how being a masseur is inspiring his writing, and so much more.

You are one of the few men who experienced longevity and success in the gay porn industry. How were you able to accomplish that?

Honestly, I have no idea. I think part of it was that I was ambitious and smart about it. I had specific goals. I wanted to be a Rockstar and see how that felt. I wanted to direct and have my own studio. I wanted a legacy that young gay men would respond to the way I did my own idols. I wanted to win the awards. And I pushed for it. And Chris Ward at Raging Stallion heard me and saw something and took my offer. As far as longevity, I would say it was about quality. The stuff I did resonates. It continues to ripple even though I’ve been away for years.

Do you look back on your time in that world in a positive, negative or indifferent sort of way?

Well I learned some things the hard way. Fighting with people on the Internet is never a good idea, kids. Seriously, stay away from trolls! But overall, I had an amazing time. I consider myself lucky and looking back those were glory days. I got to be one of the last DVD porn stars that will ever exist. Things have changed now, and people come and go quickly. Names are unimportant these days.

Is it one that you would ever want to enter again, and if so, why?

Naw. I thought about it for a while. But I am in an awesome relationship now, I have a great life and I have an amazing legacy. Young men come up and repeat lines from my movies to me. How crazy is that? I hear “you were the first guy I ever jacked off to” at least once a week.  Why would I need to do more?

What are your thoughts on the current state of it and do you think it can survive with all the changes that keep happening?

My guess is that eventually commercial porn will completely die. The new crop has learned finally that they can make their own money filming their own sex. And the generation after them is going to just not give a shit and just give it away for free. Unless of course the government “Handmaid Tales” us into submission. 

I see that you have become a successful masseur over the past couple of years. What inspired that career change?

That’s funny, I’ve been doing massage for 25 years. It wasn’t a career change, in fact doing porn was the career change for a few years. But I’m a masseur for life… since I was 22 years old. I doubt you’re going to find anybody that can say they’ve worked one job for that long. 

Is this something you want to continue doing or do you have any other career ambitions for yourself?

I’m writing now. Specifically, on a fiction novel. I tell myself stories while I’m doing massage to pass time. One of those stories has managed to flesh out into something that I really like. So, I’ll take a few years and bang this fucker out. 

You have quite a lot of opinions about many hot topics going on in the world today. What are your thoughts on the gay community overall in 2018?

Well considering I’ve seen the gay community from 1988 until now, I’d say we’re in pretty good shape. If I had one bone to pick it would be that we need to be more careful about the battles we choose now. The Masterpiece Cake Bakery case was a huge mistake in my eyes. If we had really lost that we could’ve easily wound up in a Dred Scott situation. Just because we won a couple of good rounds doesn’t mean we need to chase every single rat around the yard. 

Anything going on in the future that your fans would like to know about?

Naw. My real fans are awesome and know my personality. If I did do something you wouldn’t see it coming.

You can follow Jake on Instagram here and learn more about his massage business here.

"Temptation Island" Star Joshua Feytons Is Very Naked At His New Gig

Start off your weekend with a really attractive naked Dutch man. After appearing on the Dutch-language Temptation Island, the very pretty, chiseled, and respectably-endowed Joshua Feytons is now starring on Adam Zkt. Eva VIP, which means we get to see him in all of his glory, courtesy of OMG Blog. Here's a sneak peek:

Adam Zkt. Eva is a Dutch reality television relationship show that’s been airing since 2014. The setup: all contestants are totally naked, vying for one another’s affections. New contestants are added as the season progresses to heighten the drama.

The simple, unsurprisingly commercial show has been sold to several other European markets, with spinoffs in several countries including France, Germany and Denmark.

Now, if only the FCC would get out of the dark ages and allow nudity like this on American television. Sure, VH1 had Dating Naked, but that was completely censored. Which means there's literally no reason to watch it (it got cancelled).

Check out Joshua Feytons in all his full-frontal NSFW glory at OMG Blog.