Reality Star Joel Taylor Found Dead on Gay Cruise

Joel Taylor, reality star of the Discovery Channel show Storm Chasers, has reportedly died aboard a cruise ship. Taylor, who was 38m was found unresponsive in his cabin aboard a gay Royal Caribbean cruise as the ship Harmony of the Seas was docked in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Reed Timmer, friend and co-star of Storm Chasers, tweeted out in Taylor’s memory:





According to CNN, Richard Duggar II, funeral director, released a statement on behalf of Taylor’s family:

We can confirm that Joel Taylor has passed away while on a cruise. The cause of the death has not yet been determined. We ask for your understanding during this difficult time and your respect for the family while they deal with the loss of their son. 

There is speculation that Taylor overdosed although no confirmation on the cause of his death. According to TMZ, Taylor was seen consuming a large amount of drugs and he passed out on the dance floor on Tuesday evening. He was removed from the dance floor and taken back to his room.

Taylor’s untimely death is still under investigation.


Italian Gay Couple Dies and Families Hold Joint-Funeral

An Italian gay couple died after breathing carbon monoxide that was emitted from a defective wood-burning stove on Tuesday, January 2nd. Alex Ferrari and Luca Bortolaso, both who were 21, were staying with two female friends in Ca’di Sotto, Verona when they were found dead due to the dangerous levels of CO. They had been dating for over a year.

The couple was sleeping together in one room where they inhaled the toxic fumes while their friends were in another. Their friends were not affected because they were using an electric fire.

According to the Italian media outlet Cronaca, Ferrari and Bortolaso’s families requested that their lives be celebrated with a joint funeral in the church of San Giovanni Battista.

Both individuals saw an outpour of love at their parishes which was demonstrative of how loved they truly were.

A spokesperson of the bishop of Vicenza, Don Alessio Graziani commented on the tragedy with:

The choice of celebrating together the funeral of Alex and Luke responds to a specific request of their families to whom the Church at this moment of immense sorrow wishes to be close with the words of faith.Following the death of two young people, every other comment it seems at least inappropriate

Senator Monica Cirinnà took to Facebook to pay her respects to the couple and their families by saying, "These families are a virtuous example for everyone who loves and respects their children with dignity even in extreme pain."

Their love will be remembered.

Co-Founder of Gay Dating Site 'Gaydar' Has Died

Henry Badenhorst, co-founder of the game-changing gay dating website, Gaydar, died on November 11th at the age 51. His death is still under investigation, but it is apparent suicide as his body was found after falling from the 23rd floor of the Michelangelo Towers building in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Badenhorst, who began the gay dating site Gaydar with his life and business partner, Gary Frisch in 1999, suffered from depression. Prior to the days of mobile apps, Gaydar was a groundbreaking website that paved the way for others of its kind. The website offered live chat and location searching for its users and fully editable profile pages.

In 2006, Badenhorst and Frisch parted ways, but remained business partners. Sadly, Frisch committed suicide by jumping off the balcony of his flat in South London in 2007, the same year that Badenhorst was named the 4th most influential business person in Britain.

After the death of Frisch, Badenhorst was never the same, although Gaydar grew and saw over five million subscribers at its peek. The site evolved with technology and launched an app version of the site, but Badenhorst eventually selling his shares of the business in 2013.

The current managing director of Gaydar, Rob Curtis, shared with Buzzfeed:

Eighteen years ago, Henry and his partner Gary revolutionised the way that gay men meet, and in doing so created a safer environment for LGBT people everywhere. The Gaydar team is shocked and saddened to hear of Henry’s passing and send our sincerest sympathies to Henry’s friends and family.

A great loss of a pioneer in gay dating technology, a tool that is used globally and that created opportunities and connections within our community.