Michael Avenatti Has Been Arrested on Suspicion of Felony Domestic Battery

This just in: Michael Avenatti has been arrested on felony domestic violence charges. 

As reported by TMZ, this all started Tuesday night when Avenatti, attorney for porn star Stormy Daniels, had an altercation with an unnamed woman at an exclusive apartment in the wealthy neighborhood of Century City in Los Angeles. 

The woman filed a felony domestic violence report with police. 

Then on Wednesday afternoon, the woman was on the sidewalk with sunglasses on her eyes, on her cellphone saying,”I can't believe you did this to me. I'm going to get a restraining order against you."

She alleges had been kicked out of the apartment on Tuesday. She went back Wednesday to pick up her belongings.

Security took the woman inside. Then Avenatti showed up five minutes later, yelling:

"She hit me first. This is bullshit; this is fucking bullshit.” 

Security wouldn’t let him into the building. 

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Police arrived on the scene and briefly spoke with Avenatti in the corner of the lobby. According to TMZ, Avenatti is now in police custody.

In recent months, Avenatti had been hinting at a potential presidential bid. He’s even hit up states like Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Hampshire, Florida, Ohio and Iowa. 

"A number of people have stepped forward and said that they would do whatever I needed in the way of financial support, as well as introductions, hosting events, things of that nature," Avenatti told The Hollywood Reporter in August.

Somehow it doesn’t seem like that’s ever going to happen. 

For more on this breaking story, visit TMZ.

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After Cheating on His Wife With Other Men on Grindr, Man is Prime Suspect in Her Murder

On May14th, 34-year-old Jessica Patel was found dead in her home of Middlesbrough, England. Her husband, 37-year-old Mitesh Patel is accused of her murder. Patel and his wife were pharmacists who ran a business together according to GazetteLive. Patel denies murdering his wife, but it is known that he had cheated on her numerous times with men who he had met on the gay hookup app Grindr.

In order to get a fair trial, High Court judge Mr. Justice James Goss QC was careful to inform potential jurors that anyone who was familiar with Grindr would not be allowed to serve as a juror.

He shared with jurors at the Teesside Crown Court:

It is agreed that during the course of the marriage, the defendant Mitesh Patel had been unfaithful to his wife, including having met men for sexual intercourse.

Some of them he met using a social networking site called Grindr.

In a moment the names of witnesses and others to whom reference may be made during the trial will be read out to you.

If you know any of them and believe that that knowledge of them is sufficient to compromise your objectivity as you consider the evidence, you should indicate that in a note that you write to me.

It is agreed between the prosecution and defence and approved by me that in order to seek to ensure your objectivity as potential jurors in this case, if you have frequented the Roman Road pharmacy in Linthorpe over the last seven years, or you have used the Grindr app at any time over the same period, that’s in the last seven years, you should be excused from sitting in this case.

If you entertain any doubt about any names you’ve heard, put that in a note as well.

There’s no rush. This is important. So think about it all.

The trial began on November 13th with a jury of six men and six women and two additional women as ‘surplus jurors’.

The trial will continue with opening arguments by Prosecutor Nicholas Campbell QC and is expected to go until December 7th. It is likely that Mitesh Patel will plead not guilty.

This story is developing as the trial continues.

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Have You Seen the Video of a Group of Trans Women Beating Up a Man for Insulting Them?

Around 2 a.m. on June 24th in the Leicester Square tube station in London, three transgender women and their friend attacked a man who allegedly shouted a slur at the group. According to DailyMail, the group of drunken women continuously beat the man after a crowd of people attempted to stop them. Meanwhile, others shouted “Fight! Fight! Fight!” perpetuating the situation.

The victim of the ‘heinous attack’ was rushed to the hospital with several lacerations and a black eye.

The assailants include Tylah-Jo Bryan, Amarnih Lewis-Daniel, Tamzin Lush, and Hannah Bryan who were arrested after the violent crime.

Their assault was so bad that the Westminster magistrate, Kristy Walker, asserted the offense was too serious to deal with in a regular court and would have to escalate to the crown court. The four are awaiting sentencing at Blackfriars crown court, but no date has been set.

No other information on condition of the victim.

Check out the graphic video of the attack below. WARNING: it includes sensitive visuals that are not suitable for everyone.


Is this a case of three trans women standing up for themselves that went too far?

Or did this guy get what he had coming?

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Hail Mary: This Priest is Expected to Serve the Rest of His Life in Jail

Wayland Yoder Brown, a priest who had served time for molesting boys in Maryland, was sentenced yet again on October 23rd to 20 years in a South Carolina prison for raping middle school boys over 40 years ago.

The 76-year-old Catholic priest faced 210 years in prison on nine counts of criminal sexual conduct with a minor according to the Associated Press. Brown took a plea deal that lowered his incarceration to 20 years and requires him to work with investigators in uncovering more about the Diocese of Savannah, Georgia and other churches he was involved in.

Brown had previously served five years out of a 10-year sentence in the state of Maryland for sexually abusing two other boys. Brown pleaded guilty in 2004 for the crimes he committed in Maryland in the 1970s, during which he was still in seminary school. He was dismissed from priesthood by Pope John Paul II after he was convicted in 2004.

Investigation on Brown began in 2016 when a man accused him of sexual abuse, an allegation that cost the Diocese of Savannah $4.5 million in a lawsuit settlement. The boys were molested by Brown while attending St. James Catholic School in Savannah. The statute of limitation in Georgia stopped investigation on Brown, but it was discovered he also abused boys in South Carolina, where there is no statue of limitation.

Solicitor Duffie Stone shared in a press conference that Brown raped the boys while wearing his priest collar, then prayed the rosary with them. He warned them that if they reported it they and their families would face eternal condemnation.

Stone said:

He not only violated the trust of children, but violated their faith. He used the Catholic faith against them.

I do not expect the defendant to live through that sentence. I think it is appropriate he lives the rest of his life in the South Carolina Department of Corrections.

h/t: Associated Press

Naked 21-Year-Old Man, High On Meth, Arrested For Lewd Act In North Dakota Church

Guys, meth is no joke. Hopefully that part isn’t news.

Anyway, as reported by KFYR, a 21-year-old man named Zachary Burdick has created quite a ruckus. Earlier this month, Burdick charged into Spirit of Life Roman Catholic Church in Mandan, North Dakota completely nude. According to police, he was high on crystal meth.

Burdick hopped into the church’s holy water fountain. Then he got out and masturbated in the aisles. And yes, this was during a service. About 70 people were attending mass.

According to reports, Burdick was asked to leave by the church earlier in the day for offering to bless churchgoers with the Book of Mormon. It’s more than worth mentioning that the church also houses a preschool. Children were in the building during the incident, but documents say they weren't in the same room fortunately. 

The church now must drain, sterilize and re-bless the holy water. The cost of this is estimated to be $500.

Burdick, was arrested for ingestion of meth, criminal mischief and indecent exposure, On his Facebook page, he describes himself as a “rapper, producer [and] songwriter.”

It’s easy to joke about this, and I’ll concede that on the surface it is undeniably entertaining and attention-grabbing. In all seriousness though, here’s hoping Burdick gets the help he needs.

For more on this: KFYR




Shooter Outside Texas Gay Nightclub is Still At Large

A typical night at one of San Antonio’s gay watering holes, Pegasus Nightclub, turned into a nightmare for patrons. According to My San Antonio, a customer was kicked out of the bar around 12:30 a.m. on Monday October 8th and returned shortly after and opened gun fire on patrons outside of the bar near a taco stand. Two men and one woman were struck by the gun fire that sent San Antonio’s gay strip running in a frenzy. According to San Antonio Police Chief William McManus, the man, in his 40s, had apparently had too much to drink and it appears he returned to retaliate. The suspect remains at large.

Mike Rodriguez, manager of Pegasus shared with KSAT.com:

Two gentlemen were getting food. A man behind them said it was taking too long, called one of the gentleman a name. They started to argue and fight security broke it up, escorted them out. One of the gentleman went to his car and got a gun, stood at the corner and fired three shots.

The victims of the shooting, who are all in their 20s, suffered non-life threatening injuries and were transported immediately to Brooke Army Medical Center. They are expected to make full recoveries.

The incident is under investigation, seeking camera footage and questioning any witnesses. It is not known if they shooter had any direct relationship with the victims.

Pegasus Nightclub offered their sympathies to their patrons and everyone involved:


They're also taking a little time to process and recharge before opening their doors again to the public

h/t: My San Antonio, KSAT.com

Authorities Are Looking for a Man Who is Urging People to "Bash a Gay Today"

Last week residents from a neighborhood in Sydney were receiving homophobic letters from Jesus blaming LGBTQIA people for the drought and recent hail storm. Now this week another suburb of Sydney is seeing some more hate with the recent appearance of homophobic graffiti. According to news.com.au two witnesses, Laura Hunter and April Long, encountered an older man spray painting a wall with the words “BASH A GAY TODAY”.

When they approached the man and confronted him for heinous act, he shared with them that he had been robbed by a gay man once. The man covered his face with a hat and simply walked away, but not before being photographed by the witnesses.

Others are also claiming that this phrase is being seen in other areas of Alexandria in Sydney



Authorities are investigating the homophobic graffiti and searching for the man responsible for the hate speech.

h/t: news.com.au


Puerto Vallarta is Seeing a Wave of Strange Crimes Involving Naked Men

So here’s the weirdest story you might read today. According to Mexican news outlet Vallarta Independiente, men over a dozen cases of naked men tied to posts with the letter “R” shaved into their head have occurred over the last couple of weeks in Puerto Vallarta.

Police received calls that men were found naked with bruises on their buttocks and tied to lamp posts. It is believed that the letter ‘R’ stands for ‘Rata’ or ‘Ratero’ which has a double meaning of thief or ‘rat’ (snitch).

Each man has been questioned and refused to give names of the culprits. Many simply say they were picked up and taken to an undisclosed location, beaten, and tied up.

Authorities are currently investigating this odd crime. It is unknown if this has to do with individuals trying to take the law into their own hands with these thieves or if it has to do with a gang rivalry or threat to their lives if they speak out against their assailant.

Here’s a report from Imagen Noticias:



h/t: Vallarta Independiente, Imagen Noticias

Kevin Spacey Sued For Allegedly Sexually Assaulting a Masseur in Malibu in 2016

Just a few days after his “good friend” [and also, maybe, an out-of-touch, 83-year-old film and theater actress] Judi Dench defended him in Spain, Kevin Spacey has been filed another lawsuit, for allegedly sexually assaulting a masseur at a Malibu home in 2016. This case is downright graphic. You’ve been warned.

According to Deadline Hollywood, a lawsuit filed at Los Angeles Superior Court alleges the Billionaire Boys Club star forced a male massage therapist to “touch his scrotum, testicles and penis” before “pulling him in for an apparent attempted forced kiss.”

“During these assaults, plaintiff repeatedly asked Spacey to allow him to leave, but Spacey blocked access to Spacey’s massage table and the door with his naked body,” 

Spacey is being sued for sexual battery, gender violence, battery, assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress and false imprisonment.

Following the assault, the alleged victim said to Spacey:

“What are you doing? This is ridiculous. I am a professional. This is what I do for a living. I have a son”.

The suit claims: “Spacey’s conduct was extreme and outrageous. Spacey acted with reckless disregard for plaintiff’s rights and feelings, and with deliberate indifference to the certainty that plaintiff would suffer emotional distress.

“As a direct and proximate result of Spacey’s actions, plaintiff has suffered and continues to suffer severe mental anguish, emotional pain and distress, fear, humiliation, grief, embarrassment, nervousness, worry, anger, frustration, helplessness, nervousness , sadness, stress, mental and emotional distress, and anxiety.”

The alleged victim says he reported the incident to police when it happened. So far, authorities have yet to confirm or deny this.

Spacey is already being investigated in the U.S. and the U.K. for multiple alleged sexual assaults.

To read more: Deadline Hollywood.

Here is the graphic court document.

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Redmond O'Neal, Son of Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O'Neal, Accused of Violent Homophobic Attack

Legal woes just went from bad to worse for Redmond O’Neal, the 33-year-old son of Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O’Neal.

Ken Fox, a gay man in Los Angeles, has accused O’Neal of assaulting him on May 2. He says he was wheeling a laundry basket to a neighborhood laundromat when O’Neal approached him, called him gay slurs and beat him within an inch of his life with a beer bottle. His nose was broken, among other injuries.

O’Neal is facing several felony charges after an alleged crime spree in May of this year. He’s accused of assaulting four other men; two of them were critically injured. One was repeatedly stabbed.

Fox appeared on Thursday with famed L.A. lawyer Gloria Allred for a press conference, where they announced Fox is suing O’Neal for “assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, violation of civil rights, negligence, loss of consortium and negligent infliction of emotional distress.”



Fox appeared to be choking back tears throughout the presser, saying a common gay slur Redmond used was "just one of many offensive terms used to make gay men feel ashamed of themselves."  

"I felt trapped, like a wounded animal. I literally thought I was going to die," Fox said. "All I could do was scream until he just walked away."

"He appears to be an unrepentant repeat offender who has had his parole revoked for doing drugs in a rehabilitation center. In my opinion, he is competent enough to know exactly what he was doing. He wanted to hurt an old, weak, defenseless gay man. He wanted to hurt me. And he did hurt me.”

Allred added:

“There must be serious consequences for anyone who engages in violence against innocent victims and particularly where the victim is victimized on account of his status as a member of a minority which has a long history of persecution and violence against them on account of their sexual orientation.”

Fox disclosed numerous medical setbacks stemming from the attack, including the need to have his nose re-broken and reset. He is also in counseling.

Redmond O’Neal has been in police custody since May; he was arrested on suspicion of robbing a 7/11 at gunpoint. O’Neal’s half-sister is Academy Award-winner Tatum O’Neal, who’s had her own fair share of struggles with addiction.

As reported by USA Today, O’Neal has been arrested several times in the past and he has several felonies over his head already. In 2011, he was arrested for possession of heroin and possession of a firearm. He had strikes for DUI and drugs in 2008. In 2015, he served time in prison for violating his parole.

h/t: USA Today