Gay Actor and Activist Dies On Hike in Australia

An actor and gay activist from Los Angeles, Matt Palazzolo, died earlier this week while hiking in Australia. Palazzolo was a longtime member of the West Hollywood Lesbian and Gay Advisory Board, a member of the Christopher Street West Board and active in community activism. Palazzolo was vocal and dynamic during the Proposition 8 demonstrations in California in 2008.

According to ABC News in Australia, Palazzolo was found over a thousand feet from the trail that took them on a hike through the 10-mile Larapinta Trail on Mount Sonder. The actor and his unnamed partner set out around 8:30am. During the hike, Palazzolo ran off during their return, but apparently took a wrong  turn. When the partner reached authorities, he reported that Palazzolo had gone missing.

Temperatures reached 107 degrees F on that day and warnings had gone out against going on long treks with the danger of dehydration.

Palazzolo’s social media indicate that he was an avid hiker and had experience exploring the outdoors.


10,064 ft. Not another human in sight :) just and

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Saturday adventure hat. #nature #hiking #climbing #mountains

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The investigation on Palazzolo’s death is still under investigation, but authorities do not suspect any suspicious circumstances surrounding his death as it was likely due to heat stroke.

Hunky Men, Australia, RuPaul, World Travel--All Part of Instinct's Best Nine of Instagram 2017

As December comes to an end, and we bid 2017 farewell, you may have noticed your Instagram feeds flooding with people’s Best Nine of 2017. This is each profile’s top liked images of the year that are posted as a retrospective of what has transpired in 2017.

Visit 2017 Best Nine to create your collage of memorable moments and trending pics.

As we look back on 2017, we can see that Instinct Magazine’s Best Nine includes a lot of our top stories and images that created buzz on social media and beyond.

Here’s a look at Instinct Magazine’s Best Nine of 2017 and the topics that you all liked the most! #2017bestnine

1. Australia Votes YES for Marriage Equality!



The hottest debate in Australia’s history resulted in a public survey where 61.6% voted in favor of legalizing Same-Sex Marriage in the land down under vs. 38.4% voted against. A huge win for a huge country that many already felt had legalized same-sex marriage.

This public vote led to parliament where the public vote held strong and the official vote made Australia the 24th country to legalize same-sex marriage!

Marriages even started before the necessary 30-day waiting period due to special circumstances.

Possibly some of the best news in a year that was full of tragedy, natural disaster, and sad social/political climate. Congratulations again to all the Aussies!

2. Meet the Man Hand-Knitting Jockstraps



When we found out about this guy from Southern California who has been hand-knitting jockstraps we couldn’t wait to share it with all our readers. JR Carrillo who runs Haus of Betch, first started knitting the sexy undies to win over someone he was crushing on. Learning how to knit a scarf quickly turned into making a jockstrap, which catapulted him into our thirsty Instagram feeds. It’s no wonder this sexy photo of one of his creations—and the hottie who’s wearing it—made it into our Best Nine of 2017.

3. Travel Thursday: Ready for That All Boys Trip to Palm Springs?



Palm Springs has been one of our favorite travel destinations of 2017. The desert oasis has a little something for everyone. It makes for a perfect romantic getaway or even if you just want to take a quick and fun trip with all the boys. You won’t want to leave! With awesome places to stay like the INNdulge and Tortuga del Sol and delicious places to eat like Trio Palm Springs, Peabody’s Café, Watercress Vietnamese Bistro or exploration like the Palm Springs Aerial tram, Oscar’s Cabaret or the Palm Springs Art Museum—it’s the best place to go during any season. But one of the best things about Palm Springs is their nightlife. So were we surprised when this cutie from Hunters Palm Springs made it to our Best Nine of 2017? Well—just look at him!

4. We’re Going North to Learn More About ‘The French One’ – Bruno Costa



In this feature article one of our favorite sites, MR JOEL, we learned about Bruno Costa—who is known on Instagram as the_french_0ne. He is a social media influencer, model, and super sexy! In this article we learned about what inspires him, what are some of his fashion must-haves and how he uses social media to make us all drool. That’s why  this piece of eye candy made it onto our Best Nine of 2017!

5. Kathy Griffin Bares All in Shocking New Photos!



2017 has been an intense year that has seen protests and demonstrations of all kinds. One of the most vocal and controversial celebrities of 2017, who has been very public about her opinion of our current president, is Kathy Griffin. From her photo with a decapitated Donald Trump head to her feuds with Andy Cohen and ex-BFF Anderson Cooper, Kathy has been all over the place this year. But nothing could possibly compare to the photos she released when she shaved her head in support of her sister who was undergoing chemotherapy earlier this year.

6. RuPaul’s Drag Race Receives Emmy Nomination for Best Reality Show



After 11 seasons (9 seasons and 2 All-Stars seasons), RuPaul’s Drag Race was nominated for an Emmy for Best Reality Show this year! Although the show didn’t take home the win, RuPaul did win for best host again this year, proving that we still want more of Mama Ru! The last few years have been pivotal for LGBTQ representation in mainstream media and RPDR has been a pioneer in the drag game as well as creating dialogue about LGBTQ issues—all with wigs and death drops! RPDR and all its alumni are some of our favorite topics to discuss here on Instinct and can’t wait to see what 2018 holds for these queens and their fans!

7. Study Reveals the Average Age Gay Men Are Getting Married!



We love to analyze studies on Instinct Magazine and one of our favorite of this year discussed the average age at which gay men were getting hitched! The Knot conducted a survey with almost a thousand LGBTQ married couples to find out the details! After the survey, they discovered the average marriage age for gay men is 46! Should I have waited until then?! Check out the rest of the results HERE. This image of two men celebrating their nuptials made it to our Best Nine of 2017 because in a world full of negativity, its beautiful to see that love, and commitment, is still alive and well.

8. Travel Thursdays – Miami Beach is Red Hot This April With Tons of LGBT Events



Another of our favorite locations for travel in 2017 was Miami! We visited throughout the year and found that the city was thriving with LGBT events in the month of April. It was enough for us to return to the Whisper Out Loud event later in the year at the W Miami where we were greeted by this pair of hunky fine specimens providing welcome drinks to everyone at the Meet and Greet! See why we love Miami?! Get there—fast!

9. Travel Thursday: We Are Still Recovering From Our Trip to Israel and Tel Aviv Pride



Enough said! Now, over six months later—we are STILL recovering from Instinct’s trip to Tel Aviv Pride. The excitement of the festival, wrapped in the beauty and rich history of the city was an unforgettable trip that made for great photographic evidence and the best Instagram shots! The trip was enough to make up multiple articles because there was too much to talk about. Just check out Travel Thursday: An American Bear in Israel. Are Tel Aviv & Jersusalem Safe for LGBT American Travelers? To see what we mean. Do you now understand why this cutie with rainbow suspenders made our Best Nine of 2017? We are still trying to figure out who he is because one of our writers wants to marry him.

As 2017 comes to an end, at Instinct Magazine we are eternally grateful for our readers. You all are the reason for sharing these LGBTQ narratives and without the dialogue with all of you, it wouldn’t be the same. We look forward to what 2018 has in store—and look forward to bringing you the best and up-to-date from the LGBTQ world! Check us out on Instagram to make it happen!

First Same-Sex Weddings Take Place in Australia

After Australia's recent victory for the LGBT community in making same-sex marriages legally permissible, the first couple tied the knot this weekend. Lauren Price, 31, and Amy Laker, 29, got married in Syndey without having to wait the 30-day period necessary for couples to start exchanging vows. According to the couple was married, both in white gowns, after 18 months of planning that became a history-making moment for the people of Australia.

Equal Marriage Rights Australia was thrilled to announce the union of the two women as soon as it occured:



The couple was given a special dispensation for the waiting period because their families were traveling from Wales to attend what was originally scheduled to be a commitment ceremony.

Meanwhile, in Melbourne, Amy McDonald, 36, and Elise McDonald, 28, were granted permission to bypass the waiting period due to their families flying in from overseas. The couple married in Melbourne's Carlton Gardens.

Other couples are set to marry this week as permissions have been granted due to serious health issues that they each face.

The first weddings in Australia are set to be performed on January 9, 2018 once the 30-day waiting period is officially lifted.

Australia Introduces $53 Million Plan To End HIV

It seems Australia’s on a role concerning LGBTQ issues.

Just last week, the country officially legalized gay marriage and started the motion for actual weddings to happen first thing next year.

Now, the country is turning its attention to ending HIV.

Bill Shorten, the Federal Opposition and labor Party Leader, has introduced a plan to end HIV in Australia (conveniently, before trying to get his party in office in the next election).

This plan, which will amount to about AU$53 Million (or US$39.8 Million), is multi-faceted and includes steps like expanding PrEP trials to the Northern Territory of the country.

The plan ultimately has the goal of improving prevention, testing, and treatment for all groups in Australia, like those who have HIV but aren’t diagnosed yet and the increasingly at-risk Asian Pacific group.

Shorten just announced and started the plan this past Monday with the help of Shadow Minister for Health and Medicare Catherine King. During that time, he also restored $10 Million (US$7,516,187) to peak HIV national organizations.

Australia Votes YES for Marriage Equality!

After an eight-week postal survey polling Australian residents on whether or not same-sex marriage should be lawful throughout Australia, the results are in!

At 10 a.m. on November 15th, the Australian Bureau of Statistics announced that the final vote is a YES!

The Aussies have spoken and the results are:

  • 7,817,247 – YES 61.6%
  • 4,873,987 – NO 38.4%

12,727,920 total voters 79.5% total electorate

Here is footage of the gathering in Sydney for the announcement (video from DNA Magazine's Facebook Page). Skip ahead to the 21 minute mark for THE moment.



Over 12.6 million people participated in the voluntary postal survey, that’s about ¾ of the entire Australian electorate.

This has been one of the most pivotal moments in Australia’s history, creating massive dialogue between campaigns for and against the proposed law.

According to a press release issued by the Human Rights Watch:

The postal survey in effect submitted the human rights of the LGBT population to a popularity contest, putting gay, lesbian, and bisexual people in a vulnerable position. For two months, their lives and identities were open to public debate, scrutiny, evaluation, and sometimes abuse.

During this period, some groups opposing marriage equality used scare tactics to lure voters to their side. Opponents stoked fears that a “yes” victory would pose a threat to religious freedom. The opponents circulated posters and advertising campaigns with misleading information and sometimes outright lies.

Upon news of the historic results, Alex Greenwich from the Equality Campaign shared:

This happened because millions of Australians reached out to our own families, neighbourhoods, organisations – to stand up for equality, stand by our loved ones and share why YES was so important

You’ve done it. It’s YES.

Now, because of you, ours will be the last generation in which LGBTI relationships are not equal under the law. For the young person growing up in a small town, for the couple who have been together 40 years, and the person who’s been longing to propose: you belong here, your love is celebrated and honoured here, and never again will you be made to feel otherwise by our country’s laws.

So pick up the phone right now. Call your son or daughter. Text your best friend. Hug your grandma. High-five the coffee guy. Pump the music in your office. Put a shiny new badge on your profile pic. Give your child a great big cuddle. Because today in Australia, fairness and equality triumphed, and we can all be proud.

Congratulations, Australia! The survey is only the beginning on a path to parliament adoption which would make Australia the 25th country with marriage equality. Let's get ready for some fabulous weddings in the land down under!














Australian Kid Campaigners Take a Stance for Same-Sex Marriage

The debate for same-sex marriage in Australia has created one the greatest divisions in their history. For a country that many feel is open-minded and progressive, it is surprising to know that same-sex marriage is not already law of the land.

With Australia’s same-sex marriage survey closing on November 7th, many have taken to different campaigns urging voters to help in the passing of this law. Results from the survey are due on November 15th when we will know if Australia joins the ranks of the 24 other countries around the world who have already legalized same-sex marriages.

One point of view that has gotten much attention is of the Australian youth. Both positive and negative opinions have risen from a video that journalist Patrick Abboud has hosted via The Feed SBS Viceland featuring kid campaigners from Australia that has posed their perspective on this very important political and social issue. The video depicts a young boy, six-year-old Archie, who is shown spreading love by placing rainbow flags in mailboxes as he rides his bicycle from home to home. This interview with Archie is juxtaposed with protests by religious groups who are against the Australian same-sex law. The video also leads to rural Australia to show a teenager, Jim, who has taken his platform for same-sex marriage to Instagram—asking Aussies to put on some rainbow socks and snapping their pic.

Here’s the video that is making waves with controversy.

Watch: This 104-Year-Old AU Citizen Wants The Country To Say Yes

The public poll on whether marriage equality should be legalized in Australia is coming to an end, but one 104-year-old citizen still has something to say.

AU Marriage Equality is the lead campaign trying to make sure that “Yes” is Australia’s resounding answer, and in order to finish to the end they’ve released an ad with a wise man’s thoughts on the whole thing.

They got a 104-year-old citizen, who also has a gay grandson, to share his thoughts on camera and he says that he “can’t understand what all the fuss and commotion is about.”

The campaign is remind us all that this isn’t just a vote about whether gay people should be able to marry, but about the basic respect for other human lives. It’s about stopping discrimination and giving others the rights that you already have.

Keep in mind that the vote will officially end on November 7. That said, the organization behind managing the poll suggested that all voters had submitted their responses this past Friday in order to ensure that they got in on time.

Now, we just await a week to see what the result will be.

The results are expected to be in by around November 15.

Study Predicts The Australia's "Yes" Vote Will Have A Narrow Loss

An academic study is using Twitter opinions to gauge the results of the public vote for or against same-sex marriage in Australian.

While many opinion polls say that the yes vote will win and be around 60 percent of the vote, this Twitter opinion study says the opposite.

The study, by Academics David Tuffley and Bela Stantic, looked at over 458,565 tweets through the month of October.

At face value, the two found that there was an overwhelming amount of support for marriage equality. Specifically, they found that there was 72 percent support for the yes vote.

That said, they also found that only 15% of the yeses came from people over the age of 55. With that in mind, they adjusted the numbers and ended up with 57 percent support.

But that’s not all, they then adjusted the numbers again to make up for the low amount of tweets coming from people older than 55 (a voter pool that will show up in the actual vote). This ended up with a 49 percent yes rate for the vote.

Tuffley and Stantic are known for being surprisingly accurate when it comes to tough call votes and polls. For instance, they predicted the Trump win for the 2016 US presidential election.

And as they told Australian News Agency 9 News:

“It is likely to be a close-run result, much closer than the earlier polls suggested, and leaning in the direction of 'no.”

That said, the two do note that predications can have complications that get in the way of coming up with a true and fair answer.

"One of the problems with predicting poll outcomes is that people are often reluctant to say out loud what they really think about issues.”

"What people say online can often be more accurate than what they say to each other in this age of political correctness."

Yes Voter Featured in A No Campaign Is “Devastated To Be Linked To This Rubbish”

A volunteer interpreter is “personally distressed” after she was filmed signing the words of a campaigner for LGBTQ rights, and then placed in a Vote No to Marriage Equality ad.

Paola Mitchell told that she’s called the Coalition for Marriage to remove the ad, but they have refused to respond.

Ms. Mitchell was first made aware of the video by a friend who messaged her after seeing the ad in a doctor’s waiting room. She now worries that she may be shunned by some of the deaf community after appearing in the video.

“It’s irresponsible and they obviously don’t really care who or what they do is affecting,” said Ms Mitchell.

“I’m proudly and openly gay and it just tears me apart to my very core and devastates me my face is even remotely associated with this rubbish from the No campaign.”

“I’m horrified and personally distressed. I never gave my permission for my image to be used in this way.”

A Coalition for Marriage spokesman told “We sympathize with her and can understand why she would want to distance herself from Roz Ward and the radical safe schools program.”

The ad depicts the argument that legalizing same-sex marriage will eventually effect and change the lecture plans taught in schools.

Speaking of the vote, it is coming to an end soon. The Australian Bureau of Statistics, which manages the survey, recommends voters send their votes in the mail by this Friday to make sure they are received by the cut-off date of November 7.

City of Sydney Is Granting Free Venues If Gay Marriage Passes

The City of Sydney has showed their support for the “vote yes” campaign and is even giving special privileges to same-sex couples.

Gay couples, and not straight couples, will be able to marry for free in well-known government buildings and parks if marriage equality is legalized.

This was made official Monday night in Australia to make many government locations free for the first 100 days if the vote goes through.

This is just like the promise that recently elected mayor Darcy Bryne made late last month.

In a Facebook live session, Byrne asked for newly elected city councilors to support the proposal of this motion and added, “On the day that this country finally accepts that love is love, I want couples to know that the inner west will welcome them with open arms if they want to celebrate their marriage in our public facilities.”

That said, only the locations will be provided for free. All other services like catering, security, tech, and so on will be the responsibility of the couples.

Even though Darcy Bryne openly supported the motion, it was Labor councilor Linda Scott who moved it into succession and Lord Mayor Clover Moore who whipped the necessary votes.

That said, some are feeling that this act goes against the very idea of marriage equality.

One such person is openly out politician Christine Forster who voted against the motion after trying to get it to apply to straight couples as well.

"This has been a fight for equality before the law and it's my belief that we can't ask for equality for ourselves and then deny it to others," she told the Sydney Morning Herald.

"It's also been about making marriage inclusive not exclusive, and this motion flies in the face of that."

That said, opposition to that argument says that this act is not discrimination but a practical way to combat and move past the many years of discrimination gay people have suffered.

The currently public survey for marriage equality ends on November 7 and the results will be announced on the 15th. If the vote comes out as a yes, then we could be seeing marriages happening as early as Christmas time.