Adam Rippon Gives A Whole Lot Of Pumpkin Spice Products The Taste Test

Ah, October.

When most of the U.S. finally falls into autumn and a whole bunch of folks do a happy dance for all things 'pumpkin spice' flavored.

In fact, the venerable Pumpkin Spice Latte is already back in residency at Starbucks marking the 15th consecutive year of the concoction, which the coffee giant says is its most popular seasonal beverage.

With that in mind, Cosmopolitan asked Olympic bronze medalist Adam Rippon to sample several different pumpkin spice flavored products as part of their ongoing “Adam Rippon Riffs On” series.

Of course, you have to begin with the aforementioned PSL from Starbucks, which Rippon deems worthy of a “4 pumpkins” rating.

Pumpkin spiced Kahlua takes center stage and clearly takes awesome Adam by surprise.

“Shut the video down, this is f**king amazing,” raves Rippon.

He then pours the liquer into the latte, and bam! We have a 5-pumpkin winner!

 Rippon moves on to food next tasting a pumpkin spice bagel with pumpkin spice cream cheese. Who wants to guess how that works out?

Annnnd, back to the Kahlua latte.

Next up is pumpkin spice Frosted Flakes with pumpkin spice almond beverage? #seriously?

The cereal acquits itself well, but the almond beverage is apparently some serious version of nasty.

In fact, there’s only one way to salvage this breakfast. Want to take a guess?

Take a four minute brain break and watch our favorite self-declared “America’s sweetheart” take on pumpkin spice below.



Adam Rippon's Olympic Costumes Are Going To The Smithsonian

Adam Rippon will now officially go down in U.S. History with the help of the Smithsonian.

Yesterday, Rippon shared on Instagram that he will be donating his Olympic outfit to the Smithsonian Institute.



The Smithsonian Institute and the American History Museum are government run organizations that archive over 150 million items. With that said, will Rippon’s outfit be up for display and next to the iconic ruby red slippers from the Wizard of Oz like Rippon suggests? Probably not on the latter and maybe not for the former.

Again, the Smithsonian has millions of items in their possession, but only have a few thousand on display for the public to see, the rest are locked away somewhere for safe keeping.

Maybe Rippon’s costume will be placed out in the open sometime in the future? If it gets shown or not may depend on how much of a social impact Rippon continues to have from here on out.

We'll keep our fingers crossed.

Adam Rippon 'Moonlights' as Danny Amendola's Body Shaving Coach

Adam Rippon: Olympic Bronze Medalist, Dancing with the Stars champ, future Dancing with the Stars: Junior judge... and now body shaving coach?

At least for the company Nivea he is, and the lucky 28-year-old got to practice on Miami Dolphins stud Danny Amendola.



Lock it up #whatsthecombo

A post shared by Danny Amendola (@dannyamendola) on


The commercial that they both posted on their Instagram reads as a softcore porno you would see on Cinemax late at night or just a really weirdly (yet hilariously) acted sketch between two world-class athletes. Either way, they are both half-naked and look wonderful while doing so.

Take a look at the clips below or here


Will & Grace Released A First Look Of Matt Bomer, Adam Rippon, and Minnie Driver On The Set

The 10th season of Will & Grace is almost here, and we’re getting a first look at the main cast and some big name guest stars on the set.

Earlier, we shared with you that the new season of Will & Grace will have some big talent joining the classic foursome.

Matt Bomer and David Schwimmer will both play love interests for Will & Grace respectively, Minnie Driver will be returning as Karen’s (Megan Mullally) stepdaughter and rival Lorraine Finster, and Adam Rippon will make a cameo appearance as himself.

In order to promote the new season even more, Will & Grace’s marketing team recently uploaded a picture of the group (sans Schwimmer and Mullally).

Both Bomer and Rippon shared some info about their time on the set.

Bomer reposted the above picture and added: “They are the warmest, kindest people you could hope to work with. @driverminnie and @adaripp Are both fantastic as well.”

Meanwhile, Rippon shared that he enjoyed his time on set as well as he wrote:

“Been working on the @nbcwillandgrace set all week and in other news 2018 is still wild. The whole cast and everyone on set is so beautiful and great. Also, how can you not love @mattbomer and @driverminnie.”

Just seeing everyone having fun on set gets us even more excited for the premiere of season 10, which will be on NBC on October 4.

Adam Rippon Goes Shirtless With His Man While Playing Basketball

Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon has had quite a lot to be proud of over the past year. He took home the bronze medal for the United States in the sport that made him famous at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in South Korea back in February.

Not only that, but he triumphantly won the latest season of Dancing with the Stars alongside his partner Jenna Johnson, besting other sports-related celebs (that was the theme this go around) like Tonya Harding and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Could basketball be the next kind of activity that he's trying to accomplish? If anything, he looks damn good doing it with the big ball in his hand. Adam (who has gotten noticeably furrier) shared a shirtless photo of him playing the iconic sport a couple of days back, and made a pretty hilarious caption to go along with.



A post shared by Adam Rippon (@adaripp) on

"Touchdown." Oh Adam. Not to be outdone, his equally as hot boyfriend Jussi-Pekka Kajaala also posed shirtless for the basketball-related pic.

Yum. Could this be an epic "Who would you rather?" Because we would have a very tough time choosing. 

Could we also be seeing Adam on an upcoming episode of RuPaul's Drag Race? He looks to be helping the show campaign for an Emmy (they are up for 12 this year) with a twist on his last name that easily resonates with the show's fan base.

'Adam Rip-I'd-Like-To-Keep-It-On' is a reference to when season 9 contestant Valentina did not want to take her mask off during the lip sync that ultimately sent her home. Clever. 

Adam Rippon Gave Us Hilarious And Insightful Critique Of Ice Skating Movies

Adam Rippon proves to us again why he deserves a job as a sports commentator.

While we already thought Rippon would be great for a sports commentator gig when he did a one off with comedian Leslie Jones back in February, we’re happy to see he’s getting even more opportunities to do it.

GQ had the openly gay ice skater come in to watch and critique famous skating movies The Cutting Edge, Blades of Glory, and I, Tonya.

Not only did Rippon throw shade, but he also shared a lot of info too. For instance, he talked about sharing the ice rink with hockey players, romance in pairs skating, skating routines/techniques, and other realities of the sport

For instance, Rippon found Blades of Glory relatable when Jon Heder hit the rink’s wall.

“The fall and the crash is to be expected….have I hit the wall like that? Yes I have,” he admitted.

You can check out the video down below.

h/t: GQ, Towleroad

Out Athletes Adam Rippon, Sue Bird, Megan Rapinoe Cover ESPN Magazine's 'Body Issue'

ESPN Magazine's 10th Annual 'Body Issue' is online today!

Begun in 2008, the issue highlights the physiques of 16 world-class athletes.

Alison Overholt, editor in chief of ESPN Magazine said in a statement,“The goal has always been for us to celebrate the athletic form—in every shape and size—and to allow people to stop and marvel at the works of art these bodies truly are.” 

This year’s edition is more LGBTQ-inclusive than ever featuring Olympic bronze medalist Adam Rippon as well as lesbian soccer forward Megan Rapinoe (Seattle Reign) together with her girlfriend, 10-time WNBA All-Star point guard for the Seattle Storm, Sue Bird.

The couple’s print cover is the first time a queer couple has covered the Body Issue.

“It's pretty amazing to think about [being on the cover of the Body Issue], especially in the times we're in,” Rapinoe shared in her interview. “Just think of how far we've come, but also the current climate. Not only are we female athletes, but we're dating as well. It's kind of bad-ass.”

Coming off of this year’s Winter Olympics as well as a grueling tour for ‘Stars On Ice’ while competing (and winning) Dancing with the Stars, Rippon told ESPN Magazine, “I couldn't have done this [shoot] while I was in the closet.” 

“I think that, with my experience of coming out, I felt so liberated in so many ways,” the 28-year-old added.

Also included in the Body Issue are Saquon Barkley (running back for New York Giants), sprinter Tori Bowie, cross-country skier and Olympic gold medalist Jessie Diggins, National Women's Soccer League MVP Crystal Dunn, Houston Astros starting pitcher Dallas Keuchel, as well as totally fit seniors Jerry Rice of the NFL and pro-golfing legend, Greg Norman.

The print edition of the Body Issue hits news stands on June 29, but you can check out the online versions over at ESPN Magazine here.

And The Winner Of "DWTS: Athletes" Is...?

SPOILER ALERT: On Monday night’s finale of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars: Athletes edition, out Olympian and self-proclaimed "America's sweetheart" Adam Rippon took home the mirror-ball trophy becoming the Season 26 champion.

Rippon and his pro partner Jenna Johnson had to go head-to-head with fellow Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding and Sasha Farber, and Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman and Sharna Burgess

Rippon and Johnson were tasked with two final dance styles: jazz and freestyle. 

The jazz dance (performed to the Broadway classic “Anything You Can Do” from Annie Get Your Gun), was a pure show biz routine that brought the audience to their feet and received a perfect score from the judges. 



“It was so exquisitely theatrical,” judge Bruno Tonioli gushed. “Technically, it was brilliant. Your timing and partner work is flawless.”

But the Asian-inspired freestyle fan dance (set to DJ Kass’ “Scooby Doo Pa Pa”) complete with vogueing, fan-snapping and more received a slightly mixed reaction scoring 9s and 10s for a 28 out of 30.

The judges read on the freestyle was perplexing in that it was full of very specific style and Team Rippon were definitely on fire from the get-go.



As a dancer and choreographer myself, I was floored at the complexity of the dance routines. And not only Team Rippon’s.

NFL-er Josh Norman absolutely killed in his football-inspired freestyle to “Walk On Water” by 30 Seconds To Mars. Not only difficult choreography, but he was dancing in formations with several other dancers and totally on point!

And it didn’t hurt that he performed the number shirtless and ended up under a shower ;)

Even Tonya Harding came out guns blazing with her disco-themed turn to “Hush Hush; Hush Hush” by The Pussycat Dolls.

But in the end, the prophecy of the season’s first night cha-cha to RuPaul’s “Sissy That Walk” came to fruition as Adam and Jenna were named the champions. 

This is Johnson’s first win on DWTS in only two seasons with the dance show.

“The Mirrorball has now taken on a new meaning, someone like me is accepted and I feel loved,” Rippon shared before his freestyle routine.

Rippon is the first openly gay winner of Dancing with the Stars. Congrats, Adam!

DWTS: Adam Rippon Soars To The Top With Stunning Contemporary Dance

Believe it or not, we have just one week left in this “Athletes-only” edition of Dancing with the Stars, and Olympic bronze medalist (and self-proclaimed “America’s sweetheart”) Adam Rippon is crushing it.

I’ve been pulling for Adam from day one and he hasn’t disappointed. 

Charming, self-deprecating and hard-working as hell, Rippon has been everything the TV show’s producers could have wanted.

Performing a contemporary dance last night to “O” by Coldplay (which Adam knows uber-well since he skated to it at the Winter Olympics), Team Rippon came to slay, and slay they did.

Gorgeous choreography (I’m glad Carrie Ann pointed out later how deceptively challenging the steps were), complete commitment and detailed execution made the bird-inspired dance take flight.

And the judges agreed.

DWTS season 24 runner-up David Ross: “By far my favorite dance of the night.”

Judge Len Goodman: “It had great control mixed with flair. It’s the best dance I’ve seen tonight. Well done.”

Judge Bruno Tonioli: “You were like two birds of paradise - mesmerizing and enchanting. It’s impossible to tell who is the professional. This is a masterpiece of a dance.”

Judge Carrie Ann Inaba: “I love that you push yourself that hard. I just wanted to thank you. This is why artists create - to have moments like this. Where it’s just pure perfection.”

Team Adam received the evening’s high-score 39-of-40, which he dedicated to his mom, saying afterward: “The only thing that I’m thankful for is that I’m a beautiful crier.”

From where I stand, the mirror-ball trophy is Adam’s to lose. He’ll face off in the finals next week against fellow-figure skater Tonya Harding, and Washington Redskins defensive back Josh Norman.

Watch Adam and Jenna’s contemporary dance below:



Last night also featured a salsa “ballroom battle” between woofy Olympic luger Chris Mazdzer and the NFL’s Josh Norman.

Both did great but how could I pass up a another chance to gaze again upon Mazdzer’s furry goodness? 

He knows what he’s working with. Just saying…



For Mother's Day HRC Announces Star-Studded "Moms For Equality" Campaign

Even with progress being made every day, the fact is LGBTQ youth face disproportionately high rates of bullying, anxiety and depression.

But when it comes to kids, few are as ferocious a defender as a mom.

So just in time for Mother’s Day, the Human Rights Campaign has announced a new “Moms for Equality” campaign featuring mothers of famous LGBTQs urging their fellow parents and allies to join the fight for equality. 

Kelly Rippon, Sally Field, Betty DeGeneres, Jodie Patterson and more share tributes and truth in the new campaign, chronicling their journeys to becoming fierce advocates of LGBTQ people. 

“Everyone, LGBTQ or otherwise, should get to live as freely as Adam does –– and, as one of HRC’s Moms for Equality, I’m committed to making that happen,” says Kelly Rippon, mother of out Olympic bronze medalist (and "America's sweetheart") Adam Rippon.

“This whole campaign has become such a family affair. All of us are in this fight for LGBTQ equality for Adam, of course, but also for all those young people like him who haven’t had an easy time openly being themselves," added Rippon. "They need allies to support them, now more than ever!”

“At 20, Sam came out proudly as a gay man: to us and to a world where some still hate you just for being different. Ten years later and that hate seems to have only gotten stronger,” says Oscar winner Sally Field writes in a touching tribute for the “Moms for Equality” campaign. “But with you, we can help stop hate in its tracks.”

“It’s on us to change the world for these kids and make it a better place. Just like my Ellen did 21 years ago and continues to do to this day,” says Betty DeGeneres, mother of Ellen DeGeneres. “I’m a proud Mom for Equality and a longtime member of HRC.”

Jodie Patterson, recently named one of “The 20 Most Influential Moms of 2018” by Family Circle magazine, shares, “As a mom, I’ve always wanted to fix things. But, as I soon realized, there wasn’t anything about Penelope that needed fixing. He, like every transgender child, was simply announcing to me and to the world how he truly saw himself.

“He was boldly claiming his identity,” said Patterson. “I joined the fight for transgender equality that very day and I’m here, seven years later, to keep that fight going as one of HRC’s Moms for Equality!”

Limited edition “Fight Like A Mother” t-shirts are available to those who join the campaign through Mother’s Day.