After several data leak/sharing scandals, Facebook announced it wants to share more of our information.
Better than PrEP/Truvada? They're saying yes for several reasons.
Doctors at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine conducted the breakthrough surgery for 14 hours.
New infographic may help better your game.
The popular social media app announced it will be following China's censorship laws.
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In a video interview, Wylie shares how his company collected data through FB and then targeted users with political ads.
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The app offers a feature to add fake facial hair, fake tattoos, and fake muscle definition.
The survey asks its gay male respondents about preparation practices, condom use, and how often they have sex.
The study involving white t-shirts had partners react to their man's 24-hour BO.
Oh, but nothing could be that simple. It'll mean three times the work.
Some worry that having a Chinese government will bring anti-gay policy into the gay app. But should they?
The decision has already been made for you. Good luck!
This could help same-sex couples give birth to children biologically related to both partners.
Our Suspicions Were True!
Facebook recognition now knows your face enough to alert you if someone else uploaded a picture of you.
Was it a year to remember or to forget?
With a vote of 3 to 2, the FCC have caused controversy by giving internet providers more power to control the way we go online.
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Research Shows The Odds Are Likely…
Scientists have discovered a potential genetic link to homosexuality, but say the results are speculative for now.
With bionic genitals, command responses, and the charge of an energy bunny, will these dolls change our sex lives forever?
The app uses measures like a gender neutral God and female-empowering passages to make the Bible non-offensive to LGBTQ people.
This is the latest in events hosted by Wilbekin's program Native Son, which works to inspire empowerment within Black Gay Men.
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