Underwear-Clad Josh Reddick Doused With Champagne By Houston Astros Teammates

Another sexy moment in sport has captured our attention.

Following his team's win against the Boston Red Sox, Houston Astros right fielder Joshua Reddick stripped down to his briefs in the locker room at Fenway Park.

But it get's better, because right as Reddick made it down to his skivvies, his teammates began to pop bottles of champagne, making the affair one spectacular, bubbly mess.

Since the Astros' win will advance them to the American League Championships, there was definitely much reason to celebrate.

We must mention that not everyone was thrilled with Reddick's choice of American flag underwear, however.

Across the Atlantic, this Italian footballer similarly stripped down to his briefs, to celebrate his team's recent championship game win.

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