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Two Hockey Announcers Wondered What Grindr Is While On Air

If you were listening in to the radio during the Montreal Canadiens game this past Saturday, you’ll have found yourself a little treat in the commentary.

We’re all used to having to listen to announcers give their 2 cents on the goings-on of games (in seemingly longer segments than the games themselves). But if more of the commentary ended up like the one with Dean Brown and Gord Wilson, we might have to actually pay attention to them.

Brown and Wilson were on the air for their call-in radio show and Brown said that they would be taking questions from calls, “emails, Tinder, Twitter, Grindr - all the social media stuff.”

Wilson was surprised by the inclusion of Grindr (“Grindr? Is Grindr a thing?”), and Brown explained, “Well, I don’t know what any of them do, so I just mentioned them all.”

What followed was some hilarious commentary and guessing on what Grindr is.

If you want to listen to the audio from the moment, click on this link to Deadspin here. Otherwise, a a transcript can be found below.

Dean Brown: “Gord and I ... [will take] calls, questions, emails — Tinder, Twitter, Grindr — all the social media stuff. They'll have that going on after the game tonight.”

Gord Wilson: “Grindr?”

Brown: “Well, I don't know what any of them do, so I just mention them all.”

Wilson: “Is Grindr a thing?”

Brown: “I guess so, I don't know what it is though.”

Wilson: “Wow, I can only imagine what's found on Grindr or who's found on Grindr.”

Brown: “I think it probably has something to do with those Mix Masters, those grinder attachments.”

Wilson: “OK, uh-huh”

Brown: “Probably all the things you can grind with one of those machines, cheese, vegetables. We'll get Matt to figure out what that is and let us know what Grindr actually is. I heard it and know it's part of the social media thing. Not that I’m old and not into this.”



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