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Twitter Story: Two Women Flew Cross Country To Confront Their Husbands (Who Were Secretly Dating Each Other)

One person on twitter shared with the world what might possibly be the best twitter story you hear today.

BJ Colangelo was just hanging out at the airport waiting for her flight when she overheard a conversation that was both new, hilarious, and oddly familiar.

Two women sat near her at an airport bar and drank their worries away after finding out that their husbands were gay and seeing each other. The two women were supposedly gearing up to fly “cross country” to confront the two men.

If your interest is peaked, don’t worry. BJ Colangelo’s got you covered with the whole story.

It seems everything started out as interesting to BJ before they got both sad and really funny.

We hope the best for these two women (and the two men they both went to go talk to).

And if you're worried or thinking this story was fake, at the very least it entertained us. It even entertained Grace and Frankie.