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The Top 10 LGBTQ Influencers Of 2017!

The Top 10 LGBTQ Influencers Of 2017!

Who Made The List?

Well, 2017 was quite a year for the LGBTQ community. It was the first full year being under an incredibly eye rolling administration trying to halt our rights, we saw Australia legalize gay marriage, Moonlight won Best Picture at the Oscars, some celebrities had leaked porn videos, and so much more. While the core of the community is the members itself, we cannot help but shine attention on those who are relevant in the media. They are the ones we speak of and constantly worship. There is a reason some of us have a handful of followers on social media while others have millions. As I sit here reviewing the year, I cannot help but wonder which LGBTQ celebrities truly shaped this iconic era. Media is in the masses and not stopping anytime soon. Throughout 2018, we’re all going to be more intrigued on the scandal, drama, and hot topics our community brings to us.

I don’t agree that many influencers can necessarily be good representations for the community. Some influencers have brought our LGBTQ brothers and sisters together simply by agreeing or disagreeing with a particular person. We’ve lit our torches many times to go after controversial figures who gain attention for all the wrong reasons. Still, the headliners are at the forefront and should be treated as much.

Check out my list of the Top Ten LGBTQ Influencers of 2017 in no particular order:

Don Lemon



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CNN’s Don Lemon is a mega hottie who has kept us up to date on the tom foolery behind the Trump Administration. He’s the news anchor we want to see in the morning – even after a one-night stand. He’s calm, collective, and generally liked across all platforms. In 2018, I anticipate Lemon to be much more relevant in the media. Something tells me he’s going to have his own talk show incredibly soon.

Kevin Spacey


Yes, I’m well aware that Kevin Spacey is an absolute PIG. But, his alleged perverted lifestyle doesn’t take away from the fact that he showed everyone how not to come out of the closet. He tried using being a closeted homosexual, to some, as a means to get sympathy for sexual allegations. It didn’t work, girl. As a community, we’ve denounced Spacey. His influence will reign as an example of what not to aspire to be.

Anthony Rapp


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Speaking of Spacey, you can no longer think of him without thinking of his accuser, the one silenced, Anthony Rapp. Rapp has stayed afloat with a steady following since his breakout role in RENT, but seemingly was pushed into the shadows. Now, no one will forget Rapp’s name as he outed one of Hollywood’s most treasured actors as an alleged pedophile. Rapp, you have truly influenced the LGBTQ community and has taught us to stand up for ourselves and speak our truth.

Aaron Carter


We can always always rebuild. You just have to stay strong.

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#Groan. I don’t care for musician Aaron Carter at all, but apparently tons of the LGBTQ community does. After claiming to be bisexual, likely to avoid being shamed for his arrest, Carter has been plugged by each and every LGBTQ media outlet known to man. We’re all wondering if he’s going to ever step out of his comfort zone and date a man – whether it be for gain or public exposure. Randomly, I can’t believe I’m saying this: We haven’t seen the last of Aaron Carter. Something tells me he’s about to have a huge come up in 2018.

Janet Mock


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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The inspirational author, Janet Mock, is the best spokesperson for the Transgender community that is currently in the media. She is poised, likeable, and consistently great at promoting activism for the Transgender community. She really needs to step inside CBS’ Celebrity Big Brother to get more attention on herself. Seeing more of Mock has been one of my favorite parts of 2017.

Nyle DiMarco


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Nyle DiMarco is one of Instinct Magazine’s most popular celebrities of 2017. DiMarco seems like he can do no wrong. He’s promoting awareness for the deaf community, giving us shirtless selfies, and even butt pictures! What isn’t there to like about him?! As he progresses more into the media, we are about to see him on posters in every young gay boy’s bedrooms soon enough.

Nayyef Hrebid & Btoo Allami


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How can you not love these guys?! Nayyef Hrebid & Btoo Allami can arguably be one of the best stories in all of 2017. They were gay, Iraqi soldiers who found love amid war. They had a documentary of their lives, Out of Iraq, which received critically acclaimed attention. Hell, even Ellen Degeneres had them on her show to speak of their love. During a year where The White House aimed hate towards our LGBTQ soldiers, Hrebid and Allami proved we as gay men can serve anywhere we damn please – and find love while we’re at it.

RuPaul Charles


At this point, RuPaul Charles, needs no introduction. 2017 could literally be deemed RuPaul’s best year. He got married, transitioned his acclaimed reality show to a larger network, received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and SO much more. RuPaul is consistent a treasure for the LGBTQ community; promoting individuality, acceptance, and love. There is no doubt in my mind that RuPaul will continue to be a shining example of the best in our community.

Jaimie Wilson


WOOF! You’ve heard of Jaimie Wilson, right?! Wilson is a female to male Transgender musician who had every one of us wishing we had him on top! I certainly wouldn’t kick Wilson out of bed. In fact, he got my mind boggling and looking to a variety of other Transgender men who I would love to get my hands over! His incredible transformation stunned us all. From Wilson, I’ve learned to not be so judgmental over my own thoughts and allow myself to have an open mind when it comes to the laws of attraction.

Bryan Hawn


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YouTube sensation, Bryan Hawn, may not be your most favorite person – but no one can deny that he knows how to ruffle the feathers of every member in the LGBTQ community. Personally speaking, he’s the only person on YouTube that I’ll admit I watch. It’s not necessarily for his talents, but damn does he have some lovely, ahem, assets. Hawn has a huge, loyal following and can be spotted on billboards in Los Angeles. Whether you like him or not, Hawn’s name always gets a click and we’ll be right there checking to see what he’s up too next. If only I could get my thumbs to pay for his FansOnly account to see those damn nudes! Until then, I’ll be admiring his bubblicious rump in his YouTube videos.

Who are your favorite LGBTQ influencers of 2017?! Are there any that didn’t make my list?!



RuPaul and Bryan Hawn!

Both have confidence that is unmatched and unapologetically know how to be themselves with zero fucks given. Not only constantly talked about in the media, but they both take it 1 step further to the bank! Separated themselves from the pack because they are not just performers, but have launched a brand that has put the gay community in the public eye. RuPauls Drag Race and Bryan’s Animal Planet Documentary captured the world and have literally been viewed in every country. RuPaul has been on the Billboard Charts and Hawn with 2 Billboards in Los Angeles. These two top the list for me!


I love Bryan Hawn!

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