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Straight Enough To Give Blood? 'Gaydr' Used To Test UK Men Trying To Donate


I was laughing, I was sad, and I was mad.  The emotions while watching the newest creation by LGBT activist Peter Tatchell .  This time he partnered with Screen the Blood to create something we all have heard about before, a  gaydar, a gay detector, something they labeled "the Gaydr."

The premise of this "Gaydr" application was to have a British officer scan men as they enter a blood donation center.  Were they 85%, 100%, or just way too gay?

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There were moments of laughter as these men went along with the gaydar.  There was sadness that we think that this would be implemented if this existed, and we were a little mad along with these participants that this policy exists in the first place.



These all might have been actors and we're totally fine with that.  It's a tool to educate, to promote awareness, and hopefully gain some allies in the fight to allow LGBT men to donate blood, no matter their sexual history.

For more on this and to get tested yourself via the internet, head over to . My results are below.

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