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Russian Cadets Take To Twerking To ‘Satisfaction’ In Video, But Not All Approve.

Some guys just need to let some steam out once in a while, right? Well now the Ulyanovsk Civil Aviation Institute is looking at maybe solidifying some of those rules.

If no one is hurt while young men dance in their undies, is that such a bad thing?  No nudity occurred, no rainbow flags were flown, no drugs or alcohol were visible, but yet some cadets may be expelled for their behavior in this video that is going viral.

- I honestly do not want to comment on this disgusting behavior of cadets. To be honest, I myself sit and digest what I've seen. Now we are dealing with this case, we are trying to evaluate everything inside and outside the school. Of course, all this is very ugly. I have been working for more than 20 years, and this is the first time in my practice. Such offense. People invest so much in people, and they behave themselves that way, - commented the head of the organizational and educational department of the UIGA, Bugaeva Pyotr Timofeev.

Source  reiterates the statement by the UIGA that "the duties of the cadet, which every freshman must know by heart, are clearly spelled out to observe personal dignity, the honor of the uniform and the reputation of the institute."

Were not sure what punishment will be given to these now "YouTube stars", but we are sure there will be no praise.  Some sources are saying that expulsions will occur.

Okay okay, let's watch.



One of the comments on the video was:
Most of those cadets are straight and probably a few are gay. You Russians just need to relax! These are just military guys creatively releasing some stress.

Anyone remember the Harlem Shake?  It's about the same, right?  Maybe hmmm, let's see, Benny Benassi’s “Satisfaction” was a hit in 2002 ... Harlem Shake craze 2013 ... doing the math, it looks like we have to wait until 2026 for the Russians to tackle that one.

How would we react if these were American Military men doing this?

Would we think it is a disgrace?



I thought it was hilarious! They looked like they were all having fun and all good friends. If it was their “free” time I don’t see the harm. To be a cohesive military group you have to trust all your mates. It appears that all these young men feel safe enough with each other to let their guards down and be silly. They may be in a military academy but they are still just kids. Let them enjoy their youth just a little while longer with out ruining their futures over them blowing off a little steam.

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