Prince Harry Accepts Award Celebrating Princess Diana's AIDS Activism

Prince Harry accepted an award posthumously honoring Princess Diana's HIV/AIDS activism, tonight at the Attitude Awards in London. 

HRH's acceptance of the award comes 20 years after his mother's untimely death in a Paris car crash.

According to Attitude:

The Princess made headlines around the world in April 1987 when she opened the UK’s first purpose-built HIV/Aids unit that exclusively cared for patients infected with the virus, shaking the hand of a man living with the virus, without wearing gloves, as she did so.

Prince Harry was introduced on stage by Ian Walker, and Julian La Bastide, both individuals who experienced meeting the princess in the years of her activist work.

Attitude's Publisher Darren Styles said of the late princess:

“In the 1980s a princess was expected to be pretty, dutiful and a devoted wife and mother. But there was much more to Diana, Princess of Wales, than that. Behind her famous beauty and style, there was a radical firebrand driven by a passion for activism.

“Very few individuals had the power to change the mindset of millions of people at that time, but Diana knew that she was one of them — and she chose to wield her power to improve the lives of gay men suffering with HIV/Aids.

“Without the expected mask, gown or gloves, she touched and embraced the sick and the dying, when the common misconception was sharing cutlery or a public bathroom would see you infected. It changed understanding, and it changed our world."

Earlier this year, Kensington Palace announced that it would install a statue to honor the late princess.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry has done a remarkable job of carrying on his mother's legacy. 

Last year, he paid a visit to the same hospital where his mother kissed an AIDS patient

And months later, he and Rihanna would take an HIV test on World AIDS Day to help fight stigma surrounding the disease.