People Are Loving This Handsome Gay Teacher's Spider-Man Costume

A gay teacher has made many new fans, and attracted a slew of new social media followers after sharing his Halloween costume for the year.

26-year-old Tell Williams teaches at a school in Indiana, and says he loves to dress up for the holiday. 

In the past, he's appeared as Peter Pan, and Robin. This year, however, his students voted that he go as Spider-Man!

Williams told Gay Star News:

"It’s been silly. I didn’t think people would go so crazy over a superhero costume!"

He continued:

"My students get to vote on the costume, and then I wear it to our Halloween party in class. They picked Spider-Man this year."

And since the costume was rather form fitting, Williams says he decided to cover up a bit for class.

"I definitely wore it with sweats on over the top."

On Twitter, the reaction to Williams' costume was rather thirsty:

Williams, who keeps a photo of his husband pinned up in his classroom, also spoke to Gay Star News about being out to his students.

"They’re young so they don’t really understand different marriage dynamics. I just say 'in my family, there are two Dads.' It’s about normalizing it. I want my students to know all families are built differently. It helps build tolerance and understanding."


who wore it better?

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He's handsome. I'm more of an anime watcher but wouldn't mind being saved by this Spiderman :P


Good for him

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