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Out Artist Davis Mallory Brings The Sexy In "Sun & Moon"

Out musician Davis Mallory, who initially found reality TV fame on MTV’s The Real World: Denver and then The Challenge, drops his latest single, “Sun & Moon.”

After putting reality TV behind him and spending time in Chicago and New York City in various jobs in the entertainment industry, Davis made the decision five years ago to move to Nashville and devote his full attention to songwriting and recording.

During his early years in Nashville, Davis chose to collaborate with successful writers to understand the songwriting process.

“I was writing songs with really accomplished people who had #1 hit radio songs and Grammys, and I would respectfully often allow them to lead the session which I learned a lot from,” Davis recently told music blog Songtrust. “It was a goal of mine though to eventually write music all by myself, to show the world what a Davis Mallory song sounds like.”

“Today I pride myself in writing much of my music alone,” the 34-year-old added. “I still often do co-writes, but I found that that when I define the vocal melodies, that they suit my voice better than when another singer creates the melody.”

Decked out in a sexy pink tux for the music video, Davis’s vocals are smooth and sure. The handsome crooner describes “Sun & Moon” as a retro-sounding pop song in the vein of Prince and Michael Jackson, with lyrics that focus on the end of a relationship based on a real-life moment for Davis. 


Ooh, baby, my walls fall down when you’re around

The sun and moon move, baby, 

It all falls down when you’re around

And if they all fall down will you stick around

I put them oh so high I’m so good at that

That whenever you move, baby,

My walls fall down whenever you’re around


Check out the new bop below. You can find more info about Davis at DavisMallory.com.





I think makeup hides his natural male features which are more attractive than a forced feminisation of his face.

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