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New App Sarahah Allows You To Anonymously Tell The Truth!

New App Sarahah Allows You To Anonymously Tell The Truth

“If You Have A Problem With Me, DON’T Say It To My Face”

Have you been seeing turquoise screenshots with anonymous messages on your social media timeline?

They are popping up everywhere!

Do you recall the old saying, “If you have a problem with me say it to my face!”

Well, social media has obviously buried that phrase. Now, it’s…anonymously tell me what you really think through the Sarahah App.

Sarahah is virtually writing a letter to someone and mailing it to them without a return address or signature. It’s been used as a tool for secret admirers, unsolicited advice, and of course, bullying.

Some may argue that is allows one to be truthful towards someone. But, seriously, social media and anonymous comments…yeah. You’re setting yourself up for a disaster. Who thought this would be a good idea?! I’ll stick to my delusional sense of confidence rather than signing up for this to have someone scold me.

On my personal timeline, I saw two posts from the Sarahah App that got me a little heated. It’s just such an awful app that is going to cause a lot of self esteem issues. The App is clearly a tool to be rude. Check out the posts my friend's received below:

It doesn’t look like the Sarahah trend is going to be stopping anytime soon. The more brutal comments people are receiving, the more likely they are to post them on their social media to laugh at themselves. Then, in come the likes. Sigh. What happened to us!?

The developer, Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, of Saudi Arabia, claims that the original idea was to have employees leave anonymous messages for their bosses.

After writing this article, I won’t lie. I’m kind of anticipating someone confessing their love to me. It’ll likely be someone asking me to sign up for writing classes. Who knows?!

Here's another old school phrase for you. “Curiosity killed the cat…but satisfaction brought him back.”

Are you going to be downloading Sarahah?