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Luke Austin Captures Diversity!

Luke Austin Captures Diversity!

Change Is Showcased In A Campaign For Grindr!

How often are you browsing through Grindr out of boredom, entertainment, or with purpose to hook up? I’m guilty of spending the majority of my weekends with my face glued to the dating app. I’m rather confused to see that still there will be 2/3 of shirtless, athletic torsos. These photos beg a few different questions: Why are men hiding their faces on a dating app but will be seen in a gay bar? Why do some believe their torsos are worth messaging? Why does everyone have a more perfect body than me?!

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve clicked on more than a handful of these anonymous, jock torsos. Believe it or not, you’re able to write a biography about yourself on Grindr. Yes, there is a section to allow people to learn more about you than a shirtless photograph of your chest. I am one of the users who will read everyone’s biographies; discovering small details about my potential knight in shining armor and even clicking links to various social media profiles. Most of the time, I find my self-esteem being challenged.

Come on, you know what I’m talking about. We’ve all seen it and gossiped with our friends about it. No fats, fems, blacks, Asians, and so on and so forth. Everyone wants a particular type, almost always a Hollywood prince or a Personal Trainer. Masc4Masc, athletic only, be around my age. It appears that a lot of people essentially want to bang and date themselves. I have discovered countless couples who are virtually the same person walk among us. I’m feminine, for sure, and not athletic…I’m arguably the oldest twink around. While my confidence is high; I still feel a little stung when I read profiles that openly state said person will not be interested in me. It almost makes me want to defend myself off the bat; I didn’t like you anyway! But, I digress.

Luke Austin, a popular, openly gay photographer, partnered with Grindr to promote diversity in his campaign, Together. Throughout his photos, we are showcased a colorful cast of characters who are dressed almost as if they are on their way to a hook up! Well, except RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant, Ongina – I’m not certain someone told her the theme. Otherwise, the extremely diverse cast brings to light the best part of the LGBTQ community: Our differences. Per Instagram, Austin captured 32 various faces in hopes to change the way we interact on dating apps. Austin tells:

“I’ve never used any of the hook up apps but I’m constantly shown screenshots from friends of really shitty racist/sexist/transphobic/ fat shaming/ and femme shaming texts that are sent on them. They are breeding grounds for hate, but I felt a lot of love from the 30 men and women I shot for this little project.”

Check out some of Austin’s greatest shots below:

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