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Keaton Jones’ Parents Break Everyone’s Hearts!

Keaton Jones’ Parents Break Everyone’s Hearts!

We’re We Scammed By Racists?

Has society been bamboozled by alleged racist rednecks? Earlier this week, we told you all about Keaton Jones, a bullied, young boy who posted a viral video that had the world crying in unison. At this point, there are few people who don’t know about Jones. He’s the hot topic of the week. Seriously, I legit thought this kid was going to get a star on the Walk of Fame after how much the media covered him. He was showered with praise, stories of perseverance, celebrity and athlete invites to events, and above all else – money. There was a GoFundMe Fundraiser nearing $60K on behalf of Jones. Because, being bullied makes you deserve a ton of money? I was originally confused by it, but alas, anything to make those tears stop meant the world!

Then, as you may have heard, there were endless allegations that Jones’ family were racists. There were photos shown of Jones himself in a photograph with other children while holding Confederate flags, guns, and everything you’d assume a stereotypical redneck family to cherish. Then, MMA Fighter – and total hottie – Joe Schilling posted a video claiming Jones’ mother, Kim Jones, was using Keaton’s viral video to scam society for money. Kim Jones even went on CBS to proclaim she is not a racist. The Principal of Keaton’s school even questioned the video and extent of bullying. Perhaps maybe we should do a bit of research before jumping on the bandwagon and throwing gifts and money. I do not blame Keaton, but I do throw blame onto his mother. She has such a horrible past of having a big mouth on social media. Maybe next time you want to go viral famous, Kim Jones, go through your social media and delete your bigotry.

Now, in a can of worms that Kim Jones opened, there are claims that Keaton’s estranged, jailed father is a white supremacist. Not even just allegations, but photos of himself and his body art advertising his hate. Check out Keaton’s father, Shawn White, in the photo below on the right:

According to TMZ, yep, that’s Keaton’s dad. Check out his various tattoos proclaiming White Pride and his posts of Aryan Pride. White is set to be released from prison sometime next year. He’s been in jail since 2015 for aggravated assault.

Kim Jones, you should’ve known this was going to happen, girl! You should’ve addressed this right away – even on television. You should’ve essentially buried your child’s father and claimed he was your racist influencer but now you’ve had a change of heart. May this please be advice to anyone moving forward who wants to become viral famous?! Do your homework!