Justin Timberlake Became A Mountain Man For His Latest Album

Justin Timberlake is getting ready to release a new album in February and he’s just dropped a one minute teaser video to get us excited.

To prepare fans and the rest of the world for the drop of a new single on Friday, January 5th, Timberlake released the video found down below.

Apparently, the singer is going from “Sexy Back” to “Brokeback” (sans the gay sadly) as he’s going for a country aesthetic.

Actually, looks like the singer is skipping over country and going straight to woodsman. Just like the title of the upcoming album, Man of the Woods, Timberlake wants everyone to think that he’s a man of the wilderness.

Are you interested in this woodsman Timberlake? If so, you only have to wait until Friday to hear a song from the upcoming album and until February 2nd for the rest of the songs to follow.