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Instagram Adding Dual-Live Broadcasting To Their App!

Instagram Testing New Feature For Dual Live Broadcasting!

You’re About To Have An Instagram Famous Partner In Crime!

You may recall my article earlier during the week informing you all Instagram Celebrities are frauds. Well now, a friend and yourself can call out those fake public figures together! How?! Soon, you’ll be able to dual live broadcast with your followers!

How cool is that?!

According to The Verge:

“Adding a friend to your broadcast is simple: just tap the new icon on the bottom right (it’s shaped like two smiley faces) and select a friend to add, which will split your screen vertically. Everything else about live Instagram videos — hearts, comments, and the option to save it to your story afterward — works pretty much the same. The new addition makes sense, given that Facebook, which owns Instagram, rolled out a similar feature to Facebook back in May. Given the self-perpetuating, ouroboros-like nature of the world of social video applications, it seems likely that Snapchat will presumably have copied the feature to its app by the end of the week. Instagram is testing the feature with a small number of users for now, and it will be rolling it out to everyone over the next few months.”

Okay, consider me sold! I’m so excited to do this! Two is definitely better than one! This is going to be fun!

I wonder if Christopher Meloni will request to dual Instagram live with me. We’d be such a great team!

If you’re on Instagram, you can find me here! Let’s test out the new feature together!

Are you looking forward to Instagram’s newest update!?