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GOP Candidate for Texas Governor Would "Gladly Execute a Convicted Sodomite”

Oh Texas.  When we see a glimmer of hope for you, something or someone comes along and throws a big red blanket over everything.

The race for governor of Texas is already shaping up to be very interesting.  For 2018, there are two LGBT Democrats that have thrown their 10-gallon hat into the political ring, Lupe Valdez and Jeffrey Payne. We hope the best democrat and republican will rise to the top, no matter if they are a true friend of Dorothy or not.

What seems to be an attempt to scrape the depths of the Republican barrel has stirred up the bottom feeding Larry SECEDE Kilgore.  Why do we feel he's lesser than dirt?

On Friday morning, he did show that he has opposable thumbs at least for he decide to solidify his backwardness with this tweet:

“I’d gladly execute a convicted adulterer, sodomite or bestialiter. Biblical law is a blessin."  I know there are moronic individuals like this out there so it doesn't bother me too much.  What really bothers me are these two things - 1) that there are people supporting him and 2) the fact that he does not use the Oxford Comma. It should be ... adulterer, sodomite, or bestialiter (if that is even a word).  But he does speak of blessin (no apostrophe). Is this like when we say, "bless his heart" in our overly sarcastic way, meaning "what a F*&King moron!"

Maybe we should just let his current and past words dig himself a larger hole to fall into. When he ran in 2006 for governor, gettin, excuse me, getting 8% or about 50,000 votes, his major issues were:

mostly grounded in the Bible and are centered on ending abortion. Here are some of Kilgore’s positions:

  • Judges shall carry out the death penalty against murderers, including those who abort a fetus, within 24 hours of conviction. Crimes of other bodily injury would result literally in an eye for an eye.
  • Adultery with a married woman would carry the death sentence.
  • Public use of vulgar sexual language would result in flogging.
  • “Judges will flog more severely those convicted of transvestism…”
  • The state should stop spending money on the “government indoctrination of children” also known as public schools.
  • Last, but not least, “Texas should secede because the U.S. has sealed its doom.” -

Those 50,000 votes made for an impressive turn out for him.  But what may be scarier is that his support when running in the Republican primary in 2008, where he received 226,649 votes.  What may be a good sign for us is that in the 2014 race against Governor Greg Abbott, Kilgore only received a little over 19,000 votes.

He may have lost some of his steam and support when he legally changed his middle name to SECEDE in 2012.  See, he can be creative!

With his promise to not cut his hair or beard “until Texas has laws that can protect unborn children,” he will be easy to pick out of a sea of backwards thinking red constituents.

Come on Democrats (and even Republicans) we can do better!