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Check Out The Halloween Costumes of These Pro & Olympic Gay Athletes

Just because Halloween was a couple days ago and some people are already playing Christmas music, doesn’t mean that we can’t appreciate a few more Halloween outfits (especially if they have gay athletes inside).

That’s right, we wanted to share with you some more costumed men besides Colton Haynes and Milan Christopher.

First, we have soccer player Robbie Rogers along with his husband Greg Berlanti and their son Caleb all dressed up as characters from Sesame Street (an idea that Caleb came up with).


The whole gang is here!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN

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Next Anton Hysen, who’s normally a soccer player from Sweden, decided to put on the uniform of a different kind of football player.


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Then, we have Michael Sam who dressed up as the Pharaoh he always was on the inside. #OneTrueKing


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Then, of course, we have to see what the Daleys were doing. Tom Daley dressed as what looks like a ballerina version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and his husband Dustin Lance Black dressed up as a Lego-man. Of course, a better description is what Daley decided to call themselves: “Whatever that is.”


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Olympian John Fennel was more streamlined in his interpretation as he dressed up as Lady Liberty herself.

And then to round us off, we have Olympic Skier Gus Kenworthy who’s dressed up like he’s ready to join the army (or maybe just an army themed calendar spread).


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