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Can We Talk About How Hot The Guys on 'Saturday Night Live' Are?

I got home late on a Saturday night and was surprisingly still full of energy (even though I'm 31, my bedtime is usually at 10:00 PM.  I know I'm not the only one who thinks this way.  I decided to stay up and watch the latest episode of Saturday Night Live, which was hosted by Larry David and featured not one, but two gay related sketches.  The better one was a loose imitation of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne and her fun obsession with gay men

I haven't watched the show regularly since the Kristen Wiig years, so it was fun to catch up with a show that is surprisingly still doing well almost forty years after it started. One other thing became abundantly clear when I started watching... the current cast of men on the show are freaking brutally hot and now my DVR is set each week to this show because of it!

Now, SNL over the years has produced some pretty fine talent in the "hot guy" category, which can include everyone from Robert Downey Jr. to Jimmy Fallon and most recently Jason Sudeikis, but I gotta give Lorne Michaels credit in this new crop of funny man meat.  They are hilarious and sexy... most guys dreams!  Question is... which one does it for you upstairs... and downstairs as well?

Let's break down each guy.



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Beck Bennett.  We originally met Beck when he did those funny AT&T commercials where he talked to kids who made us hilariously laugh.  Beck has a classic, All-American look to him, with an incredibly sexy voice to boot.  He also playfully flirts with Benedict Cumberbatch in a sketch, and makes out with Kyle Mooney in another.  Thanks for taking one for the team, Beck. 



Two whores. #snl

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Mikey Day & Pete Davidson.  I found this photo of the two of them, so let's play Who Would You Rather?  Both give a "chill" vibe to them, but are funny to boot.  And so cute!  Look at their faces!  I'll take both.



I forgot a tie but I found a drink

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Colin Jost.  The "Weekend Update" cohost is allegedly dating Scarlett Johansson, so if you could find a more attractive couple, let me know.  Similar to Beck, he's classically handsome, with a sexy smile.  Sign me up!




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Michael Che.  Michael is the kind of guy you would see at a bar with a beer and think, "Man he's a tall and delicious drink of water."  He's also Colin's "Weekend Update" cohost, so there's another good version of WWYR to play.



smoking hookah in cannes #dope

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Kyle Mooney.  If the cute, bookish type guy does it for you... then Kyle is your guy.  Plus he does a hilarious Criss Angel impression. 



Kenan Thompson.  And finally, their longest running cast member currently can clearly last long (wink wink) and has a great smile to boot.

Who is your favorite out of these guys? 



You forgot the equally adorable Alex Moffat! 

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