Call Me By Your Name Nude And Gay Scenes Have Hit The Web

One of the most hyped flicks of 2017 is also one of the most hyped gay-centric flicks of the entire decade, and as of today, we can see the two insanely hot lead stars in multiple compromising positions! Call Me By Your Name is a bona fide critical darling and is sure to maintain a strong presence throughout this awards season. It features seventeen-year-old Elio (Tomotheé Chalamet) and mature man meat grad student Oliver (Armie Hammer) as two strangers turned deeply passionate lovers, all against the intoxicating backdrop of Lombardy, Italy.

If you've seen director Luca Guadagnino's other flicks, you'll know that he doesn't shy away from sensual situations, and that is certainly true for Call Me By Your Name! Some critics have noted that for a love story, Call Me By Your Name actually doesn't feature much in the way of explicit sex. But one could say that, by focusing on the intense, natural chemistry between Hammer and Chalamet (as well as the dash of heavy petting that you'll see below,) Call Me By Your Name is elevating gay romances beyond their stereotyped explicit sexiness.

Super studs Hammer and Chalamet both strip down for Call Me By Your Name, and the clips are not to be missed! Head HERE (site NSFW) to see the scenes that everyone is talking about. More like Call Me Anything You Freaking Want! Rite?