No One Has To Get Clocked Anymore!
The Christian institution has strict rules against homosexuality.
Police are investigating and are treating the case as a hate crime.
The survey interviewed over 12,000 LGBTQ teens
Davis will now run against someone else in the fall general election.
Reports say filmmaker will turn himself in to police on Friday
Guess which demographic had the biggest increase?
Finally, We’ll Have Someone To Call In A Sexual Emergency!
Does The Conservative Vlogger Deserve Assault?
New Policy Enforces ‘Proper Respect’
Lots of Spoilers, Grindr Advertisements, & Teenage Sex!
"I want to be sure there's not a break in the representation of members."
"Nobody looks to Hollywood for social commentary... They only recently discovered that there were black people in the world."
Joel Edgerton, Lucas Hedges, Russell Crowe, Nicole Kidman, and Troye Sivan star in the film about conversion therapy.
Anti-gay douche + Boy Scouts accepting LGBTQ members = random boy scout harassment
ChiChi LaRue Is Getting In On The Fun!
Authorities look to attempted suicide, but family says foul play involved
Former Dallas sheriff made history last night
Woof. Grr. Woof and Grr.
Additional attendees included Nico Tortorella, Laith Ashley & Miss J Alexander
Are We Being Too Overly Sensitive?
It's designed to celebrate the life and legacy of a true LGBTQ icon.
GLAAD is urging Hollywood to up its gay quotient
While many compalin about the new audio messages, the app itself completely shut down.
"Every single person deserves a shot at their dreams no matter their sex, ethnicity, or background."
Check out "Paradise:" the song behind the collaboration.
The debate over a U.S. Congressional seat was rudely interrupted.
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An amendment to the annual defense spending bill could do the trick
PrEP can significantly reduce HIV transmission in young people