We need to learn more about our fellow rainbow family members.
From adult toys to a company dedicated to d**k pictures.
Don't ever change, Mom. Just keep being you.
Shocking video of how Grindr can be used to find all users' exact locations, homes.
0.2% of the participants said that they were bi or gay.
This doesn't look easy.
"In a troubled marriage your partner becomes your major source of stress."
Upholds Rights to Privacy, Non-discrimination for LGBT People
But there's still a long way to go.
"We finally succeeded in the endoscopic extraction of the device."
It's not just Henry Golding's tight, perfect stomach we're drooling over, either.
"It got to the point where I was already feeling miserable because of the intestinal issues, plus the self-added guilt."
Are you an Intactivist?
One user claimed an ad for a self-help book called Help for Men with Same-Sex Attraction popped up on his timeline.
“I’m posting this picture because I’m tired of being embarrassed about something I have no control over."
A Chinese-American report shows depressed, hopeless men are more likely to in particular.
Yet it's still 12 months in the US and many other countries.
Was 'proud' to come out to classmates, but soon after, the bullying commenced
If you ever needed another reason not to do GHB....
Pegging and bottoming are leading straight men to the spa.
Calling my hero just after I watch this for the third time.
"They had my password and they knew a pornsite I visited"
“My roommate became ill, was hospitalised, and died overnight.”
Eye-witnesses and anal exams used in court case to find 2 men guilty of homosexuality.
Charged with Hate Crime since he attacked the men because he “does not let gay stuff go on.”
As of August 2018, only 14 U.S. states, D.C., and some counties/municipalities have passed laws banning conversion therapy.
Enjoy it while it lasts.
Should we be alarmed about this vaping/smoking trend in the LGBT Community?
I feel like I’ve missed the boat in some ways.
And its related to some gay men's favorite activity.