The Bear-Naked Chef is back... with a very special guest.
19 contestants from around the world competed for the title
You all know who he is too.
Wow, Ralph!
Miley would definitely be impressed.
He's got some moves.
He started as Eddie Vedder and ended up a supermodel.
He lives for creating 'eye-bulgingly good talent,' wink wink.
Nice job!
We don't really need a reason for why this happened.
His stripped down approach is a force of nature
“Every actor should try full-frontal nudity," said the Westworld actor.
'Thanks everyone who has been apart of this adventure.'
The 'Big Brother Canada' veteran is a great sight for sore eyes.
"I know some people want to see me naked. I'm cool with this."
Get behind his lens.
Beard, no beard, muscle, no muscle... still fine.
His chest hair alone deserves an Oscar.
He's definitely cooking up more than just handsomeness.
It's $3.2 million. Let's cry right now.
When there's this much heat you don't stay in the kitchen
What is this naughty boy up to now?
He's 'training' for the Olympics.
Try not to sweat.
What did he "ride" on his way there?
'Ruck' us.
It has been said that chefs are good with their hands.
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