The 'ANTM' alum almost bares all. Yum.
When oh when will American TV censors be this relaxed?
We aren’t just tuning in for the shade of it all.
Lancel Lannister unsheathes his sword. Oh my!
Rough Hermione exterior with a Pumba core.
Woah. The 26-year-old stud certainly looks, um--virile!
Who has a thing for daredevils? How about naked ones?
The handsome 33-year-old actor is best known for 'Blindspot,' 'Midnight, Texas,' and 'The Borgias.'
It's a welcomed return indeed (NSFW).
A shredded Gonzalez went fully nude for Greg Gorman in 2000.
He was a stripper before reality TV, and he's got the whole *package* one needs to thrive in that industry.
Blue eyes, sexy strawberry blonde hair and a lean muscular physique. Awesome.
Safe to say that The Berkshires will never be the same again.
This tanning booth photo is going to scorch your Wednesday a little bit.
Gorgeous Australian giving us more Freddie Mercury than Rami Malek?
Happy Tuesday, all!
...and all the times the 25 year-old redheaded cutie got totally naked on 'Shameless.'
This one is really nice. A still life of full-frontal hotness.
Two Brad's in one world is a dangerous sort of thing.
The Oscar-nominated, sophisticated stud isn't shy, much to our enjoyment!
The former Disney Channel star is all grown up!
"The Hot Math Teacher" has taken his pants off again. Yay!
Get to know more about this sexy dude from across the pond.
NBR's founder says this is part of a bigger problem: "queer erasure."
The 21-year-old mega-hottie shows us pretty much everything--again!
It's only seen from a distance. Fortunately you could see this from space.
The hunky Olympian was in a giving mood for his 27th birthday
Hopefully this work of modern art helps you power through the week.
He's 'cleary' very sexy.
A wonderful sight to see.