Husbands Share Sexy, Sassy & Steamy Looks For Halloween

You may recognize sexy husbands Rick and Griff Twombley-King from their recent nude playing card inspired shoot. (NSFW) 

Or perhaps you'll remember the couple's heavenly photo series from last month. (NSFW)  

If you haven't caught on, the handsome men love expressing themselves in creative and fun ways.

Recently, they told us:

"We are both artists naturally and professionally. Griff is a graphic designer and illustrator, and Rick is a professional dancer, aerialist, as well as a writer."

Be it that many of their photographs are provocative, the couple added:

"Whether people love what we do or hate it, we enjoy making them stop, look, and think...and to demonstrate that nudity is not inherently shameful, dirty or pornographic. It’s our natural state and is beautiful, even when it’s two people of the same sex together. "

As you might have guessed, dressing up for Halloween is just the sort thing Rick & Griff love.

As such, check out some of their sexy, sassy, and steamy photos shared in honor of the holiday:



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And here are a few more the couple shared with us:

For more, check out the couple's Only Fans page, and follow them on Instagram.



Could someone explain to me why instinct never showcases normal/ average men, every single time I read a post it's about a certain type, case in point see above.  Just would like to see more variety and also end body shaming. 


Some of their cosplaying looks fun while others are such a turn-off to me, especially the sadomasochist thing and drag queen-ish looks.

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