Get that special someone candy that doesn't come from the bottom of your heart, but from the heart of your bottom.
And he told Jack'd about it three months ago!
"These decisions show that the city of Fayetteville is not above or immune from State law."
Wilton Manors has always shown their support. Now they're making it mobile.
If we are not succeeding nationally, how are we doing at the state government level?
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Alleged Drug-Fueled Orgies, Celebrities, Abuse, And More!
Did the company founder jump to his death?
According to Beirut Pride, this is a sign from the government to "live your life away from us."
Florida Rep/Dem Politicians Show True Colors Right Out of The Gate in 2019
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SFGMC now have first permanent home in San Francisco. "Will be open to all."
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AU Venue says document reflects past practices, but will LGBT community listen or just jump to hate? Where's my pitchfork!?!
"There is an audience, a desire, and a hunger for LGBTQ stories told by LGBTQ people."
"Two dads. Is this really necessary AT&T?"
“I just realized I needed to block him."
Gillette asks men to step up
“It’s male-only March."
The Gorgeous Men of Boxers, In-And-Out Of Their Boxers
"Jack and Vincent were in a romantic relationship many years ago. Both identify as gay."
Killing Eve and Ladybird are among the media censored
Blued announced this temporary change after being called out for putting youth at risk.
After being hounded by 700+ men looking for sex, this man wants Grindr to pay.
But is that a bad thing?
As we recap the year ... have you missed it or are you too busy missing "adult" Tumblr? Who's Craigslist?